Untraditional Jianghu/C13 Hero save beauty
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Untraditional Jianghu/C13 Hero save beauty
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C13 Hero save beauty

The moment Linghu Chong saw the Wu Temple from Chang An City, he immediately checked his stats. Fortunately, he did not lose any of his base points, and after looking at the space in his storage ring, he saw that the Enlightenment Pill was still there, and his heart calmed down. Looking at the empty new money pouch on his body, Linghu Chong cursed those bastards who robbed and killed. He thought that after he mastered her martial arts, he would cut them into ten thousand pieces for the sake of eliminating harm to the people.

Suddenly, he thought about the woman who had 'crushed' him down from the cliff. Maybe she was also a victim who had experienced the same thing as him, but when he thought about how she seemed to still be unconscious when he died, he decided to go down the cliff face to have a look at her.

He found someone to ask for directions, then walked towards the foot of the Huashan Mountain. He no longer had the money to sit in the carriage, so he could only rely on his own feet to slowly walk forward. After walking for half a day, he finally arrived at the small restaurant at the foot of the Huashan Mountain in the afternoon. Following his memories from yesterday, he entered the forest that day. As there was no path under the cliff face, he spent another two hours to reach the place where he fell.

Just as he walked over, Linghu Chong saw the motionless figure lying on the ground. It seemed like he was still unconscious. As he walked closer, he did not care about how men and women were different from each other (modern people did not care about normal interactions anymore, maybe Linghu Chong was influenced by the ancient game's background). He helped the woman up and wiped the dust off her face, causing Linghu Chong's eyes to light up as he became infatuated.

The woman had a round face, curved eyebrows, and cherry lips. They were bright red with two rows of white jade-like teeth that showed her noble beauty. Her skin was snow-white and delicate. She was truly a beautiful woman.

Unfortunately, her eyes were currently closed, making people feel weak. At the same time, they felt a hint of regret. Just how beautiful would this girl's eyes be?

Looking at the unconscious beauty in his arms, Linghu Chong felt his heart racing: I earned it, I didn't expect her to be such a beauty, if I were to repay her with my body after I save her …

If there was anyone else around, they would have seen a wretched man with a lewd smile on his face and saliva dripping from his mouth. He stared at the person in his arms, and when he looked at the man again, he saw that it was a beautiful woman. In the eyes of an ignorant person, Linghu Chong was just like a big pervert.

It could be said that this was a place even more remote than the wilderness. Therefore, Linghu Chong did not need to worry about someone shouting to catch the rapist and slash at him.

It was unknown how long Linghu Chong had been watching for, but the heavens seemed to be reminding him that he should leave this place. The sky gradually darkened, and first, a few drops of rain fell on the treetops.

When Linghu Chong first arrived, it was already close to dusk. Now that it was raining, the sky was even darker, and the forest underneath the cliff face was even more pitch black.

Linghu Chong thought that things were not looking good and hurriedly carried the woman in his arms. He thought that it would already be difficult to find the path to the mountain at this late hour, and it was also raining so heavily. He decided to find a place to hide for the night until the rain stopped.

Carrying the unconscious girl in his arms, Linghu Chong began to explore along the cliff face, hoping to find a place where he could rest. In the dark night rain, he was unable to determine his direction. He randomly chose a direction and headed over.

After walking for about half an hour, he finally found a cave. The interior of the cave was extremely spacious, and should be a naturally formed cave. However, Linghu Chong's attention was completely on the woman in his embrace, he did not expect that. He and the girl were already drenched, the cold wind blowing in from the outside, he could not help but shiver.

Linghu Chong quickly found a clean place to place the woman in his hand down. Then, he found some dry branches inside the cave, took out the flint from his ring, and started a fire beside the woman. looked through the firelight and saw that the unconscious woman looked small and plump, her fleshy body was exposed to the air, and her clothes had been drenched by the rain. Linghu Chong was perverted, but he still did not dare to do anything. To be frank, he was perverted and did not have the guts to do so. After all, the martial arts world gave heavy punishments to the rapist. Of course, there were also many lustful bandits in the martial arts world. This was because they were always more careful in their crimes and never left behind any clues to prove their identity. This was also the result of the realisation of the martial arts world. Although the martial arts world was just a game, the information of the gamer was confidential, and if he didn't tell you, no one would know his name or any information about him. Even when he was killed, there wouldn't be any system to tell people who were killed or anything like that, so to determine a person's identity, one could only use the game's yamen.

Of course you have to report it first. The yamen within the game was actually a continuation of the judicial system in the real world, and it was for the judicial system to handle related matters. Of course, most cases were handled only for the game, and the punishments would only be effective within the game. Most of the bailiffs in the yamen were made up of police officers in real life. Of course, there were some players, but not many. The most important way to confirm a person's identity was through their appearance. As long as you gave them their appearance, you could go to the yamen and find out their identity. However, the person who committed the crime was either wearing a human skin mask or a black mask. Therefore, there was another way to identify people, such as using human hair, skin, and other items. Because everyone's data was different, the system could easily verify the identity of the person through these items. The thieves that were still wandering around were usually the most careful ones, but they also had some anti-detection abilities. The one they liked the most was adultery, because this way they wouldn't have a chance to film their own images or leave any clues for their enemies to rebel against them.

When we get far enough, let's go back to Linghu Chong and the lady's side. Seeing her exquisite body, Linghu Chong resisted the urge to rush forward and turned his head to the side. He took off his wet clothes and started roasting his clothes, not worrying that he would suddenly wake up again.

After drying his clothes and putting them back on, Linghu Chong felt exceptionally comfortable. Seeing that the woman's clothes were still sticking to his body, Linghu Chong pondered on whether he should take her clothes off to dry as well.

After swallowing his saliva, Linghu Chong gave up on helping the girl take off her clothes. Instead, he covered her with his own clothes and sat down near the fire.

Just like that, he woke up from his slumber. After adding firewood a few times in the middle to keep it warm, it was finally the next day's sun. The rain had stopped last night, but the woman was still unconscious and did not die. It seemed that the damage from falling from the cliff was much worse than when Linghu Chong had fallen. Linghu Chong picked up the clothes that the lady was wearing, but upon putting it on, he realized that the lady was different from yesterday. Her originally white face was now flushed red, and Linghu Chong touched the girl's forehead, feeling that she was extremely hot. It seemed as if he had been unconscious the previous night and had sustained some injuries. Then, he had been drenched by the rain and lay in his wet clothes for an entire night. Now, his body was on fire.

The people in the martial arts world would also suffer from illness, and it was much more severe than the reality. With this woman's fever, if there was no medicine, she would most likely burn to death. This was also to make things as realistic as possible. Moreover, there was no true meaning of death in the martial arts world, so some injuries were more serious. Who knew that life in the martial arts world was cheaper than life in real life?

Linghu Chong knew that the situation was serious and the sky was already bright. He immediately extinguished the firewood and walked out with the woman in his arms. Maybe it was because he was anxious to save others, but he left the mountain much faster than when he came. Furthermore, the heavens had helped him, not letting him get lost in the forest. By noon, he had already arrived at the biggest small town under the Huashan Mountain.

He carried the woman into a drugstore. When he was about to go to the NPC doctor for treatment, he suddenly remembered that he had no money at all. The girl in his arms also probably had no money since she had been robbed. As he was struggling, he thought of the Enlightenment Pill in his ring, "Big Brother Meng said that this pill is very valuable, maybe it can be exchanged for quite a bit of money." As he thought about it, he instructed the NPC doctor in the pharmacy, "I'll leave the patient here first. Doctor, you take care of the patient first. I'll go get the money for the medicine now."

This NPC doctor's intelligence was quite high. He nodded his head and then used his finger to point at the sign, "Take the money in one hand and the medicine in the other". He continued to daydream.

Linghu Chong left the pharmacy and thought for a while. He decided to go to the pawnshop and pawn this pill, because if he sold it for money, he wouldn't be able to sell it in a short period of time. Furthermore, he didn't know the price of this pill. After making up his mind, he found a system pawnshop. Although there were also players pawning there, he didn't know the price, so he was afraid of being cheated. Because each item had a total price, in the martial arts world, only a third of the current value of the item could be used in the pawnshop. Of course, if the price was too low, you could report it to the yamen, so the value set by the pawnshop would be a bit lower, but when the price was a bit higher, but there would inevitably be some people who didn't know the value of the goods and would be at a disadvantage. The fixed value of the goods might be only a tenth of the original value of the goods, but in this case, the pawnshop couldn't redeem the goods, as it only needed to pay a price of two times.

After making up his mind, he walked into a system pawnshop.

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