Unparalleled Divine Power/C7 Upgrade Heavenly Talent!
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Unparalleled Divine Power/C7 Upgrade Heavenly Talent!
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C7 Upgrade Heavenly Talent!

The upgraded Thaumaturgy.

After Qin Xiao and his son left, the martial arts arena fell into an uproar.

Qin Dingtian returned to his residence, closed the door, and looked at Qin Xiao with a solemn expression.

Qin Xiao curled his lips and smiled. "Father, you want to ask me what's going on, right? I awakened a Heavenly Talent, but I'm only a Grade-1. I didn't lie just now."

"Grade-1? Then, why did you set up that match?" Qin Dingtian frowned. Qin Xiao had always been steady and way mature than his peers. When he saw how Qin Xiao humiliated Qin Yu just now, he thought that Qin Xiao had been hiding his strength all along. After all, with the talent and determination Qin Xiao had shown, there was no way he would be anything below Grade-2 in Heavenly Talent.

So, Grade-1 was really out of Qin Dingtian's expectation. He couldn't help but feel a little disappointed.

Qin Xiao said, "Father, what I've lost... I will take it back with my own hands. And I've decided that I'll start with Qin Yu. Therefore, I have to humiliate him. I'll humiliate him at our family's competition. That way, I can get back a part of the respect we lost. Since the heavens have given me a chance, I'll clutch it till death."

Qin Dingtian was slightly startled, then he let out a soft sigh.

Although his father did not say anything, Qin Xiao knew what his father was thinking.

Therefore, Qin Xiao added, "Father, don't worry. I am confident."

"How?" Qin Dingtian frowned and looked at Qin Xiao.

Qin Xiao moved his body. Instantly, a dark cloud emerged from his body. Then, a terrifying phenomenon arose from them, seemingly capable of devouring the heavens.

"What a strange phenomenon. Are you really a Grade-1?" Qin Dingtian frowned and shook his head. "I'm also a Grade-1, so why does it make my heart palpitate?"

Qin Dingtian had never seen such a situation before.

Qin Xiao said, "Father, have you heard of a Heavenly Talent that could be upgraded?"

"Talent that can be upgraded?" Qin Dingtian was silent for a while. Finally, he shook his head and said, "I went out to explore when I was young. Although I wasn't strong enough back then—" Speaking up to this point, Qin Dingtian seemed to have thought of something. His words came to a halt. He paused for a moment and continued, "I have never heard of a Heavenly Talent that can be upgraded. However, there are countless Heavenly Talents in this vast world. Perhaps there really is a talent that can be upgraded."

"Xiao'er, do you mean that your Heavenly Talent can be upgraded?"

Qin Xiao naturally had nothing to hide in front of his father. He nodded and said, "Yes, father. In my mind, I can see that my talent can be upgraded. But how do I upgrade it? I haven't figured that out yet. I'm sure I'll figure it out in the future. Furthermore, even if I fail to raise its grade, I'm sure that I can still defeat Qin Yu. This time, due to the Heavenly Talent's awakening, my body has truly been baptized. I have obtained great benefits.

"My current body is much stronger than before, and my innate talent is definitely much stronger than before. Besides, my Heavenly Talent can now assist my cultivation. So, my cultivation speed will also be much faster than before. There's still a month left. Maybe I can break through to the late Spiritual Strength Stage in that time. Qin Yu has the support of his Grade-2, so he will at most be at the mid-Spiritual Strength Stage in a month. As long as I surpass him in terms of cultivation base, I can easily defeat him."

Qin Dingtian nodded and said, "All right, Xiao'er, I believe you, and you have all my support. I have already made up my mind about the worst-case scenario. So, no matter what, I will definitely accompany you till the end."

"Xiao'er, I won't disturb your cultivation anymore. I will go and get something for you to replenish your energy."

After saying that, Qin Dingtian left. Qin Xiao clenched his fists tightly. His gaze was incomparably firm. "Qin Yu, one month later, I will definitely defeat you."

"Father, I will avenge you for the grievance you've suffered in the Qin Family. "

"Father, I know you are hiding something from me because I'm weak right now. However, one day, my strength will surpass what anyone has deemed possible. Then, I'll do what you want but cannot."

"Let's cultivate now."

Qin Family, Meeting Hall:

Qin Dinghu, Qin Dingsheng, Qin Dinghe and Qin Yu were sitting inside. All of them had ugly expressions on their faces.

"What do you all think about this?" Qin Dinghu asked with a cold expression.

Qin Dingsheng was still angry because of Qin Tao. "Qin Xiao is too arrogant and presumptuous. Unless I kill him with my own hands, I won't be able to resolve the hatred in my heart. I mean, how could he benefit from the baptism instead of dying?!"

Qin Dinghe said," Qin Dingsheng, don't forget that Sixth Brother is still here. Given Sixth Brother's character, if you dare to attack his son, he will definitely fight you to death. And if Sixth Brother really attacks you, even Big Brother can’t save you."

"Of course I know that. Otherwise, I would have attacked him right then and there," Qin Dingsheng said in an unpleasant tone.

Qin Dinghu waved his hand and scolded, "Now is not the time for you to argue about this. Do you think Qin Xiao has awakened a Heavenly Talent? Is that really just a Grade-1 talent?"

Qin Dinghe thought for a moment and said, "Big brother, Qin Xiao just admitted that he had awakened a Grade-1 talent. Logically speaking, it should be true. If he had a Grade-2 or above, why didn't he rub it on all our faces? Why did he have to hide it from us?"

Qin Dinghu nodded and said, "What you said does make sense. It's just that I keep feeling that there's something fishy about this. Qin Yu, what do you think?"

Qin Yu was also thinking about this problem and said, "Father, with Qin Xiao's personality, I also think what he was telling the truth just now. But I also feel that... He dared to provoke me openly, so he might have other plans. Perhaps there is indeed something strange going on. But it can also be just baseless bragging. Now that Sixth Uncle no longer has any status in the family, no one can protect him from the humiliation and mockery. If he hadn't acted so high-profile this time, he would've only suffered more humiliation. Maybe he was trying to avoid that by insulting me."

"Hmm... That's a possibility." Qin Dinghu nodded. "Qin Xiao's cultivation talent is great. Now that his meridians are fine, he can at most advance to the mid-Spiritual Strength Stage in a month with his talent. Furthermore, his attainments in sword arts aren't bad. He had also cultivated the Tyrannical Thunder Sword to a certain extent. If Qin Dingtian were to give him any more tricks, he could put up a fight. Therefore, you have to prepare for everything."

"As long as you can advance to the late Spiritual Strength Stage within a month, everything will be fine."

A fierce look flashed across Qin Dingsheng's eyes. "If that doesn't work, we can just find another way to cripple him again. Maybe we can use City Lord Song to get rid of him completely this time. Getting here was already difficult enough; we absolutely can't go back to being just Qin Dingtian's brothers."

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