Until my mate comes/C6 When I find my mate
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Until my mate comes/C6 When I find my mate
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C6 When I find my mate

Amy’s pov

I went to Anton’s room to give him his present. I knock the door and he half opened it. I could see only the half of him. He wore only a towel and he was wet but no so wet as I was for him right know. I could see his muscular body and his six pack and as i could see water drops running down at his ups, I wanted to link them. He saw me staring at him with a smirk but I couldn’t stop staring. I don’t know when I got so horny but believe me you would have been too if you had seen him in front of you looking so damn sexy.

I could smell his shampoo mixed with he’s intoxicating scent and I wanted to get closer to him and sniff his neck. I didn’t have my wolf yet in order to blame it on her so it was all me. When you find your mate, their scent is the best smell for you in the whole word but somehow, I doubted that I could fine a better smell.

My eyes went from his abs to his neck than to his neck than to his arms imaging him lifting me and then to his tower. He had an erection and i was resisting my self from liking my lips.

‘’Can I help you with something’’ he spoke bringing me out of my thoughts. ‘’oh no now he has a wolf, he can smell my arousal, no no no that was so embarrassing. ‘’uh, no’’ I said with red cheeks feeling like I was caught doing something naughty. Ok well I did but only in my imagination. ‘’So, you knocked at my door only to see me?’’ he asked me smiling, ok he knew very well what I was thinking and he found it amusing that I was blushed and out of words.

Get it together Amy, you have to get it together. I looked him in the eyes trying not to let my eyes wonder at his body saying ‘’I came do give you your present’’. ‘’And what my present would be ‘’ he asked with a smirk. Oh no I think I made a Hint that I would be his present. I quickly saw him his present, a nice small box with a ribbon.

He opened the door full this time and took the present in his hand. No hand keeping his towel in place. If I was a witch now he will be standing with no towel at all. My eyes were at his towel again wishing that it didn’t exist. No no Amy keep yourself in bay, he is not interested and he can smell you, even with no wolf he can see that you are staring at his body.

I was a virgin so I couldn’t say that I was a reckless hormonal girl and blame it on it. I wanted only him, only he makes me have this kind of thoughts. Damn him and his muscular body, he makes it hard to resist my urges.

‘’Nice pendant, thank you. Does it connects with yours?’’ he asked me with curiosity breaking me of my thoughts, his eyes, looking at my pendant that I was wearing around my neck. ‘’yeah I got three of them, one for you, one for me and one for Fabien as the three of us we were together from the begging’’. I got closer to him holding my pendant for him to connects them and our hand touched. ‘’yeah the three of us’’ he murmured.

We were very close his sent was stronger now and it was invading my senses. My body almost touching his and my anticipation grew stronger. He connected and disconnected our pendant wolves with careful moves without moving back.

Now we were staring at each other’s eyes and my eyes left his eyes only to go at his lips. I was anticipating for him to kiss me as he was staring at my lips too. He knew what I wanted, I couldn’t mask it. But instead of kissing me he made a step backwards. For a moment I thought I saw last at his eyes too but no that was my imagination.

‘’look I noticed that you are distant recently, ok not recently for a year now maybe more. But I would like to know if I did something wrong. We used to be so close and I know we are always gonna be there for each other but we don’t hang out anymore and I really miss my best friend’’ I said trying to get out of the awkward silence. Sadness was written all over my face not only because he didn’t want me but more about his recent behaving.

‘’No, you didn’t do anything, it’s not you it’s me’’ what a cliché, when someone tells you it’s not you it’s me it always mean that you two don’t click with each other anymore. So, he didn’t like me around anymore. Did we changed so much growing up in order to grow apart? What happened to us?

‘’lately I have a temper I know that but I am sure that when I find my mate I’ll relax and you and I we can go back to how we were. But at least until my mate comes I think it’s better to keep my distance’’ he concluded. Ok ok knifes at my heart, my hart was bleeding and tears were threating to start falling. His mate, a mate that wasn’t me, he needed someone else to make him feel better, not me. We couldn’t even hang out together until he founds her.

‘’Ok’’ I said as I was speechless and I quickly turned my back at him and left.

I ran to my room and I cried my eyes out. After a few minutes I gathered myself, my make-up was ruined so I fixed it and went downstairs at the party.

New chapter is coming soon
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