Untraditional Jianghu/C14 Suicide for passion
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Untraditional Jianghu/C14 Suicide for passion
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C14 Suicide for passion

Coming out from the pawnshop of the system, Linghu Chong's pocket suddenly swelled up. That Enlightenment Pill was worth a thousand gold liangs, removing the fees, Linghu Chong also earned three hundred gold liangs. Although he was shocked at the value of the pill, but even more so, Murong Qiuyu's strength was shocking. To be able to casually give away such a precious thing, it seemed like he was extremely rich. With the huge sum of money, he understood the principle of not exposing one's wealth from yesterday's lesson. He immediately found a bank to store the three hundred taels of gold and exchanged the rest of it for silver. The exchange rate for gold and silver was one to one hundred, which was still more than two thousand taels of silver. Thinking that it was not safe to bring so much money, he decided to pay 10 gold taels to open a cabinet for himself in the bank. In fact, it was just a personal space similar to a safe deposit box, to be able to put his things in, the system would arrange a similar space near the birthplace of every newbie in the martial arts world, but the space was relatively large, but it was based on the 10% of the total value of the items put in, if he put in there, he would die from the loss of money. Although the bank was small, it was a one-time charge.

After settling down his property, he left the bank with two hundred taels of silver notes and some silver pieces, heading straight for the pharmacy. Fortunately, although he had spent a lot of time getting the money, the girl was still alive.

Seeing him walk in, Doctor NPC threw him a prescription and pointed to the shop assistant, telling him to go outside to get the medicine. Linghu Chong looked at the prescription and all of the names of the herbs, and then went to get the medicines from the shop assistant, only to see the shop assistant opening a few of the drawers in the wall behind him, taking out some medicine, and throwing them into a medicine jar. In the blink of an eye, a few small blue pills appeared in the hands of the shop assistant.

Linghu Chong thought that the people who designed the martial arts world were really mischievous, making a medicine was the same as in the past. If it wasn't for the fact that they considered it convenient for everyone to use, the final product would have been a small pill.

After paying the money, he picked up the blue colored small pills. Linghu Chong carried the woman and found an inn to open a room, placing the woman on the bed. What he wanted to do now was to feed these few blue colored small pills to the lady who had a fever that could not wake up. He stuffed the pill into the woman's mouth for a long time and found that the woman could not swallow it at all. The pill could not enter her stomach at all. Did he have to feed it through the mouth? Linghu Chong looked at the girl's full lips, licked his own lips, and thought that saving someone was more important, seeing that the distance between her mouth and mouth was getting closer, Linghu Chong suddenly left his side, and fiercely slapped himself.

"Isn't this taking advantage of others, not acting like a gentleman?" He became serious again.

Suddenly, he had a flash of inspiration and went out to find a thin bamboo. He removed the bamboo from the middle and hurriedly returned to his room. He then put the small blue pill into the woman's mouth again. After drinking some water, he gently placed one end of the bamboo tube next to the woman's lips and brought the water into her mouth from the other end. This method was not bad, after a while, the pill disappeared into the woman's mouth along with the water, and Linghu Chong continued to feed the pills one by one, not stopping until he had fed half of them to the woman.

Although NPC medicine was expensive, it was really effective. In just a short period of time, when Linghu Chong touched the woman's forehead again, he discovered that her fever had stopped. Glad to see the woman moan, then open her eyes wide, but the eyes seemed empty, without the slightest trace of life. It seemed like she hadn't come online yet. As Linghu Chong was rejoicing, the woman's body slowly became lighter. It seemed that after she woke up, the system had logged off.

Linghu Chong saw the lady in his hand disappear, and he finally heaved a sigh of relief. Since yesterday morning, he had not had a good rest, and had been running around with a person in his arms. He lay on the bed and slept. Perhaps because he was too tired from playing, he forgot to log out of the game. In real life, taking a hot bath before sleeping should be more comfortable than resting in the game. After all, even though people were sleeping in real life, sleeping with a gaming device wouldn't be very comfortable.

However, Linghu Chong did not care about all this, he just lied down and fell asleep, he was too tired.

In his sleep, he felt someone shaking him. He slowly opened his eyes. In front of him was a beautiful woman with bright eyes and white lips. She was shaking him.

Linghu Chong's first reaction was not to think that he was dreaming. He fiercely pinched his arm, causing him to cry out in pain. So this was not a dream. He took a closer look at the woman, and realized that she was the woman he had saved.

When the woman saw his foolish expression, she couldn't help but laugh, but then her smile immediately disappeared. Why am I here? " She asked Linghu Chong with doubt in her eyes.

"Didn't you get robbed and thrown off the cliff in Huashan Mountain? I saved you. " Linghu Chong laughed, "Oh yes, here are some pills, you had a fever when I saved you yesterday, I bought them for you, and I have already fed them to you once just now, they were eaten after you woke up."

The lady took the pill from Linghu Chong and thanked him, but she did not have any intentions of taking the pill. You said I was robbed? You misunderstand, I jumped off the cliff by myself yesterday, but I didn't expect you to save me. "It seems like the heavens won't let me die." The woman let out a faint sigh and looked at her condition. She wanted to confirm if she really had a fever. Just as she opened the status bar, the woman exclaimed, "Ah? How did I kill a man? I've never killed anyone. "

"Miss, don't be surprised, I was the unlucky guy you mistakenly killed. After I was robbed by bandits two days ago, I was kicked off the cliff. I just logged on yesterday, and you already crushed me to death when I jumped off the cliff. " Linghu Chong laughed self-deprecatingly at the goddess-like woman in front of him, but he didn't know why such a person would jump off a cliff on her own.

Hearing Linghu Chong's words, the woman immediately replied, "Then I'm really sorry, I didn't think that there would be someone at the bottom of the cliff." After which, he blushed.

"Although there is no real death in the game, there is no need for you to seek your own opinion." What problems have you encountered? " Linghu Chong was finally subdued by his own curiosity.

When the woman heard the question, her face turned pale, and she stopped moving, as if she had thought of something. After a long while, she came back to her senses. "I …" I lost my love. "

"Lost love? In the martial arts world? You want to court death just for that? " Linghu Chong's experience was still a blank, so he did not understand how much love affects people.

"Ai, you don't understand, but I will not continue to seek death. This time, I did not succeed because of you, so it seems like the heavens do not want me to die for him." But I'm really sorry for letting you die in vain. The woman asked with concern, her eyes still carrying a faint sadness.

"It's fine, I'm lucky that I didn't lose anything. Saving you is just a small matter. " As Linghu Chong said that, he was actually thinking how great it would be if this woman could give herself to him. After all this time, I still don't know your name. If you can, just tell me about your height and weight. "

The lady was amused by Linghu Chong's rogue expression, "My surname is Wang, my name is Wang Jin. As for the rest, keep it a secret. I would also like to ask for benefactor's great name. " It appeared that the woman had temporarily broken free from her state of grief.

"Me? My name is Linghu Chong, I am an insect, the Huashan Mountain's Linghu Chong is my idol, so when I entered the martial arts world to pick a name, I took the name that sounded similar to his. " Linghu Chong also reported her name, "Up until now, she is unmarried, has no bad habits, does not smoke, drinks, or take bets, she is a true fourth best youth, could Miss Wang consider me?"

Wang Jin seemed to not hear the second half of Linghu Chong's teasing, as she just stared blankly at Linghu Chong, and muttered in a voice that only she could hear. "He's also surnamed Linghu, why does it look like him? "Hai." He seemed to have thought of something, and the sorrow in his eyes deepened.

Linghu Chong saw that his words were like a stone in the ocean, seeing that something was wrong with Wang Jin, he anxiously asked her. Miss Wang, it's time to take your medicine. "

Wang Jin only said thank you softly and swallowed the entire pill in her hand. However, it was obvious that she was still trapped in that state.

Linghu Chong felt that he could neither stand nor sit. Seeing Wang Jin's condition, and not knowing what she should say, decided to leave the room. Miss Wang, since you're done, I'll leave now. I've paid for this room all day. You can stay here until noon tomorrow. "Goodbye." He got up and walked to the door.

Wang Jin only let out a "Oh", but Linghu Chong suddenly felt an inexplicable sense of loss, and immediately fled far away from this room.

Just as he was about to step out of the room, a faint voice sounded from behind him.

"Can you stay with me?"

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