Until my mate comes/C5 A gift to remind you of me
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Until my mate comes/C5 A gift to remind you of me
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C5 A gift to remind you of me

Katia’s pov

As long as I can remember myself I have a crash on Fabien, my best friend’s brother. No wonder here because he is handsome, half of the school has a crash on him. He sleeps with a lot of shewolves but never date any of them.

He is also flirting with me every chance he has and I flirt back but he never makes a move. Sometimes I wonder if that’s his style, to flirt with everyone, because if he liked he would have made his move.

Amy gave Fabien his gift and she left us alone. He had a nice big clean room unusual for a boy. He had a double bed and I found my self thinking things to do with him at that bed not that I had any experience but I had a great imagination. He had 2 sofas and a huge tv with a PlayStation. He had all this furniture inside his room and we were still standing at the door.

We were staring each other in the eyes ‘’so this is for you’’ I said awkwardly and I gave him his present. It was a watch inside a blue package with a blue ribbon. As I gave it to him, our fingers touched and both of us didn’t move for few seconds. He was the first to move his hand and we were in silence, looking each other in the eyes and I was like I was on fire. I wanted him so much.

He wore a nice black polo t-shirt and a black jean. I could see how muscular he was and I wanted to touch his muscular arms. His black curly short hair was messy making him seem effortlessly handsome and I wanted to run my hand through them as I kiss him. Heat someone turn the air-condition on please. Oh, goddess he is so hot.

‘’Thank you for the gift beautiful’’ he said winking at me. ‘’won’t you open it?’’ I asked him smiling. When he opened it, he found a watch ‘’let me guess you got me a watch in order to think of you every time I want to see what time it is’’, oh he knew me so well that’s exactly why I picked a watch. ‘’there’s no need for that Katia, I remember you anyway. It’s a nice watch I’ll ware it’’ he continued.

‘’So happy birthday Fabien’’ I replied going to kiss him on the cheek but he turned and I kissed him on the mouth. At first, I was in shock and I thought that I was dreaming. His lips touched mine and I could feel sparks, I was seven foot above the sky. I returned the kiss and put my hand behind his neck only for him to cut the kiss and smile.

We stared in each other’s eyes and I pushed his head near mine with my hand and we kissed again. This time with more passion as our tongs played together. Soon enough I was pinned against the wall when suddenly he stopped the kiss and pulled away letting me feel disappointment in his absences.

‘’Sorry we can’t do this, I got overcarried’’ he said looking me in the eyes with hunger and regret at the same time. ‘’Why can’t we?’’ I replied felling puzzled. ‘’I don’t know what got to me. I wanted to do this for a long time but we can’t. Maybe today I find my mate and maybe in 10 months you find yours.’’

‘’I don’t understand you ‘ve been with a ton of girls before who wasn’t your mate’’ I felt like my voice will crack saying this but it didn’t. We couldn’t do that or he didn’t want to? ‘’yeah I did but I know that you are not the one night stand kind of a girl and someone will be heartbroken in the end if we find our mates’’ he said masking his emotions so I couldn’t quite understand if he was concern for our feelings cause he cared for me or he thought that I was so pathetic and in love with him (witch I was) that I couldn’t handle if he found his mate.

‘’you can’t choose for me, I am a big girl and I can handle the rejection when you find your mate’’ I was totally lying and I was playing cool but that empowered me, I grabbed his t-shirt and I kissed him saying ‘’until you find your mate’’. I opened my mouth and gave him silent permission to enter my mouth, my tong was playing with his and I was wet only from kissing him. my hand now behind his head pushing it towards me.

Than he pulled me up and put me in his desk not breaking the kiss. He was now placing passionate kisses on my neck and I felt tickles when he kissed at the spot that my marking will be some day.

When you are mated to someone, you mark each other. It’s like wearing rings but for werewolves. Every wolf that sees the mark knows that you are taken. Wolfs are very possessive of their mates so you don’t mess with someone’s mate unless you have a death wish.

He gave me a big hickey at this spot and he put his hand inside my dress touching my breasts, grapping them and tenderly squeezing my nipple. It was my first kiss and the first time someone was touching me like this. I wouldn’t rather have it any other way, this was perfect. At that moment I was happy, ok I admit it I was horny too. His touch made me craving for more and more.

Slowly his hand went under my underwear and he suddenly stopped and pulled his hand. I was confused, was something wrong? Did I do something? ‘’sorry I carried away, we are going slow’’ he said and I was happy for how considerate he was and frustrated because I wanted us to continue.

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