Untraditional Jianghu/C12 Mountain oddity
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Untraditional Jianghu/C12 Mountain oddity
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C12 Mountain oddity

The lush forest covered the entire blue sky. Golden sunlight shone through the gaps between the leaves and scattered across the forest. Along with the unknown wild flowers and the occasional birds, it formed a perfect picture. Who would have thought that the scenery in the game would be so great? In the real world, there was no such perfect environment to be found. However, Linghu Chong's thoughts were not on this matter at all, his heart had long ago flown to Feng Qingyang's side who he did not know where was. After walking for about half an hour, they finally made it through the dense forest and began to climb the rugged mountainous path. If it was said that they were just strolling leisurely in the forest, then it could be said that walking now was extremely difficult.

After climbing upwards for about five or six hundred meters, they arrived at a slightly larger platform halfway up the mountain. At the edge of the platform was the cliff face, and looking down, they could see that the cliff face was covered in stones. It was already dusk, and the sun was setting in the west. The entire horizon was a golden color. Standing high up in the sky, one could feel the vastness of the world.

At this moment, the man leading the way suddenly stopped.

"Arrived?" Linghu Chong almost couldn't stop his car and crashed into the man's back.

"Yes, we are here." The man turned. "Here it is."

Linghu Chong looked around, but did not find any suitable place to stay, "Then where is Feng Qingyang? How come I can't find it? "

"Feng Qingyang? I think you won't be able to see it, but I can guarantee that you will be able to see the King of Hell later. " The man who was leading the way had an evil smile on his face as he clapped, "But before that, you have to leave your money behind."

Following the man's round of applause, two figures encircled Linghu Chong from behind, and surrounded him in a corner with the man from before. It turned out to be the other two men from the small restaurant. They had ambushed them earlier.

"You? What exactly do you want? " Linghu Chong was also afraid, after all he was a rookie who had just entered the martial arts world. He did not know any martial arts, and even if he were to fight against someone, he did not have any chance of winning, let alone running into three people at the same time.

"What is it? If you know what's good for you, then hurry up and leave behind your valuables. Otherwise, if this daddy were to make a move, your little life would be over as well. " A man with triangular eyes behind him said. They pulled out their swords along the way.

"Don't act recklessly, I'm going to call for help." Linghu Chong was already starting to speak indiscriminately. He felt around his waist and found that there were no weapons. He thought to himself that he should not have bought a sword before coming here. Now, he didn't even have the chance to risk it all.

"Call for help? Just scream. You shouted so loudly that no one came, and we brothers specially called you here so that no one would disturb our business. Hurry, take out all the money obediently. " Pointy Eyes said fiercely, he raised the sword in his hand and rushed towards Linghu Chong.

Seeing this, Linghu Chong knew that he wouldn't be able to escape. Although he ached for the money, he still took out the money pouch and threw it at Pointy Eyes. After all, he was still a novice and had yet to learn any martial arts. If he died, it was still possible for him to lose his basic attributes. Although the probability was low, no one knew whether he was an unlucky person or not.

"All my money is here, I'm still a novice, this money was given to me by someone else. I'll give it to all of you, but let the big brothers go. " Linghu Chong began to compromise.

"Newbie, who are you lying to? You guys go ahead and search. " Pointy Eyes opened the purse and looked inside. He also told the other two people to search him.

"Big brother, I've really lost everything …" Before he even finished speaking, Linghu Chong was knocked to the ground and a few hands began to grope around on his body. Linghu Chong only held his head, he did not dare move, it was only a fist just now, who knows when the sword would strike him.

"He really is a rookie. Look at the date on his ring, it's dated yesterday. "I wonder what kind of luck this kid has, to be able to get so much money in a single day." After saying that, the man who searched Linghu Chong's body fiercely kicked Linghu Chong twice. Everyone who entered the martial arts world would issue a storage ring with the time of entering the martial arts world engraved on it. Moreover, this term was quite unique. It could only be used to place medicines, as well as pure decorative clothing that one usually wore, as well as some very special items, such as flint stones, tools to collect and produce raw materials, mission supplies, and carrier pigeons. That's right, the people at a distance could only rely on carrier pigeons to communicate with each other. Money, weapons, clothing and protective gear with attributes, as well as special production materials could only be carried around. Everyone had their own money bag and bags. Of course, there was a limit to the space weight of the bundle. However, while carrying it normally, one could not feel it. It was only a slight feeling of carrying something at all.) As Linghu Chong did not have anything else, he kept the bag on his chest while the Enlightenment Pill was in his ring, so no one else could find it.

"Brothers, I've given you the money. You've already searched me. Let me go." Linghu Chong pleaded humbly. Now that he couldn't care less about face or money, all he wanted was to keep his life and not lose his base stats.

Pointy Eyes looked at Linghu Chong and said, "Quickly scram."

When Linghu Chong heard this, he immediately felt a sense of hope to survive. He crawled up and turned around, preparing to run down the mountain.

Just as he turned around, feeling lucky that he had escaped this calamity, someone suddenly kicked him in the back and he flew out of the platform. Linghu Chong felt empty beneath his feet, and his entire person dropped down from the cliff face.

"AHH!" Linghu Chong's screams resounded through the forest, causing many birds to jump in fright. However, other than the three people on the platform, he was probably the only one who could hear the cries.

"Boss, why did you kick him out?" The one who asked was the man who was leading the way.

"I thought I met a rich kid when I saw him at the small restaurant. I didn't expect him to only have a hundred taels of silver in total, causing us brothers to climb the mountain for half a day and perspire quite a bit. Kicking him down the mountain is letting him off easy. " Pointy eyes said angrily, "If it wasn't for the fact that I was afraid of wasting my strength, I would have used my sword to slash him eight times."

"Boss, don't be angry. If he were to fall from such a high place, he would definitely die. After all, we got some silver today, and you know that almost everyone in the martial arts world has gone to Xiangyang. Although it was not a fat sheep, it was more or less there. "Since when did it become so easy? The last time, that little brat almost killed all of us brothers and caused us to get full wounds. In the end, the money he had on him was not even enough for our brothers' medicine." The guide comforted her.

"Brother, you're right. Let's go down the mountain and drink." Pointy Eyes and the other two went down the mountain.

If they knew that Linghu Chong had a Enlightenment Pill on him, they would definitely regret it to death. Since death at the cliff was considered a suicide, the items inside the ring wouldn't explode, and if someone were to kill him, they might explode. However, the chances of the items inside exploding were much lower when compared to the 100% drop rate of the bag and purse. However, if Pointy Eyes and the others knew that they would have to kill Linghu Chong on the spot to try their luck, they might just explode with the Enlightenment Pill.

Originally, when he was kicked off the platform, his body couldn't help but to descend. However, when he heard the sound of the wind beside his ears, thinking that he was dead, a tree on the cliff reached and caught him. Although he was not fated to die, he was still knocked unconscious by the huge impact, so Linghu Chong could only exit the game. Abnormal states of mind referred to states of unconscious or unconscious people caused by injuries, poisoning, illness, etc. Once a character was in abnormal states of mind, it was not possible to exit the game normally. Although a player could exit the game and return to the real world, the character in the game would not disappear like the person in the real world, but would stay in the game instead. At this time, if the player in the game was awake, they would automatically disappear.

When he got off the line, Linghu Chong scolded the three bandits ruthlessly. He himself was blaming himself for being bewitched by others so easily. After that, he logged on a few more times. He realized that he was still unconscious, so he gave up. Seeing that he was tired, he went to rest. He planned to log in tomorrow to see how he was doing.

After going to sleep bravely for the whole night, Linghu Chong prayed that he would be safe and sound, and entered the game. Maybe the heavens had heard his prayers, but he was still hanging on the life-saving tree of the cliff face, and had awoken. Linghu Chong moved his hands and feet. He still felt a burst of pain in his body, but most of it was just a superficial wound. Looking at his surroundings, he realized that he was not far from the ground. After adjusting his body, he prepared to jump down from the tree.

Right at this time, a black figure rapidly descended towards Linghu Chong's head. Sensing that something was wrong with the voice, he raised his head to take a look, but the black figure had already knocked him down. Linghu Chong was brought down to the ground by the huge impact, and the black figure landed on his body.

Sensing that his life was being drained from his body, Linghu Chong felt that he had been played by the heavens once again. Just as he was about to transform into a white light and disappear, he realized that the unknown object with immense lethality was actually a person.

A woman.

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