Untraditional Jianghu/C16 Fish intestines
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Untraditional Jianghu/C16 Fish intestines
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C16 Fish intestines

"I really can't stay. You don't have to make up such an excuse just to force me to stay." Linghu Chong was suddenly very calm, maybe it could be said that he was aware of his own abilities, and knew that he did not have much to show for it. Furthermore, to this Jianghu, he was a newbie, a novice who had only been in the Jianghu for three days. "He has no looks, no kung fu skills, no strength, and no strength. Anywhere he goes, there will be a group of people chasing after his. No matter what, the good news will never come to him." Do you dislike me, or do you already have a girlfriend? " Wang Jin's voice was calm, and it was not possible to tell that she had any signs of impulsiveness.

"But we just met not too long ago, and I just met you yesterday. Truthfully, we only met this afternoon because you weren't online before and I was just watching a bunch of data. Miss Wang, don't be angry, there's no need for you to feel wronged just to keep me here. " Linghu Chong still could not believe it, "It's not like what you think, I have never had a girlfriend before. Lady Wang, you are a natural born beauty, I like you not enough, but I feel that I do not have this blessing, I do not deserve you. "After all, I just entered the martial arts world, and I don't have anything."

"I don't want anything, I only want you to accompany me. Because the feeling you give me is very good, no kung fu can learn, no silver can earn, feelings can also be slowly nurtured. "I don't care, I want you to be my boyfriend. If you don't agree, I'll immediately jump off the cliff again." Wang Jin said with a serious face.

Seeing that Wang Jin had said all that, Linghu Chong gave up on resisting. In fact, who wouldn't want to have such a beautiful girlfriend, Linghu Chong was no exception. However, right now, he felt that he was feeling a little inferior to Wang Jin, as he did not have any confidence in himself. Maybe a majority of the men didn't want their women to be stronger than, so Linghu Chong also had this intention. Maybe he was a hero right now with strong martial arts skills, maybe he would agree without any sadness.

Wang Jin saw that Linghu Chong had finally nodded and laughed heartily. She immediately ran over and pulled Linghu Chong onto the bed, picked a comfortable place, and laid him down in his arms.

At this time, Linghu Chong had also gradually let go of his feelings. Since the situation had already turned out like this, then he would have to carry the thought that a good day was worth one day, and properly enjoy this beautiful moment.

Wang Jin played with Linghu Chong's hands, and when she saw that the day on his ring was actually only a few days ago, she suddenly thought of something. Chong Chong, you have only been in the Jianghu for a few days. Why would I be targeted by bandits, and why would I have the money to buy medicine for me? Tell the truth, I'll keep an eye on you. I'll teach you a lesson if you lie. " With that, she stuck her ear close to Linghu Chong's chest, listening to his heartbeat.

's first reaction upon hearing 'Chong Chong' being called out to him was to give him goosebumps, but luckily, he managed to control his own reaction in time. He then recounted everything that happened to him after he entered the martial arts world.

Wang Jin listened on with relish and asked a few questions from time to time. When she heard that Linghu Chong had pawned the Enlightenment Pill to save her, she was even more agitated to the point of kissing Linghu Chong. However, right after kissing him, her face immediately blushed red.

Linghu Chong was also shocked by the attack, his hands touching the place that he had just kissed, he didn't have time to reflect on it.

"Chong Chong, thank you. I think I really picked the right guy to have you as my new boyfriend. " Wang Jin suddenly said.

"These are all due. Jin, you're so beautiful, every man that encounters this kind of situation will save you right? " Linghu Chong did not take the credit.

"Do you know how precious the Enlightenment Pill is? The price of the system was usually one thousand taels of gold, but it was far higher than that in the market. I'm so happy you pawned it to save me. "Oh right, I'll give you the money. You can go and redeem it tomorrow." Wang Jin said.

"Thank you, Jin. No need, I don't need to redeem it for now. The money I earn can be used as a starting point for my martial arts world. Wouldn't I be able to cultivate faster than others? In any case, it won't disappear from the pawnshop. If you have money in the future, you can just go and get it. " Linghu Chong rejected the other party's suggestion.

"But with that pill, you'll need less experience to cultivate." However, you're right. Our money should be enough to pay for the pills. "Sigh, if I had known earlier that I would not have spent money carelessly, I would have bought something new and interesting because with him here, I have never considered the question of money." Maybe he thought of Linghu Xiaoxiao, but Wang Jin's eyes dimmed down again.

"Don't think about him anymore. I'll be with you in the future." Linghu Chong quickly comforted her.

"En, you are not allowed to leave me in the future." Wang Jin leaned into Linghu Chong's embrace again.

Just like that, the two of them snuggled together for a sleepless night, but they did nothing but understand each other.

It was finally dawn. Wang Jin was tired, so she asked to go down to rest. Furthermore, she said that it had been a few days since she last slept and ate a few meals in real life. She said that it would be better if she recovered her complexion and mental state after a long sleep.

"Bug, I'm going. You have to think about me these next two days. Also, you have to be good and not pick up other girls." If I knew, hmph. "Anyway, I'll let you see." After threatening Wang Jin, he logged off.

Linghu Chong only came back in a hurry and said "I got it," before watching Wang Jin's figure disappeared from the room. He put his mind to the events of the past day and felt as if he had gone from hell to heaven. Ping Bai had a beautiful girlfriend. Although he felt it was weird, he was still very happy. After laughing foolishly for a few days, his body could no longer hold up and he logged off to have a good rest.

When Linghu Chong went online again, he was already in the main hall of the inn. Time had already passed in that room. Because Wang Jin had said that she wouldn't be here for the next two days, he decided to find something to do. After thinking about it for a while, he suddenly thought of a day when the cave had a stone bed and a stone chair. There should be someone living inside, perhaps it was Feng Qingyang's hidden place. When he thought of this, he immediately jumped up and ran out of the inn without saying anything else.

After preparing a bunch of things, he set off for the cave. This time, he was familiar with the road, but it still took him a while to find the cave. That day when it rained, he almost touched the cave with his hands. Normally, if he used his eyes to search, it would be hard to find it.

After entering the cave, he started to look for Feng Qingyang's shadow. Unfortunately, he couldn't find anything. What made him disheartened was that both the bed and the table were covered in thick dust. With a single glance, he could tell that no one had come for a long time. Therefore, this cave could not possibly be Feng Qingyang's hidden place.

But Linghu Chong knew that it was impossible to find such a place deep in the mountains in vain. There must be something hidden here, thus he started searching through the cave. As expected, after searching for it, he found a lot of words on top of the cave. Although it was slightly blurry, he still found out that this cave was the hiding place for the descendants. In terms of specialization, it could be said that he was a famous assassin in history. Back then, he had used a fish gut sword to assassinate Wu Wang. After Wu Wang had died, the young master, Ji Guang, had gone up on stage. After that, fish gut sword stayed in the palace, specifically for the later generations to steal the sword. In order to escape the pursuit, they ran all the way to the Qin Kingdom and hid in the mountains. However, the thing that Linghu Chong was most interested in was the last few words, "left waiting for a fated person to find the Divine Sword".

Linghu Chong thought that the fish gut sword hiding here was most likely the fish gut sword of the ten great Divine Sword. He immediately suppressed the excitement in his heart, because he knew that he had to get to the Divine Sword's location as a matter of urgency. Before he found the item, all his happiness would come to nothing. Only by holding the item in his hand would he be able to obtain true happiness.

The cave was not big, so Linghu Chong quickly touched all the walls and floor, but did not find any traps or any place where he could hide the sword. After confirming that the stone bed did not have any chance to hide the sword, he turned his gaze towards the only stone table among the cave that he had not checked. This stone table was a one-legged table, but the special thing was that its legs weren't even half a meter tall. Generally, swords would be three to four feet long, so there was no possibility of hiding a sword here.

Thinking about the possibility that someone else might have obtained the Divine Sword, Linghu Chong dispiritedly kicked the table hard. The table moved, and with a thought, he used all his strength to move the table down, and as expected, there was an essay on the table leg. There was a thin crack on the surface, which was naturally fused with the table leg's design. If one did not look carefully, it would be impossible to notice. Linghu Chong could tell that something was up at first glance, thinking that the table leg must have been cut off slightly below the ground in order to hide the entire sword. He started to dig, but before he was even half a foot away, the entire leg of the table was dug out. It was only two feet, could it be that the sword was not hidden here? Linghu Chong did not give up and tried to pry the legs of the table open. The moment he did so, the light suddenly shone brightly and the entire cave was illuminated.

Linghu Chong looked at the table leg in his hand, a foot and a half long sword was quietly lying there, the sword blade's body had patterns similar to fish scales.

It really was a Fish Intestine Divine Sword.

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