Until my mate comes/C2 First day back to school
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Until my mate comes/C2 First day back to school
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C2 First day back to school

Amy’s pov

Today was the first day back to school after the summer. I was looking forward to see my bestie. My best friend was the daughter of the alpha of the neighborhood pack. Him and my father were good friends and hoped that i and his son Peter we will turn out to be mates. Peter was always good with me and recently started to flirt with me.

He and my best friend Katia are twins. They have the same characteristics, same blond hair and ocean blue eyes, both of them are tall but Peter is taller and more muscular. Peter, Fabien and Antony are the most good-looking guys at our school, girls go crazy for them. Fabien and Antony whore around all the time but Peter isn’t a player like them.

‘’Amy come down sweetheart to have breakfast’’ Antony’s mother called out. Aunt crystal was like a mother to me but I didn’t want to see it like that cause I have a crash over her son. She wasn’t our aunt by blood but we call her aunt. She took care of us every since our mother died in childbirth.

‘’I’m coming’’ i answered. I was at the stairs and I was going down fast when I hit a muscular body.’’ Watch it’’ that was Antony’s voice. I loved his voice, he used to come and talk to me to sleep every night when we were kids but nowadays he is ignoring me. We live at the same house, alpha’s family lives at the 3rd floor and betas at the 2nd, but we don’t hang out anymore unless my brother is with us.

‘’Sorry Anton, good morning’’. He put distance between us and he took a quick peak at my clothes. When he saw that I was wearing a short shorts he rolled his eyes, said ‘’good morning’’ and he harried down. He didn’t even look at me while we had breakfast all together, he was on his phone probably with his new girlfriend.

My brother took the keys of the car and said ‘’let’s go’’. My brother’s car is a black Audie jeep it’s a good car but not the most expensive at our school. My brother was driving, Antony was sitting in front and I was sited back as always. Antony has his own car but the three of us always ride to school together.

‘’What do you say about Tina?’’ Antony asked my brother. ‘’Not hot enough, I prefer Rea’’ Fabien replied. ‘’So, who is Tina and Rea?’’ I asked but Antony didn’t reply me he was looking outside ignoring me. ‘’Tina is a friend of Rachel that she wants to hook me up with but I prefer her other friend who is also interested’’ my brother replied being arrogant.

When we arrived at school Antony’s girlfriend Rachel was waiting for him, kissed him good morning and said ‘’hey alpha, Amy’’. You think I would have used to it by now but no, my feelings get hurt every time I see him with another girl. His relationships don’t last long and every few weeks he has another girl so I know this one won’t last but I get irritated anyway. I said ‘’good morning Rachel, see you later guys’’ and I rushed inside.

I went to my locker and I saw my bestie there. ‘’Hey beautiful’’ Katia teased me. ‘’oh, Katia I missed you so much’’, ‘’I missed you too, so what’s up? He has another girlfriend again?’’ Katia asked me noticing my irritation when I go inside. ‘’yeah he does’’ I told her but I don’t know if she heard me cause her eyes was locked to my brother who got inside the building.

Yeah as you guessed my bestie has a crash on my brother. I think my brother likes her too, he is always friendly with her and he is flirting but he doesn’t make a move. Katia things that he is simple not into her but I think otherwise. She is an alphas daughter and he can’t just date her if she not his mate, so maybe he’s waiting to see if he is her mate or not.

‘’Earth to Katia’’, ‘’sorry Am, I was lost for a moment’’ she replied smiling. ‘’so, do you thing you can come along this afternoon to pick presents for Antony and Fabien? Tomorrow is the big party and I didn’t know what to get them’’, ‘’yeah of course, I have to pick something for them too’’ she replied but I could see that she was sad.

It was break time and Katia and I got our launch from the cafeteria and went to sit at our table, she kept being lost in her thoughts. Her brother Peter and his best friend Marcus were sited there already. The four of us hang out all the time, Peter is funny and always makes us laugh, him and I are the funny ones in our gang, Marcus is the smart one and Katia the shy one.

As we approach Peter stand’s up and gives me a big hug ‘’missed you Am’’ as I was saying ‘’missed you too’’ a loud noise made us break the hug and turn around to see an angry Antony who had sat the door close with force and got in the cafeteria. He just went straight at his table at sat down. Everyone looked curious and he seemed outranged.

I went to him to see what happened ‘’are you okay Anto?’’, he turned around to face me ‘’no but it’s not any of your business’’. I felt hurt why has he changed so much, I didn’t get to speak cause my brothers voice heard ‘’bro relax, I don’t know why you are mad but she is our sister you can’t –‘’ he didn’t get to finish it and Antony was standing up saying ‘’not my sister’’ and he just left. Something was terribly wrong for him to disrespect his future alpha by not letting him finish his sentence.

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