Untraditional Jianghu/C10 Confusion of jianghu and jianghu
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Untraditional Jianghu/C10 Confusion of jianghu and jianghu
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C10 Confusion of jianghu and jianghu

Very quickly, the news of Mo Xie being ambushed and lost began to spread through the whole Jianghu. At that moment, even more people had gathered at Xiangyang City. Perhaps everyone wanted to find the whereabouts of the Divine Sword. For a moment, the first thing Xiangyang and the others said upon meeting each other was, "Have you eaten yet?" It had become "Have you found the news about the Divine Sword?", and one could often hear these kinds of words from friends and relatives that they met. There were even more people who took advantage of the situation to sell brochures related to Divine Sword s, such as "I have a few things to do with Mo Xie", "A summary of the clues about the ten great Divine Sword s", among which the most popular one was "Great Chronicles of the Ten Great Disciples' Disappearance". Among them, it recorded in detail the locations and time of the battle from Lin Feng's appearance to the battle on the clock tower at the Southern Square of Xiangyang City. Long Jingtian's maid's sword escape to the place of death by ambush, and even drew a detailed map of the four women's escape. All in all, there were all sorts of weird ideas in his mind. The reason mentioned in the book was that because of his looks, Wang Erpi was often despised by women. This time, because he could not even woo the four girls, he was angry and humiliated to the point of wanting revenge, but because of the other party's resistance, he killed the four girls and took Mo Xie away along with him. Although the price of this book was as high as one gold tael, the supply was still insufficient. After three increments, the book finally met the needs of the people in the martial arts world. In the future, someone would be counting the two million copies sold, causing the author of the book to suddenly become rich. Even though he had deposited all his money in the bank, he was being massacred every day. Because many people had been harassed because of the speculation in the book, and some people had even been killed because of it. These people had vented their anger on the scribe, so the miserable life of a certain person had just begun. After being killed hundreds of times in succession, in order to say goodbye to his life of fear, he left the house in the front four, back four, left right, each with a total of 16 bodyguards. Even when he was playing the game, he could not relax his guard. It wasn't until one day, when he couldn't stand it any longer and announced that he would donate all of his money to the old, sick, and handicapped center in the game, that his life began to return to normal.

Of course, there were also many people who showed up one after another to hold the so-called "press conference" to announce that they were responsible for the disappearance of the Divine Sword, and all of them said that they had obtained the General Mo Xie. Almost most of them wanted to be famous, but their reasons for wanting to be famous were quite different. Of them, 58% of them were trying to make themselves famous in the martial arts world, 24% were trying to attract the attention of the opposite sex, and of course, most of them were done by men, 13% of them were actually blacksmiths in the martial arts world, in order to advertise their products, they took out the swords they forged and called Mo Xie the real Mo Xie, in order to increase the visibility of the weapons they produced. The remaining five percent were for a variety of other reasons. One of them said that the reason he did so was because he saw someone being attacked by items such as copper, silver, and so on from the onlookers during the press conference. He thought that he could earn money quickly by doing this, so he immediately announced that he was the real sword robber, but of course, the onlookers had smashed all the small pieces of silver, copper, and other things on their bodies. In the end, they all called out to him, transforming into various hidden weapon.

All of a sudden, the Xiangyang Sword Seeking activity, which the martial arts world had been participating in the most since the beginning, began vigorously. It lasted for an entire month. After searching the entire city area of Xiangyang City and the surrounding two hundred kilometers, not a single person found any clues about the disappearance of the Divine Sword. Most people gave up on searching aimlessly, and the "incident of the Divine Sword being robbed" became the number one unsolved case among the population.

During this period, Murong Qiuyu's Nanyan's organization had also investigated Xiangyang's size and size, but they actually did not find any gang that had the time or time to commit an act. As the most well-informed of the martial arts world, the "All Knowing Scholar", the personnel of the intelligence team behind Bai Lan seemed to have a strong ability to detect opponents, but even with the strength of the South Yan Society, they were unable to find any trace of him. Although Murong Qiufeng had sent people to track some suspicious people before, they always failed at the most crucial moment. All of these things made Murong Qiuyu unhappy, and made him feel admiration towards people who could cultivate such strength.

Although the search for the lost sword had met with a setback, the development of the South Swallow Society had displayed a thriving momentum. Because of their "sale and promotion event", more people would choose Southern Swallow Country's Wu County as their main area of activity. Although this brought about a lot of problems with the number of people, Nanyan would make full use of the advantage of planning and training, allowing everyone to choose different places to cultivate at different times, thus maximizing the use of the system's monster resources. In a situation where they spent the same money and time, the results would be much better than cultivating outside. Of course, this cultivation plan was only for the members of the Southern Yan Society, so many people chose to join the Southern Yan Society. Because of this, the speed of the Southern Yan Society's growth was many times faster than other gang's.

Under the situation of controlling the origin of large amounts of raw materials, the production skills of the players supported by Nanyan Association gradually moved their shops to other counties and counties of Yangzhou. Because the raw materials provided by Nanyan Association were much cheaper than other counties of Yangzhou, their prices were naturally generally lower than other players' stores, and were much lower than the shops of the system. This was Murong Qiuyu's strategy of economic occupation. Because they, Nan Yan, would be in Wu County, and had already established two countries, they had the right to own all the original harvests in both countries, and compared to the time when they had the harvests in gang, they only needed to pay a considerable tax to the system on the mining rights, the cost of the raw materials in Nan Yan Guild could be ignored. As a result, the other gang s were unable to retaliate economically. In this situation, shops supported by other gang s would never be able to go against the Southern Yan Society. The Southern Yan Society's power share would also increase along with the increase in the trading volume. He believed that before long, Nanyan would occupy 80% of the forces in the Yangzhou region and thus include the entire Yangzhou into the territory of the Southern Swallow Country.

Of course, because of the large amount of raw materials they had, the South Yan Society had the most production people, and the skills were also a lot higher than others. Every day, there would be a lot of new people coming from the outside, to this point, Murong Qiuyu did not reject them. Although for true absolute arts experts, weapons, clothes and other defensive equipment would not be of much use, there were just too few people in the martial arts world who knew absolute arts. In a situation like this, a battle between two groups of martial artists in the martial arts world would usually determine the outcome of the battle. Therefore, Murong Qiuyu instructed the person in charge of the Skill Hall to provide the raw materials needed by every production skill holder in the South Yan Society on time. However, in the entire martial arts world, only the founder of the South Yan Society had the ability to simultaneously raise such a large number of skilled people.

At the same time, the production capacity of the equipment increased, and at the same time, more and more people joined the South Swallow Society. Of course, it also caused the expansion of the South Swallow Society to become faster and faster, and the operation of the South Swallow Society gradually began a virtuous cycle.

Although Murong Qiuyu was still unable to forget the depression of losing General Mo Xie, he still frequently had the time to accompany her beloved Rou Er. Therefore, they often saw Murong Qiuyu and her figure wandering around the green mountain water. On the busy streets of Wu County, you can also see two people holding hands as they walk. Moreover, because of Murong Qiuyu's illustrious reputation as the king of the Southern Swallow Country, the handsome and charming man and Rou Er became the publicly acknowledged "Heroic Couple of the First Immortal".

In other places of the martial arts world, especially in the Jianghu of Jiangbei, because Long Jingtian had not expanded the new generation of the World Trade Organization further for the sake of cultivating martial arts, the affairs of the gang had completely been handed over to the Deputy Sect Leader s and his four maids. Because no one was convinced by anyone, although the World Trade Organization's strength was superior to that of Jiangbei, they had never been able to have the faint aura of the overlord of the North River and Lake of the world like before. The other great forces in Jiangbei entered into a chaotic battle. In order to snatch the resource points, regardless of whether it was the monster or the raw material, struggles between the gang s would erupt. At most, one day, there were 105 such battles that had broken out in the Jiang-Bei river lake, and the total number of participants was over 300,000. If all of the martial arts world added up together, this number might become even more terrifying.

The result of this frequent struggle was that even more neutral martial artists would go to Yangzhou, where the Southern Swallow Mountain was the most powerful. Although there were also small conflicts, it was undoubtedly the most peaceful place compared to other places.

All the forces outside Yangzhou felt that she was very strong. In order to have the ability to fight against such a strong force, it was inevitable that they would fight over her resources. However, this resulted in a vicious circle. While Nan Yan was rapidly increasing her strength, her strength was constantly being consumed. The balance in the martial arts world was slowly beginning to lean towards Nan Yan's side.

Facing this kind of martial arts world, Murong Qiuyu was undoubtedly the happiest. However, to Long Jingtian and the others who had other intentions towards the martial arts world, they might not be in a good mood.

The entire martial arts world began to fall into chaos …

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