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Until Death/C4 Tenancy Death
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C4 Tenancy Death

I throttled down the vehicle, and black smoke filled the sky as the car hit 250. I could feel all my team's eyes staring at me. it was obvious they were frightened of the car plummeting due to the speed I was moving.

but I care less. I am used to it already. I have been to the dead land many times, and the angel reimbursed me, telling me that I am yet to accomplish my mission. The car was now moving at 360km/hr. Looking through the side mirror, I was able to see the soldier's automobile and bike from afar, perhaps about 200 yards away.

But their bike is gaining on us badly, which also prompts me to increase my speed. our cars are now in the wasteland, and the dust isn't helping matters at all. I quickly raised the driver's side glass, and my squad quickly did the same to the other glass.

"it is fucking boring," I mumbled, while Kira quickly glanced at me. She was sitting beside me, adjusting her bow and arrow.

"why don't you check the car radio?" she asked, motioning for me to turn on the radio inside the vehicle.

Even though I hate being under someone's control, I promptly hid my anger since she was even helping me. She seems to notice my anger because she returns to whatever she was doing on her arrow, but I care less about anybody's feelings.

When I tapped the power on button on the radio, the radio came to life, displaying the frequency, but it wasn't speaking. I was frustrated and felt like smashing the radio on the ground, but I withheld my anger and let my wrath fall on the car and I instead throttled it hard.

I pressed the clutch and changed the gear, making the car bounce forward and my teammates jerking furiously in the seat, but I didn't give a damn about them.

"Just press the standby mode, and stop punishing us." Kira voices out in frustration. I took a glance at her and felt like punching the hell out of her or pushing her out of the vehicle, but I constrained myself once again.

The rest of the team seemed to notice the little drama going on between us because their stare was now on us, looking bizarre and scared at the same time. I reluctantly pressed the standby button on the car radio, and its voice boomed throughout the whole car, which made my team close their ears for some seconds before I turned down the volume a little.

I press the next button, next it away from the current frequency to another station, and the music I love most comes to life. It is a song by Beyonce titled "Crazy in love." I increased the volume a little, shaking my head in enjoyment to the beat of the music.

The same goes for my team. For a few moments, we forgot about our experiences in the arena and the soldiers who were following us. I went deep into the music and let my mind come back to my first venture to circumvent, which nearly killed me.

All thanks to the angel of death and my strong will to live. If not, I might not be alive. After I was kidnapped, I blacked out and woke up in the tar pit with a heavy metal chain around my neck. I was sent out to the field, working throughout the whole day, and we were always given once-a-day food.

I am the only strong head boy with a strong heart among the people because I don't blend into their will, which makes them despise me and torture me brutally.

Well, my name is Rey reed. My mom is from Nigeria, Ekiti State to be precise, but we live in Ibadan. She met my dad, I mean my biological dad when she received a scholarship to study in Canada, but my dad died in a plane crash five years after I was born.

My mom is a military soldier and she makes sure to train me hard just in case I find myself in a bad condition like this. three years later, my mom married a colleague of hers from the same military service.

I was furious at my mom for cheating on my dad, but she told me that it was her mom and family that forced her. I could still remember my first attempt to escape.

I was on the tar field, working hard as we always do.

The slaves next to me collapsed to the floor. The chain around my neck is tightening because we are bound together.

I quickly bent down and was about to help the boy up when one of the slave masters whipped me in the back. I screamed in agony as the whips touched my healing wounds, making them open back up.

The slave master tried to whip me again, but I already saw it coming, so I quickly evaded it and the whips meant for me collided with the young skinny boy that collapsed earlier. instantly, the boy stopped breathing.

I became furious and felt like shredding the slave master to pieces, but there was nothing I could do because I was chained with the dead boy. Then a plan came to my head: since the boy was dead, they would attempt to tie me with another person, and that would be my chance to strike.

I quickly examined the whole place with my eyes. about 20 feet away, a bike stood without its rider, making me smile inwardly. The slave master whips me hard again, and I let out another painful scream, louder than I always do. I collapsed to the ground instantly, praying in my head that my plans would work.

Thankfully, the slave master came down from his horse and squatted beside me. "Got you, idiot," I mumbled in my head. He unlocked the chain on my neck, dragged me up, and pulled me towards another group.

"I can do this, man." I encourage myself. Thinking of all the training I had been through with my mom, I knew instantly that this was my chance, a deadly move that could kill me, but I didn't care.

Before the slave master could place another chain on my neck, I punched him on the neck, making sure my blow hit the veins on his neck. It was a move my mom had taught me. She always told me that the best way to get rid of an opponent quickly was to find their weak point.

The slave master held his neck, gasping for breath. I didn't let him recover before I unsheathed his knife and sliced his throat.

I hadn't killed before, and the slave master's dead body brought a cold chill and stigma to my heart. Instead of rejoicing, I stood still in the same spot, feeling pity for him.

Everybody gasped in shock, which made me jerk out of my thoughts and also alerted the other slave master. knowing fully well that time isn't on my side, I run towards the bike, which is now standing 15 feet away from my position.

One of the slave masters steps in my way with whips in his hand. I slid under him and kicked him in the dick. he let out a painful groan, but I didn't waste another second before I plunged my knife into his neck, stabbing him in multiple places, and his blood splashed all over my face.

I also felt different. I feel like it is what they deserve. I reacted on instinct as other whips were directed at him. I react back by stabbing my attacker on the forehead, making his brain split out. Looking behind me, I could see that the rest of the slave masters were now coming in my direction.

I jumped on the bike and wore a helmet. lucky for me, the key is still intact. I kicked the bike and it roared out to life. I stepped on the gear and gunned the machine towards a direction that I presumed to be the exit. I looked at the other slaves and I could see them begging me to free them.

I wished I could also do that, but it would mean trading my freedom for theirs, and I didn't want to risk getting caught again. I ignored them and pushed the bike harder, racing towards the exit. I could now see the main entrance about 70 yards away, which prompted me to increase my bike momentum. A gunshot sounded behind me, and I knew that the slave master had now acquired a gun.

I concentrated on my route, pressing the clutch and racing hastily for the exit. I was now 20 yards away when I noticed that they were now lowering the exit gate. I pushed my bike harder, making my vision blur, but I cared less.

The gate was a few feet away from touching the ground when I slid under it, making me roll under the ground. I heard the gate slam shut behind me, and I thanked my star for the lucky escape. my bike swivelled on the ground, making me sustain different wounds, but that does matter. Finally, it came to a halt, and I managed to drag myself up. I stood the bike up and tried kicking it to life, but it didn't respond.

I knew it was just a matter of time before the slavemaster came running at me. With one last effort, I kicked the bike, and this time it roared to life. I dragged my wounded body to the bike and gunned it down, racing further into the desert.

Thank goddess, the helmet was still present in my head. Although I didn't know the route, I trusted my instincts and kept riding to the north as it was directing me. The further I rode in the desert, the more I kept getting exhausted, plus the hot sun wasn't helping matters.

I was dozing off on the bike when another roaring vehicle brought me back to life. I looked up only to find a strange car racing speedily towards me. I knew it wasn't from the slave master's territory because this vehicle is cleaner and more modern than theirs.

I throttled my bike, changed gears, and gunned it down to the north when I felt another car hit me from the other side. I felt my stupid body levitate itself from the bike, the helmet flung itself away from my head, and I hit the ground hard. While I was rolling badly on the ground, pain surged through my body.

Not long after, I felt my head hit something solid, which prompted me to blackout again.

The screams of my teammates brought me back to reality. I quickly jerked up, forgetting that I was driving a vehicle. I examined their faces and I could feel their indignant stare, which sent a cold feeling down my spine. not only that, their eyes held fear too.

That is when my heart caught a strange beeping sound. without being told, I knew we had run out of fuel, and the soldier's vehicle was now gaining on us.

About 50 yards away, I throttled the vehicle hard again, but it didn't do anything well. The look of panic in my team's eyes increased, but I was less worried.

"I've got a plan," I bellowed to them, and their eyes widened as they waited to hear what I had to say."It is a dangerous move, but we have to try it." I warned them, and they all nodded their heads, ready to give it a try.

I quickly checked the side mirror again, and I could see the bike was gaining on us faster than the vehicle. "How many of you can ride a bike?" I inquired.

"I mean if you are perfect, and also have some good skills." Vee was the first to raise his hand, followed by Manuel.

"Great," I mumbled. "Now you open the side door at the count of 3." I could feel all their eyes staring at me, demanding more instructions, but I kept my gaze at the side mirror instead. "1, 2, 3," I counted, and Vee opened the door instantly, making it collide with one of the riders that were closer to us.

The rider tumbled out of the bike, rolling dangerously on the desert sand due to the speed he was riding at.

"grab the bike, and anyone good at handling guns should follow him," I ordered them, and they nodded their heads in approval, it was obvious they understood what I was trying to do.

With that, I slammed my leg on the brake and the vehicle stopped. Without hesitation, Vee and Michael jumped out. I watched in satisfaction as he grabbed the bike and gunned it, heading further into the desert.

An unexpected gunshot sounded behind us. I quickly kicked the vehicle back to life and throttled it hard again. The fuel indicator is now going down a bit. I knew it was just a matter of time before they caught up with us.

Taking another glance at the side mirror, I noticed that one of the bike riders was about to shoot our fuel tank. thank god, we found some weapons inside the vehicle. I held the steering wheel with one hand and used the other hand to aim at the rider, and released a quick shot.

It hit him in the neck, and the bullet pierced his esophagus. The rider and his bike went down, while I quickly signalled for Manuel, and Favour to jump down from the vehicle and race for the bike. The soldiers that were coming behind us aimed at them, shooting furiously.

I quickly made a u-turn and faced the soldiers. Their attention drifted away from Manuel and Favour while they directed their guns at me.

I didn't let that stop me. I throttled the vehicle, racing past Manual and Favour, going towards the direction of the troopers. I could feel Kira looking at me with fear visible in her eyes.

"you are going to get us killed." she yells at me.

I said flatly, "I'm sorry, sweetheart. I have been to the land of death twice and the angel of judgement rejected my stupid soul.

So, I want to visit him again to ask him why." Kira stared at me with the look of you are crazy, then she slowly nodded her head.

"Trust me, we are doing this together," she replied happily, which sparked a strange feeling in my heart.

"Simply know that if the angel finally accepts our soul, then we will ultimately be together till eternity, freed from the tournament of running around."

I looked at her with a smile, then looked at the side mirror.

I could see Manuel and Favour's bikes going further in the direction of Vee and Michael's own.

Finally, I managed to do something good in my life. I struggled to save a soul. I directed my gaze to concentrate on the soldiers in front of me, and I could see the look of panic in their eyes.

I could see Ryan urging them to drive forward. Maybe he thought I would drift away at the last moment.

"fuck you, stepfather," I mumbled inaudibly, but Kira appeared to hear me because she quickly turned her gaze to me.

I just hoped my mom would forgive me for trying to kill her second husband. I closed my eyes, and the next thing I heard was the loud collision of my vehicle with that of the soldiers.

"I love you, Rey reed." I heard Kira's voice, and I blacked out instantly as my head hit the roof of the vehicle.

Finally, I managed to find the dead. I just hoped my team had enough time to escape, and I prayed they would never get caught again until death.



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