Untraditional Jianghu/C2 Southern and northern males
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Untraditional Jianghu/C2 Southern and northern males
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C2 Southern and northern males

Hearing that, Linghu Chong was immediately stunned, his eyes swept across Meng Rong's body …

"Big Brother Meng …." "No, shouldn't I call you Big Sis Meng?"

Meng Rong laughed when he heard it, "Little brother Linghu, I am a real man.

"Then you said you're from the Ancient Tomb Sect, aren't they all women?"

"You don't understand, do you? The Ancient Tomb Sect accepts men, don't forget that Yang Guo is from the Ancient Tomb Sect, otherwise, would women be able to learn his black iron swordsmanship?"

"That Brother Meng is learning the Xuan Iron swordsmanship, that's awe-inspiring."

"Of course not, that's an absolute art, your big brother's martial arts aren't even enough to learn the threshold of profound iron yet, your elder brother is learning the Jade Lady swordsmanship …"

Hearing that, Linghu Chong spat out the tea in his mouth with a "Pu" sound.

Meng Rong dared to dodge, "I already said that you're a newcomer, I don't even know that, I learned the male version of the Jade Lady swordsmanship, I thought that there were a lot of people registering, the male version only accepts 30 people, and at that time there were thousands of people registering, luckily your brother is talented enough to learn it."

"Ah, so awesome? That must be the martial art that will shock the world and make the gods cry? "

"How can you compare to the genuine Jade Lady swordsmanship?"

"Then why is it so popular?"

"In order to learn the male version of the Jade Lady swordsmanship, one has to practice the sword with a female disciple. Another point was that the male and female versions complemented each other, and were as one with each other as to be extremely powerful. Back in the day, this was how Yang Tong and Xiao Long dealt with Shakyamuni. Hehe, "Meng Rong smiled sinisterly," There were many techniques that came into contact with my body. With her figure and face, there's nothing more to say. "

"Then that girl of yours didn't get along with you?"

"Good? [He doesn't like me because he thinks too highly of me.] She said that only a peerless hero would be worthy of her. With just my ability, she wouldn't even look at me. "Don't you know? After leaving our sect, she and I haven't practiced the sword together since then."

"Then is she famous in the martial arts world?"

"Famous, very famous!" Other than the rookies who just entered the martial arts world, there are a few who don't know her.

"I know? I've only been here for a few hours, and those who know my name can count it with one hand … "Could it be …?" Linghu Chong had a flash of inspiration.

"Yes, that's her." Meng Rong pointed to the nearby Bai Lan.

"Pfft!" This time, Meng Rong was unable to dodge and was drenched in Linghu Chong's clothes.

Bai Lan seemed to have realized something and fiercely glared at Meng Rong. As if about to say something, she looked around and held back.

"Big Brother Meng, I'm sorry …."

Linghu Chong's words were interrupted as he pointed out the window, "Murong Qiuyu is here."

At this time, the moon had already come out, and a man dressed in a black chivalrous suit was flying in the air, landing on the roof of the clock tower in the middle of the square in a few steps. He was wearing black clothes and had a black scabbard on his back, silently looking at the night in front of him with his hands behind his back.

Behind him, in the square below the clock tower, six warriors in black suits were standing there with swords on their backs. They were motionless and expressionless. The emblem on the chest of the set had a huge "Yan" character. All of these proved that the cold black-clothed man in the clock tower was one of the main characters today, Murong Qiuyu of the Southern Swallow Society.

The plaza was already packed full of people. Everyone had come here for the great showdown, wanting to see the glory of their idol. The rooftops surrounding the square were filled with people. In comparison, Bai Ji's vision was truly the best. He could still enjoy the good quality of Longjing, and there was no need to worry about being too crowded.

"Autumn Rain, Autumn Rain, I love you, just like a mouse loves rice!"

A certain group of chivalrous girls had spontaneously formed Murong's support group.

"Murong Qiuyu, you are too cool! Idol! "Sign it for me later."

This was a crazy admirer of Murong, and he was also dressed in black.

"Let the Yankees see the power of our southerners. Murong, you must beat Long Jingtian until he is unable to find a way to deal with you. "

It was the voice of a man with a strong sense of place. Unfortunately, he was standing in the wrong place, as if he was surrounded by people from the north. After a gust of dust passed, a pig's head was thrown out of the crowd.


It was a mess, but Murong Qiuyu who was on top of the clock tower was not affected by the environment at all, not a single emotion could be seen on her face. It was as if he did not belong in this world and was out of place in her surroundings.

Everyone was waiting for another protagonist to appear. As time passed, the crowd in the plaza became restless. It was at this time that someone shouted: "Long Jingtian!"

Murong Qiuyu, who was on the roof, finally had a glimmer in her eyes. Following his gaze forward, she saw a person dressed in white clothes like snow, gently landing on the bell tower. Behind him were four beauties with different styles and styles. They were all dressed in white, and under the moonlight, the five of them gave off a feeling as if they were a pair of celestial concubines.

"Long Jingtian! Long Jingtian! I want to marry you! "

It seemed that Long Jingtian had a higher approval rating, and the number of female reinforcements was much higher than Murong Qiuyu's.

Long Jingtian released the wind around his body, and a woman behind him came up to catch it. After that, he waved his hand, and the four goddess-like women floated down happily, and the people in the plaza automatically opened up a space for them, afraid of desecrating this beautiful scenery.

During this entire process, Long Jingtian's gaze never left Murong Qiuyu, and the smile on his face became serious as well. Both sides' eyes became sharp, wanting to pierce the other.

The spectators in the square also felt the tension, and the noise suddenly disappeared. Everyone silently looked at the two figures on top of the clock tower.

The swords were still in their sheaths, but the two of them had already begun to fight, a battle of aura. In that instant, people felt that their people were even more terrifying than swords. After all, swords were dead, and people were alive. Everyone present could feel the tense atmosphere surrounding them, even Linghu Chong was not spared.

Only two people did not seem to be affected by it. One of them was Meng Rong, who seemed to be more concerned about's clothes than this duel.

The other was Bai Lan. Her gaze swept between Long Jingtian and Murong Qiuyu's faces, and the corner of her mouth hung with a mysterious smile, it was unknown what she was thinking.

Just as everyone was about to suffocate, the bell in the clock tower rang.

Clang! "Clang!"

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