Unparalleled Divine Power/C9 Rank-4 Desolate Beast!
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Unparalleled Divine Power/C9 Rank-4 Desolate Beast!
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C9 Rank-4 Desolate Beast!

Qin Xiao was well of how precious an Essence Element Pill was. It was simply was priceless—even the City Lord, Song Xiongyan, couldn't obtain one easily. The Qin Family didn't have a good enough channel to get one or the wealth to simply buy it. Therefore, they were all puzzled.

Qin Dingtian frowned and shook his head. "Song Xiongyan is definitely not kind enough to get an Essence Element Pill for brother. If Song Xiongyan got an Essence Element Pill, he would keep it for himself. After all, a single Essence Element Pill can give birth to a Rebirth Stage warrior, so any major power will rush to get it. Just how did he obtain the Essence Element Pill? I have no idea."

Qin Yanzi said," Now is not the time to think about this problem. There are still a few days left before the Annual Competition. Eldest Uncle definitely made this many preparations to deal with Qin Xiao once and for all. I'm afraid that at the Annual Competition, Qin Yu will be ruthless toward Qin Xiao."

Qin Dingtian was also worried about this problem, but he had no way to deal with it for now.

If he was still the patriarch, he could've come up with a way. But now, he didn't have any authority in the Qin Family. He couldn't even use some herbs without the Qin Family restricting him.

"Why don't you bear with it for now? Don't fight Qin Yu anymore. " Qin Yanzi said.

Qin Xiao smiled and said, "I can't hold it in anymore—there is no out in this battle. I must fight it."

"So what if he is at the late Spiritual Strength Stage and has a Grade-2 talent? The battle hasn't started, so we can't decide the victor just yet."


Qin Xiao waved his hand and said, "Don't say anymore, I know what I'm doing. I can die standing, but I absolutely can't live on my knees. If I can't live standing—I will die standing. In this battle, I might not necessarily lose."

Qin Xiao clenched his fists. In fact, he knew that he was in a grave situation, but he was unwilling to admit defeat.

His belief told him that he could not shrink back.

Qin Yanzi knew Qin Xiao's temperament. She knew that it was useless to repeat the same warnings. She bit her red lips and said, "If Qin Yu dares to hurt you, I will definitely avenge you." After saying that, Qin Yanzi left with red eyes.

'Don't worry. I'll never do anything that can hurt you,' Qin Xiao replied in his heart.

After Qin Xiao sent Qin Yanzi away, the atmosphere in the room became tense.

After a long time, Qin Dingtian sighed and said, "Forget it. Maybe all of this is your fate. "

Qin Xiao said, "My fate is in my own hands; no one can decide it for me. I definitely won't admit defeat—will you?"

Qin Dingtian was slightly stunned. Then, he said firmly, "Of course not. If you want to fight, let's fight together."

"Yes, let's fight together. "

The tense atmosphere dissipated and was replaced by unprecedented strong belief.

Tears flashed in Qin Dingtian's eyes. He looked into the distance and murmured, "Xue, I'm incompetent and failed to protect our son. I'm afraid I will never see you again in my life."

The next morning, Qin Xiao brought along some dry food and went back to the mountain to cultivate.

There were only three days left until the Annual Competition. Therefore, not much time left for Qin Xiao. One day ago, Qin Xiao still had some confidence. However, after learning that Qin Yu had obtained an Essence Element Pill, Qin Xiao's previous plans had failed.

Therefore, he had to do his best to increase his strength. Only then would he have a glimmer of hope.

For the next three days, Qin Xiao cultivated arduously. Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tried, he still couldn't break through to the late Spiritual Strength Stage. It had been less than a month since he broke through the mid-Spiritual Strength Stage. So, unless he were to consume an Essence Element Pill, he couldn’t breakthrough in such a short period.

On the other hand, he had made gains in his Tyrannical Thunder Sword.

The sword in Qin Xiao's hand was like a bolt of lightning. It carried a domineering aura as it smashed into a thick tree that required two people to surround it. The sword dug a deep hole into the tree’s bark: an apparent sigh of the skill’s strength.

Qin Xiao kept the sword. He heaved a sigh of relief and murmured, "Hard work never disappoints. I’ve finally cultivated Tyrannical Thunder Sword to perfection."

Then, Qin Xiao suddenly frowned. He could feel a brutal aura surging from his back. The moment he felt this aura, his nerves tensed up involuntarily, and his hair stood on end. This aura was like the god of death’s arrival.

"What a terrifying Qi! It's much more robust than Soong Xiongyan's thunder fury Qi from a month ago.”

Qin Xiao's hand, which was holding the sword, could not help but break out in cold sweat. He slowly turned around. Then, he saw a desolate beast only 20 meters away from him; he was stunned.

It was the size of an adult elephant. Its body was covered with sharp barbs, and its one-meter-long tusks were out for everyone to see. Its body made Qin Xiao tremble with fear.

The best had fiery red scales on its body, and the breath it spat carried flames. Qin Xiao felt a wave of heat from afar, and it increased the temperature of the surroundings by a few degrees.

It stared fiercely at Qin Xiao; he felt as if the god of death was staring at him. Even when faced with a furious Song Xiongyan, Qin Xiao didn't feel this way. Just looking at the beast made the headstrong and mature Qin Xiao feel despair.

"Flame Beast, Rank-4 desolate beast. Purple Sun Town is more than a thousand miles away from the Great Wilderness. Why is a desolate beast—no, a Rank-4 desolate beast here?" Qin Xiao was shocked.

Soon, Qin Xiao found that something was wrong. He murmured, "This Flame Beast is injured, and it’s at its limit. Could it be that experts are chasing after it?"

Someone who could chase after a Flame Beast would definitely be strong.

Suddenly, the Flame Beast roared angrily. The roar carried a scorching flame as if it could burn everything. Then, it walked toward Qin Xiao step by step.

Qin Xiao was shocked by the roar and took a few steps back. He felt extremely uncomfortable. When he saw the Flame Beast walk toward him, Qin Xiao's heart fell into icy hell. Even if it was an injured Flame Beast, it was still a Rank-4. Only those at the Bone Transformation Stage could fight it. However, there were no Bone Exchange Stage warriors in the Nanyang City.

Qin Xiao took one step at a time, but the Flame Beast had already locked him down.

How could he escape from a Rank-4 desolate beast?

Every step he took felt like he was walking into the abyss of death. Furthermore, he was still struggling weakly. This feeling made him feel extremely uncomfortable.

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