Until Death/C2 The team
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Until Death/C2 The team
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C2 The team

Until 💀☠️ death

Chapter 2

Theme: The team.

Without reluctance, all the kids moved closer to me, our backs facing each other and watching for where the creature might attack from again.

All around us, the spectators are cheering like mad, making it hard for me to detect any noise. Thank goodness, I still have the knife I snatched from one of the soldiers with me. A loud buzz was heard, and I knew instantly that they were about to release another beast or throw weapons at us.

A metal gate that was covering us opened and different weapons were thrown down. "Grab them quickly," I yelled at the kids. Manuel was the first to wriggle towards the weapon, and he selected a long chain spike, followed by Kira and Favour. Kira goes for a bow and arrow while Favour chooses a shield and a long blade.

"What are you waiting for?" I screamed at Michael when I noticed that he wasn't making any attempt to take a weapon. At first, he was reluctant. But seeing the hard and unfavourable look in my eyes, he quickly scrambled towards the weapon and selected a spear for himself.

Behind us, I could see that the remaining four teenagers had also chosen different weapons, and they were now backing each other.

Despite the fear in our hearts, we all keep calm, waiting for the next move from Ryan. I know that for him to throw his weapons, it was either because he wanted us to fight each other or he had something more dangerous in store for us.

The trap door shifted a little, and an ugly-looking creature emerged from its depths. The creature had the face of a blobfish, was unstructured like an amoeba, and had different tentacles like an octopus. It shot out one of its tentacles and Favour protected us with his shield.

Without hesitation, he hacked down the tentacles, and the creature growled in pain. It launched another tentacle which grabbed Kira. We all watched as the creature started dragging her and all my team was watching, unable to do anything. Well, I can't blame them.

It was obvious that fear had already gripped their hearts. I am sure they haven't seen or faced such a destructive creature ever since they were born. If it was under normal circumstances, I would have left her and let the creature feast on her body, but I don't know what came over me. I snatched the long-chain spike from Manuel and launched it at the creatures.

I watched as the chain spike sailed in the air and hit the creature in the trunk. The tentacles that were holding Kira were released, and she quickly jumped on her feet, running back to us as fast as her feet could carry her.

"What are you going to do now?" Manuel asked in fear.

"Are you going to follow my instructions?" I questioned him back. I could see all of them looking at each other as if they couldn't authorize skinny nods like me to command them.

Our conversation was cut short when a loud buzz was heard. The door that led us here was wide open, waiting for whoever was going to exit.

"If you can make it to the exit," Ryan's voice boomed throughout the arena ground. Then the victory is yours, and you will be treated like a V.I.P. If you don't believe me, I inquired from Mr. F.I.S that is standing with you. He had been surviving for more than 4 years. Apart from our vicious player, he is still the everlasting player here. "

All the kids started glancing at me with awe, not knowing whether to believe it or not.

"Keep your stare at the creature, fools." I snapped at them. I wonder if they didn't know that I hate it if people were staring at me too much.

"I am going for the exit," I heard one of the four kids shouting. Maybe he was trying to get our attention. Or perhaps, he was waiting for me to lead the way.

"You are free to follow them," I bellowed to those that were with me. "Just know that your corpse will be dragged out of here." I could see that fear crept into their hearts at the mention of their corpse.

But I don't fucking care. I'd rather be my one-man army. I moved away from them and walked towards the creature, with anger blazing in my veins. But a sudden, painful scream jolted me out of my thoughts.

I quickly turn around to see that the group of kids who ran for the exit have been decapitated and are now lying down on the floor. A sharp saw blade was seen rotating in the air at the exit door. Seeing this, the remaining four kids that were with me earlier quickly moved closer to me.

At first, I was angry at them for not believing me. But, I just don't know what made the anger diminish in my pit. "We fight together," Kira screamed.

"Together, we are one." Manuel chirps in.

"We are undefeated." Favor and Michael joined them. All their eyes drifted to mine, waiting for me to add my own.

But I hissed instead and faced the stupid creature in front of me, and I could feel the look of embarrassment on their faces. I could feel their hurtful eyes staring at me, and I suddenly felt bad again.

Something that hasn't happened to me ever since I've been here. Maybe it is because of all my past and painful experiences.

"We stick together," I finally mumbled, inaudibly. "UNTIL DEATH," I screamed out loud, and the kids roared with happiness.

Finally, they have accepted me as their leader. I felt a strange sensation of happiness swelling in my stomach. Maybe it wasn't a bad idea to have a team after all. I could feel the crowds watching impatiently, waiting for bloodshed, which I am going to give them now, but it will be from their people.

I could feel Mr. Clarkson's eyes staring daggers at me, but I didn't care. A sudden whoosh of an arrow sounded in my ear. I looked over and saw Kira and just fired three arrows at a time at the creature. That made me activate my fighting instinct and use my survival mode as a backup plan.

Then, I charged at the creature. While Michael and Favour followed me, Kira and Manuel served as our backup plan. I twisted my knife and jumped high with all my strength, going higher than I could even imagine. Then I stuck the knife in the creature's eyes.

A painful scream booms throughout the entire stadium. I heard it scream in pain again, and I discovered that an arrow was lodged in his second eye. Michael and Favour were also damaging it from the bottom, while Manuel's chain spike wasn't left out. I retrieved my knife from its eyes and stood there watching as Favour slammed his shield into his face before slicing its neck with his blade.

Blood was seen gushing out of the creature's neck, making the arena ground soaked with blood. Manuel's chain spike sailed in the air and hit the creature's chest, making it crash hard to the floor. All over us, the audience roared in happiness. They didn't expect us to work together.

"For Mr. F.I.S and his team." They were chanting loudly, which only irritated me more. Out of the corner of my eyes, I could feel Mr. Clarkson's eyes blazing with animosity. The commentators have also forgotten to close the metal door after throwing us weapons. Then I decided to take my shot, knowing that I had only one chance.

I grabbed the knife in my hand firmly and threw it. Time slows in my eyes as I watch the knife sailing in the air. The same goes for my team. Finally, the knife hit the bull's eyes. It sank into Mr. Clarkson's forehead, and the man came tumbling down to the arena floor.

A commotion broke out in the stadium, and I knew this was our chance if we wanted to escape. Even though I had made many attempts in the past, I ended up getting caught and locked in a more secure cell. But this time,

I was determined to make it out. Especially with the team behind me and weapons in our hands, victory is ours. Instead of letting these crazy people catch me again, I would rather fight, UNTIL DEATH.

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