Until my mate comes/C3 Wolf transformations
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Until my mate comes/C3 Wolf transformations
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C3 Wolf transformations

Amy’s pov

Katia and I we were at the mall. The mall had 5 floors and it was at natural territory. ‘’So what’s up with you today? I thought you would be happy to see me but you look skeptical’’ I asked her worryingly. ‘’I am always happy to see you babe but I keep thinking about your brother, tomorrow is his birthday and I keep worrying that he might find his mate’’ she looked so sad thinking him with another girl.

‘’What will be will be, moon goddess made a mate for each one of us. I really hope that he’s your mate but if he’s not than you will find your mate, the one moon goddess made only for you’’ I said these worlds in order for me to hear them as well cause I was feeling the same with her. I didn’t really believe the words I’d said and I didn’t sleep much this week cause I was worrying sick about Antony finding his mate.

Once you turn 18 you can find your mate unless your mate is under 18 or you haven’t met them yet. When you find your mate, you feel an instant connection and an incredible attraction towards them but you can also reject them. Rejection is rare but it happens. Most wolfs don’t make serious relationships before they found their mates because when they find their mates they have to break up. There are also those who don't break up and keep their previous relationship rejecting their mates. The choosing mate nevertheless it’s not like your real one, the connection isn’t so strong and your wolf won't get stronger as when you accept your real mate. Also, your wolf won't like the chosen mate and you create a wall between you two.

I knew that Anton would never reject his mate for anyone even as player as he is he has belief in mates. He thinks, as most of the wolfs, that a mate is someone to cherish and someone who completes you. I’m sure when she found her he will stop messing around and he will love her with all of his hurt.

We picked our presents, i ordered a pendant with three wolfs that each one of them had our names. Each one of us would have his one and you can put them together like a puzzle. It always has been the three of us even if Anton now acted like I wasn’t existing. I wanted to remind them that we will always have each other.

After that we went to see some dresses for us, I didn’t find anything that I liked but Katia choose a perfect drees that compliment her so well for tomorrow. The afternoon passed with both of us deep into our thoughts not talking too much to each other. Not what I was expecting for our first day together but neither of us was in mood.

. It was dark outside by the time that we left, Katia was my ride. She had a red Mercedes cabrio and I liked being inside this car when the weather was hot but today we had the roof closed because it started raining.

We both liked hearing old fashioned songs and now it was playing the song Womanizer by Britney Spears so we both started singing ‘’ Look at you gettin' more than just a re-up. Baby, you got all the puppets with their strings up Fakin' like a good one but I call 'em like I see 'em. I know what you are, what you are, baby Womanizer, woman-womanizer, you're a womanizer Oh, womanizer, oh, you're a womanizer, baby’’ and we both had the boys in mind who were players. Our mood got better for a bit and we song other similar songs too.

When i got home Fabien and Anton where at the forest next to our house, they were waiting for their wolfs and their transformation. They both were just athletic pants. My eyes were set at Anton’s well build, no not just well perfect build body. I always found him attractive and I try not to check him out but I fail miserably almost all the time.

‘’oh i wish I could stay to see this’’ she said looking at my brothers body ‘’and I want to see a lot more’’ she continued with hungry eyes. ‘’ew gross, he is my brother’’ I remind her. We said goodnight and she left.

‘’Hey guys do you want me to wait with you?’’ I asked them. ‘’No, it’s raining go inside’’ Anton almost ordered me. Oh, I noticed that it’s raining cause you are wet I thought looking at his neck and muscular chest but I didn’t dare say it. ‘’Well I won’t melt’’ I teased but he just looked me sideways ‘’ok I leaving you too it, see you later’’ I said.

I got inside the House and after a while a howl heard, that was my brother. Looking out of my window he had transform to a beautiful big brown wolf similar to my father’s and his wolf had yellow eyes instead of my brother’s brown. My father’s wolf had the same eyes so it wasn’t a surprise. The two of them were carbons so I was expecting their wolves to much too.

My brother didn’t inherit anything from our mother but I was a lot like her. I had the same black curled hair and the same crystal blew eyes as her. My dad says that I remind him of her. He loved her so much and he always saying that she was his better half.

After 2 Hours another one heard and it was like music to my ears, no doubt it was Anton's wolf. Taking a sneak peak from my window his wolf was the most magnificent wolf I ever saw. His wolf was totally black and similar in size to my brother’s wolf. I saw his wolf looking up to my window with his wolf’s crystal blue eyes. And we stared to each other for a few seconds before he disappeared running to the forest.

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