Untraditional Jianghu/C4 Extinction of heaven and earth
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Untraditional Jianghu/C4 Extinction of heaven and earth
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C4 Extinction of heaven and earth

The thing that Long Jingtian was worried about had finally happened, and now, he was no longer in a hurry to return to Chang An from Xiangyang. Furthermore, the Lin Feng opposite of him would also not let him leave so easily. Sect Master Long, this surprise isn't bad, right? We only need to pay two hundred thousand gold. But you guys, you don't even know how much you'll lose. Perhaps there will be no Heaven and Earth Society tomorrow. " Looks like Lin Feng also received the news from the system.

"The Heaven and Earth will always be on the opposite side of the river from you, Nanyan. Why would you do that? And it's such a despicable move! " Long Jingtian attacked in anger, the sword beams that filled the sky did not fail to live up to the name of the Gale Fast Sword.

"Sect Master Long, there is no need to waste anymore time, my swordsmanship cannot be broken with your Swift Wind Sword." Heh heh, why did I have to deal with your World Congregation? You'll know soon enough. I didn't do anything else to deal with you. He focused on training the Supreme Sword. Even if you are the head disciple of Huashan Mountain, I think you shouldn't just focus on training your martial arts all the way. " Lin Feng laughed, "Just a special human skin mask with the number of uses of 1 is enough for you to take the bait. Although it is rather rare and precious, your Dragon Elder Sect Master is definitely worth this price. It should be said that the great Sect Master Long valued too much the title of Unrivaled under the heavens. "Hahaha!" Lin Feng teased Long Jingtian, but his subordinates did not dare to relax. After all, Long Jingtian was one of the top experts, and his attack was even more terrifying. It was also due to the fact that his cultivation of the swordsmanship was not low.

After failing to attack for a long time, Long Jingtian was secretly shocked, the Supreme Sword was truly a high grade swordsmanship, although he did not know how to kill or injure, but just based on its defense, Wu Dang was worthy of its reputation as a martial arts expert.

[gang System Message] The Heaven and Earth Stone is under attack.

When Long Jingtian thought of his despicable actions by Nan Yan Guild, the fury in his heart grew even stronger. At this time, his heart was already determined to kill Lin Feng. "Once I made up my mind, the force of the sword changed, and the complicated sword force became simple, thrusting towards the center of the Tai-level Sword Flower." "Although I have fallen for your trap today, I will at least let you reincarnate once. You may go to hell now, Southern Swallow Group!"

"I already said that you wouldn't be able to kill me, save your strength." Don't forget that the sword in my hand isn't ordinary either. "The heavens and earth will just wait to be destroyed …" Before he finished his sentence, he realized that Long Jingtian's sword had already pierced through his chest.

"Why …" Lin Feng looked at the sword that had pierced his chest in disbelief.

"Broken sword stance." Long Jingtian said indifferently, and then, he pulled out the sword from Lin Feng's body. You can start at the beginning. "

"The martial arts technique is indeed well-deserved. To be able to die under the Nine Swords of the Solitary Sword, I can die without a doubt. My mission has been accomplished …" After Lin Feng finished speaking, the Mo Xie in his hand fell to the ground with a "Dingdang" sound, and he slowly fell to the ground.

When the people on the field saw the sudden change in the situation, they broke out into a flurry of discussion.

"That is the Lone Nine Swords? "Is there anything special about it?"

"If he isn't powerful, then why did he break such a powerful Zenith Sword with a single strike? "The absolute art is the absolute art, and the difference is the difference."

"So the difference between absolute arts and advanced level martial arts is actually this great!"

"Brother, do you want us to go up together and snatch Mo Xie away? So many of us here should be able to deal with one Long Jingtian, right? "

"Do you want to die?" Long Jingtian knew his absolute arts. You don't even know advanced martial arts, and even a hundred of you can't beat him. "

"Long Jingtian! I love you! Be my husband! "

"Are you crazy? Even the number of people who want to marry the number one master of the martial arts world has no number of people. How can it be your turn?" He had to have a body without a body, a face without a face. Even I don't think much of him, so how can she be called Great Hero Long? "


When the six Southern Swallow Warriors beneath the clock tower saw Lin Feng fall, they took out hidden weapon s and threw them at Long Jingtian. Then the six of them flew up, looking like they wanted to snatch back Mo Xie's sword.

"Flower Rain!" Nanyan Association was indeed the largest clan in the South. They even recruited many experts from the Tang Sect of Yizhou. The crowd hurriedly dodged to avoid being hurt by the hidden weapon. After all, the sky full of rain was a group attack with a large attack range and no target. For a moment, the crowd of people, especially those in the attacking range, all thought that their parents wanted to give them a new leg, so they quickly ran away.

Long Jingtian's four maids all drew their swords, as they wanted to help their young master. Long Jingtian who was in the middle of the attacking spiral was not flustered at all, "Such insignificant skill, how dare you behave so atrociously!" Immediately, he activated his Purple Haze Art and saw that the hidden weapon landed one after another, not even a single one of them were able to touch the corner of Long Jingtian's clothes. Long Jingtian faced the flying six black figures, raising his sword up, he was preparing to kill them, but suddenly his chest felt like it was struck by a hammer, with the internal force slackened, he was already struck by the hidden weapon.

[gang System Message] The Heaven and Earth Trials gang Stone has been broken by the South Yan Society, the Heaven and Earth will be destroyed by the South Yan Society.

When they heard the news that the gang had been exterminated, the situation became even worse. Long Jingtian knew that this was a major event and with one hand, he grabbed Mo Xie's sword on the ground, and with the other hand, he threw the Heaven General Sword to the four servants who came to support him, "Quickly leave!"

The four women also knew that the gang had been annihilated and that the current situation was extremely disadvantageous for them. When Long Jingtian threw out his two swords, they knew what they should do. Young master, take care, the four of us will do our best to protect this Divine Sword. " Receiving Mo Xie, they turned around and fled to the west.

The six Southern Swallow Sisters immediately changed their targets upon seeing this, Long Jingtian knew that the four females under him were not his opponents, so he did not care about his own Qi and blood going south, but used several darts in his body, forcefully using the Purple Clouds Divine Art to attack the six of them. Since there were no longer any swords in his hands, he could only use an unfamiliar palm technique. Even so, under Long Jingtian's powerful internal force, the six of them did not dare to test it out on themselves and immediately avoided it. When he turned around again, the four girls had already disappeared.

Long Jingtian watched the four girls leave. As he was already injured internally, and had forcefully circulated his energy, his injuries were severe, and he had been hit by several darts, causing the poison in his body to deepen. At that moment, his heart was at ease, and all of his injuries flared up, causing him to faint immediately as he fell on top of the bell tower.

"Should I make up for it?"

"He was poisoned by our Tang Sect, and from the looks of it, he was only a breath away, he will definitely die, the heaven and earth will be broken, Long Jingtian's martial arts were already destroyed, there is nothing left to be afraid of. Let's hurry up and chase those four women and take Mo Xie back as our priority. He had to kill them before they logged off. If he let them escape, he would be done for. Third, you fly pigeon to the rudder, report this situation. Fifth Bro, go see the Xiangyang Division and get them to assist you in pursuit. The others, follow me. " The leader of the six said.

The six of them scattered and chased after the four women.

Then looking at the spectators on the plaza, who were scattered everywhere, most people were chasing towards the west too. It seemed that the attractiveness of the Divine Sword s was enough to make people green with envy.

The time for Lin Feng's corpse to be left on the clock tower had passed, the items on his body had disappeared, it seemed like he had been reborn.

However, Long Jingtian still lied on top of the building without moving. No one cared about his life or death, the victor was the king and the loser was the bandit, causing people to feel a sense of sadness. He had been the focus of everyone's attention just now, but now, he was being treated as a weed by the roadside. He was looking down on the martial arts world was truly a snobbish martial arts world. Of course, there were also zealous people, but they were worried that Nanyan would be too strong for them to handle.

Everyone saw Long Jingtian could only wait for the poison to kill him, especially his few heroic girls who were part of the support group. They turned their heads, unwilling to see their beloved Prince die just like that. Just then, a man dressed in luxurious clothing rose into the air and landed beside Long Jingtian.

"A hero of his generation, how could he be so sad? Today, I am going to save him."

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