Until my mate comes/C4 You are distant lately
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Until my mate comes/C4 You are distant lately
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C4 You are distant lately

Amy’s pov

Next morning i woke up early and went down for breakfast. There was a celebrational breakfast for the boy's birthday. My dad was sitting looking proud for the boys and he talked with them about wolf things. Auntie was dancing with uncle happily at an old song named sway by Michael Buble. They were such a loving couple, I wish I will be the same with my mate. In that thought I looked at Anto who was looking at me but he immediately looked away.

We had breakfast as a family but again Anton was distant. I can't quite understand what happened between us, we used to be so close.

While we were driving at school I asked ‘’so what is the best think about having a wolf? The strength? The speed? The freedom?’’. They both smiled deviously saying ‘’ the mind linking’’. Now they could speak to each other even in a crowded place without anyone hearing them. I was happy seeing them so close and happy even if Anton was distant.

When we arrived at school his girlfriend was waiting for him. She was a very beautiful shewolf even if I don’t want to admit it. She had red straight hair, blue eyes and she was skinny with a nice taste of fashion. I could understand what Anton saw in her even if I didn’t want to. All of his girlfriends were beautiful, at least he had a great taste on girls. Maybe that’s why he never liked me, I was never that skinny or maybe because he saw me as a sister or a friend.

She went for a kiss but as she approached him, he put his hand in front of him and said sorry my wolf doesn't want to be touched by you. She looked him with widen eyes, she looked heartbroken and rushed inside crying as he remained here cold.

‘’You can’t talk to someone like that, you have to find a smoother way to break up ’’I told him with an angry look. Sure, that wasn’t any of my business and I was happy that they broke up but that was harsh even to watch it. Where is that sweet boy I used to know?

‘’Not your business Amy’’ he said looking irritated. ‘’yeah it never is my business when it comes to you, isn’t it? You can speak to us like we are nothing and we have to take it’’ I was furious at him. ‘’Oh, now you are my girlfriend too? Sorry babe I forgot the flowers today’’ he said full of irony and arrogantly. I simply walk away with my hands in fists.

My brother stayed silent, every time that Anton acts this way towards me my brother stays out of it. If Anton was someone else he would have had many broken bones but Anton is family. My brother knows how close we used to be, so know he thinks that it is our problems to solve and better for him not to get involve.

The day was like that, every time some girl went to flirt with him, he got away. As we were sitting at the cafeteria and we were laughing in our gang at a joke Peter made we heard him growl. He rushed out of the cafeteria and i followed him with not even thinking it.

I had to give it one more try forgetting the previous events. He has a temper lately, he used to be such a carefree person always smiling and now he gets angry all the time with no reason. I had to remind myself that it wasn’t something personal even though it felt that way. I really hoped that we could passed it.

"Hey what is with you lately?" I asked him putting my hand on his solder. "Everything's fine" he replied touching my hand in order to get it away from him. I felt butterflies yeah i know that's a cliché but when my hand was free and i wasn't touching him anymore i felt sad. I did fill that way every time we touched, yeah I know silly me.

‘’No, it’s not. You became distant lately and you have a temper all of a sudden, so tell me what’s bothering you?’’ I asked him what I wanted for a long time to ask, only for him to answer me ‘’again not your business’’ and leave. I was standing speechless, what did I do to him in order to make him act like that to me?

Evening came and Katia and I we were at my room getting ready for the party, I choose to were a red long dress with v line and open back. Katia wore a black mid dress with one solder out, the one she had picked yesterday. We both wore red hills and red lipstick, we applied make up and we put mascara. 16teen birthday parties it’s a kind of big deal when it’s the alphas and betas birthday.

At betas birthday everyone from the pack will attend and when there is alpha’s many high rank wolfs from other alley packs will attend too. Especially high rank unmated werewolves looking for a mate. So, it would be a big party and everyone would wear glamorous outfits. In these occasions if you think that an outfit it’s too much, think again cause nothing is too much for this occasions. It’s like going to the Oscars at the dressing part.

When we were ready I told her that I was going to give the presents to the boys, so she came with me to give her present to my brother.

I gave him the pendant with the wolf ‘’here that’s for you, happy birthday big bro. I hope you find your mate soon’’ and as I was kissing him at the chick for happy birthday I whispered ‘’but not tonight’’ something that puzzled him. After he said ‘’thank you I left them alone in order for Katia to give him his present.

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