Untraditional Jianghu/C1 Bai ji teahouse
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Untraditional Jianghu/C1 Bai ji teahouse
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C1 Bai ji teahouse

On the third day of the third month of the new year, Jingzhou, Xiangyang City.

As the sun set in the west, the entirety of Xiangyang City was enveloped in a sea of gold. South of the city, Bai Ji Teahouse.

When it came to Bai Ji, it was Xiang Yang's famous place. The people who came and went were all in jade robes, and the men were all elegant and elegant, the women were all graceful and elegant. Firstly, because the tea resources here were several times better than his own, and secondly, because he was very elegant and did not dress up to be afraid of being laughed at. As a result, those who came here were either rich or noble. Those who were able to get to the second floor were all well-known figures in the martial arts world.

But at this moment, there was a young man dressed in plain clothes sitting in a booth near the window on the second floor. Feeling the strange gazes of others, the cloth-clothed man felt extremely uncomfortable. He said to the luxuriously dressed man, "Big Brother Meng, let's go somewhere else. This place doesn't feel suitable for newbies like me."

The well-dressed man put down the teacup in his hand. "Little Brother Linghu Xian, don't worry about the opinions of others." Besides, it's just a small sum of money. I, your Big Brother Meng, can afford it. "

Although his martial arts skills were not high, but because he was high-spirited and made friends with all sorts of people, he could be considered a friend all over the world. Because of his personality, he also had a small reputation in the martial arts world.

As for the cloth-clothed man, his name was Linghu Chong, he had just entered the martial arts world today, and it was also fate. When he met Meng Rong, they had a good conversation, and Meng Rong liked to make friends, so he invited him over for free. When Linghu Chong first entered the Jianghu, he did not know where to go. Coincidentally, there was someone that wanted to invite him, so he followed along.

"Big Brother Meng, I …"

"Little Brother Linghu doesn't want to decline Big Brother's offer today. Could it be that little brother wants to embarrass Big Brother?" Moreover, little brother came here today to watch a good show. Today, Linghu Xiandi had just entered the martial arts world, and he was just in time for the battle between two of the most famous experts in the martial arts world — Xiangyang. It could be said that he had arrived earlier than Xiangyang. I invited you here because the square in front of the building is where they are fighting. It's the second floor with the best view and you can see everything clearly. "

Just as Linghu Chong was about to ask, a beautiful woman walked up the stairs. The crowd all stood up and bowed to her, waiting for her to take a seat.

Seeing this, Linghu Chong was surprised. Could it be that there was a Courtesan Belle in the teahouse? There were quite a few women among the crowd who denied their own thoughts. They felt even more baffled, but they continued staring at the girl as if they wanted to figure out what was going on.

"Little brother Linghu, that is the owner of Bai Ji, Bai Lan. She was moved? Hehe, I don't think I've heard that she has a lover. There's hope for my younger brother. However, if he can get her to like him, little brother will have to work hard. " Meng Rong laughed.

After Linghu Chong heard this, he immediately blushed and turned his head, "Big brother Meng, please don't make fun of me. I am a newcomer in the martial arts world, how could I have such thoughts? Every single one of the young masters around her is stronger than me by a hundred times.

"Everyone here has all started from scratch. How can there be any difference between rich and poor?" Junior brother Linghu, don't belittle yourself. In this martial arts world, as long as you put in hard work, you will one day stand out. Furthermore, the observers were not there for the sake of Lord Bai's beauty. They had all come to hear the news. "

It turned out that Bai Lan was a famous beauty in the martial arts world, and because she was well-informed, Bai Ji often became the first place in the martial arts world to spread news of her. As a result, Bai Lan became known as "Bai Da", and some people even called her "Jiang Hu", but because she was a woman, they often called her by her name in private. Xiang Yang was a place with connections in all directions, so Bai Lan had settled her home here.

Just as Meng Rong was explaining, Bai Lan was suddenly in an uproar.

"Great Master Bai, who do you think has a better chance of winning today?"

"How does this battle affect the martial arts world?"

"The winner should be the Unrivaled Expert, right?"

"The Murong Family has countless martial arts secret manuals, and I heard that the Huashan Mountain's martial arts is also among them. From this, it can be said that Murong Qiuyu has a very thorough understanding of Long Jingtian, so this battle should be Murong Sheng's match right? "Great Master Bai, what do you think?"

"Bullshit, big fart!" If the Murong Family really possessed the martial arts of the world, then they would have already unified the martial arts world and become invincible! I heard that Long Jingtian has already learnt the Huashan Mountain's Nine Solitary Sword Technique, it would be easy for him to win against Murong. "

"You think it's so easy to learn absolute arts? Even if you do, the Mu Rong family also have Star Shift, but you don't know who will be strong."

"Everyone Bai, I bet a hundred taels on Long Jingtian. Who do you think will win? We even want to bet with everyone else to earn some money. "


"Everyone, don't worry." Once Bai Lan opened her mouth, the surrounding people all quieted down, "Long Jingtian and Murong Qiuyu are the two most famous experts in the martial arts world. In my opinion, they are all of equal strength and are indeed among the top ten in the martial arts world. As of right now, the top three all have their own rankings. However, the martial arts world was big, and there were many unknown experts. Of course, today was indeed the most worth watching in the martial arts world. In a battle between experts, even the slightest mistake could lead to a failure. It was truly hard to predict who would emerge victorious in the end. However, I have my own opinions on this. In today's battle, what everyone sees might not be true. However, there is one thing for certain, after this battle, great changes will definitely occur in the martial arts world, perhaps to the point where it can change the order of the martial arts world. " Bai Lan looked at the crowd, "That's why I think it's enough for everyone to be a good spectator. Those who want to gain anything from it should carefully consider before acting. "

As soon as he said that, the chattering started again.

"Everyone, please be clear about it. What is this unknown matter?"

"That's right, that's right. Saying it is equivalent to not saying anything."

"You idiots. For free, you want us to be spectators."

"Hehe! Everyone's saying that she doesn't know who will win, that is to say, she's having a showdown. Stupid, you all don't even know this."


Bai Lan, however, did not speak anymore. She turned around and looked at the plaza outside the window.


"Brother Meng, then are Long Jingtian and Murong Qiuyu really that powerful?" The new Ding Linghu Chong became a curious baby again.

"That's right, the two of them are the most powerful figures in the martial arts world. There is Bei Jingtian, the number one of the Southern Murong." "Not only is my martial arts strong, the power behind it is also very strong."

"Why is this title so familiar …"

"They're from the south and north. was the head disciple of the Huashan Mountain, she was the representative of the Five Mountain Sword Sect in the martial arts world. It was said that she possessed an extremely powerful swordsmanship, and the other swordsmanship of the Five Mountains were also involved, it was said that she had learnt the Huashan Mountain's Nine Solitary Sword Techniques, but no one had ever seen him use them before. After she learned it, he established the Heaven and Earth Society. Since four of the Five Mountain's sects were in Jiangbei, the Heaven and Earth Society usually operated in the northern lands mainly because of the Five Mountain Sword Sect. The main rudder was located in the Yongzhou city of Chang An, and it had the faint momentum of unifying the north.

Murong Qiuyu, there is no need for you to know that he is from the Murong Family, and also the head disciple of the Murong Family. Although they didn't have the support of the Five Great Sects like Long Jingtian, the Murong Family was not to be underestimated. "In terms of strength, perhaps the largest sect in the martial arts world isn't called …"

"The number one sect?" Could it be that it is not Shaolin or Wu Dang, then the gang should have more people, right?

"You don't understand, right? The reason is because the Murong Family has the martial arts of the world. Entering the Murong Family means entering all the sects in the world. However, all of the Murong Family's martial arts were only open to those surnamed Murong. Those with a different surname could only start from the outer hall disciples, only those with good talent or those who had contributed a lot to the sect could learn even more profound martial arts. Therefore, there were a lot of people with the surname 'Murong' in the martial arts world. When Murong Qiuyu left the mountain, she established her own gang, called the Southern Yan Society. I think it's because the Murong Family is a descendant of Yan Country. The biggest gang in Jiang-Nan territory is Southern Swallow Society. The rudder is in Wu County, Yangzhou. "

"The Murong Family is so powerful, but I still think that they are stronger than those who can solve a hundred problems." I'm afraid of chewing too much. Oh right, Big Brother Meng, which sect are you from? "

"Me? "My sect is the most famous sect on the land of Jing Prefecture, little brother Linghu, guess?"

"Wu Dang?"


"All true?"




"Iron Palm Gang?"


"Then …"

"Ancient Tomb Sect!"

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