Untraditional Jianghu/C5 Death penalty
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Untraditional Jianghu/C5 Death penalty
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C5 Death penalty

Linghu Chong took a closer look, seeing that the well-dressed man was the Big Brother Meng he had just met, he smiled, and thought that the Big Brother he had recognized was truly an ancient person, worthy of being called the "King Meng" of the martial arts world. Meng Rong carried Long Jingtian and with a few leaps, they returned to the teahouse.

"Big Brother Meng, is he going to be saved?" Seeing that Meng Rong had returned, Linghu Chong immediately went over to surround him. Upon seeing this, the rest of the people upstairs quickly went downstairs, afraid that they would be set on fire. After a while, only Bai Lan and a few other NPC Scophthalmus s were left on the second floor.

Meng Rong placed the person on the table, seeing that Long Jingtian was unconscious, his face turned green, and his Qi became weak. Meng Rong looked at it carefully, "If we try our best, there should still be hope. If he couldn't save them, then his cultivation would be crippled. However, after today's battle, even if we can save him, his cultivation would probably not even reach 60% of his previous level. "

"Is it that serious?" "Linghu Chong had just entered the martial arts world, and the martial arts world's experience was close to zero." Who would dare to duel? If a loss is this serious, I don't think there will be many people who would use their hard work as child's play. "

"His situation is different. I'll tell you in a bit, the first thing I have to do is wake him up." Meng Rong did not immediately answer Linghu Chong's question. Instead, he turned around and said to Bai Lan who was sitting at the side, "Little White, hurry up and give me a few pills."

"Brother Meng, I told you not to call me that in front of outsiders. I felt like I was a kitten or a puppy." Bai Lan glared at Meng Rong, and then looked at Long Jingtian who was on the table, "Are you really going to save him? Don't forget that Murong Qiuyu's Nan Yan Gang is currently the number one gang of the martial arts world. Furthermore, you are the first male disciple of the Ancient Tomb Sect to become a disciple, and you even need my medicine? "

"Xiao Bai, your brother Linghu is not an outsider. How can we just stand by and watch you die? Furthermore, Long Jingtian had already lost a lot of her skills, Murong Qiuyu wouldn't care about his life anymore, right? You also know that the important daughter of the Ancient Tomb Sect is the lesser than the male, and the pills given by her master have long been used up. "How can you compare yourself to Xiao Bai, the head disciple of the Ancient Tomb Sect? You have so many connections in the martial arts world, don't be stingy with your medicines. Saving people is more important." Meng Rong extended his hand towards Bai Lan.

"The secret medicines in the martial arts world are worth a lot now, I don't want to give them to you." Although Bai Lan said no, he had already taken out two pills and placed it in Meng Rong's hands, "These are Nine Flower Jade Dew Pills, if you find trouble with me later on, don't tell me that I know you."

"I knew you're the best, Lil 'White. Isn't it just two pills? I'll help you get ten big Persian Night Pearls from now on, okay?" Meng Rong took the pill and immediately fed it to Long Jingtian.

"But you said it, don't go back on your word." After Bai Lan finished speaking, she went back to the window and sat down, looking out, as if what happened just now had never happened.

"Little White, you can't be too young. Don't worry, before you and I leave seclusion in the underworld, I will definitely offer you ten Night Pearls." Meng Rong laughed, but he did not seem to have heard Meng Rong's ridiculing words, as he stood up and went downstairs.

Linghu Chong saw through everything and poked Meng Rong. He whispered: "Brother Meng, didn't you say that you have no relationship with her?"

"I only said that I didn't practice with her, but I didn't say that I have nothing to do with her." Meng Rong smiled evilly. It seems like he will be saved. Once every day is good, Lord Buddha will definitely protect me and bring me to heaven.

When did Xi Tian become related to the heavens? However, his focus was also shifted towards Long Jingtian. Upon closer inspection, his complexion had turned better. However, it was still a little pale, and he was still unconscious.

"Is he alright? This medicine is really effective. "

"People do not die. In a situation like this, life or death is only a matter of how much of one's cultivation is lost. " Meng Rong sighed. The punishment for death in the martial arts world was indeed quite severe. Generally speaking, death will damage one of the best martial arts one can cultivate. Right now, the highest martial arts in the martial world was usually the high level martial arts of a sect. In theory, high level martial arts could be cultivated from level one to limitless level, but after level 150, it would be difficult to make any further progress. If your martial arts is higher than a hundred levels, if you die once, your cultivation will be halved; if your level is higher than fifty, it will be reduced to the initial one; if your level is lower than fifty, your cultivation will be reduced by a little bit. In short, the higher the cultivation of the martial arts, the more severe the punishment for death.

"What a heavy punishment." Linghu Chong shrugged his shoulders, "Then what about the Supreme martial arts? Didn't Long Jingtian know how to execute the Nine Solitary Sword Arts? "

It is said that every time you increase your level, not only do you need to learn a lot of points, but you also need to have a certain level of proficiency. The proficiency level from level ten to level nine is enough for a normal advanced martial arts to reach around level one hundred, and the higher the level, the more points you need to learn and practice to further your level of cultivation. Those who knew absolute arts were usually very powerful and rarely died. Moreover, there was a type of substitute doll in the martial arts world that could die in her place, but she had never heard of anyone obtaining it. If you die right away when your cultivation base is at the ninth step and is about to reach the eighth step, then your absolute learning level will drop directly to the tenth step, so generally when your proficiency level is not high enough, no one will be able to help you improve your absolute arts. When it's not enough to reduce your cultivation by one stage, you will choose your other highest level martial arts to reduce your cultivation. " After Meng Rong finished speaking, he drank a mouthful of tea to moisten his throat.

"Then what about Long Jingtian's situation?"

"His absolute arts and cultivation level is not high enough, if he doesn't come back to life, it will weaken his other martial arts cultivation." Meng Rong looked at Linghu Chong with doubt in his eyes as he continued, "You saw what happened just now, Long Jingtian suffered internal injuries after using the Nine Solitary Sword, which means that he had just learnt the absolute art, which means to say, his absolute art is still the Tenth Order. "Just now when he forcefully used his absolute art to cause his body to suffer from the backlash, and then forcefully used his martial arts, he probably caused some damage to his own cultivation."

"Meng Jun is right, my cultivation base is almost useless now." It turned out that Long Jingtian had already woken up while Meng Rong was still talking, "If I had another half month's time to learn the Nine Stage Solitary Sword, I think I wouldn't be in such a sorry state today. I am just an empty piece of land, with all my high level martial arts destroyed, I can only cultivate once more. If it wasn't for Meng Jun's help, I think my intermediate level martial arts would have been difficult to protect. If it really was like that, then what is the difference between it and my rebirth? "

"Your life was saved by Big Brother Meng, just thank him and it will be fine." Rebirth? Big Brother Meng, what's going on with your rebirth? " Linghu Chong quickly waved his hands.

"To be reborn is to be reborn. It's the same as deleting your account and rebuilding it, but the name and appearance cannot be changed. Just now, Lin Feng had been reborn, and when his corpse had disappeared, all of his equipment had also disappeared, which was the performance of rebirth. Mo Xie was a Divine Weapon, so it wouldn't disappear along with him, thus it could be taken away. His cultivation was probably only at the martial arts level which he needed to cultivate his Supreme Sword. Furthermore, the effect of the Light Cultivating Great Sword is not very great. " Brother Meng, having satisfied his curiosity, immediately turned around and said to Long Jingtian, "This is a friend that I made today, Linghu Chong. I have just entered the martial arts world today, Brother Long, please take care of me in the future. Oh right, Brother Long, do you think the backlash from your absolute arts is that powerful when you say all your advanced martial arts cultivation is gone? "

"Ai, not afraid of being laughed at by everyone. "The Heavens and the Earth will be destroyed by the South Yan Society, and my martial arts will also be damaged by twenty percent. In addition, there will also be a backlash, sigh …" Long Jingtian could not help but look dejected.

"The conflict in the martial arts world has only just begun. With Brother Long's strength, there will be a day when he will be able to rise again. There is no need for him to be discouraged." "The road is still long. It will be hard for Nanyan to get her hands on the north." Meng Rong didn't seem to be surprised at all that the world was going to be destroyed, he was only trying to comfort Long Jingtian.

Thank you today. In the future, if you and this brother Linghu need any help, feel free to come to Chang An to find me. I will be returning to Huashan Mountain to cultivate. I will definitely take revenge for today's matter. I will definitely make Murong Qiuyu and his Southern Yan pay back the debt of humiliation that they suffered today! " Long Jingtian clenched his fist tightly. I wonder how my four maids are doing, I need to go and take a look … "

"There's no need to go. Sect Master Long, you should quickly log off." Murong Qiuyu had already brought people over. Your current martial arts are unable to help your subordinates. " Bai Lan coincidentally walked up the stairs, bringing along this shocking news.

"So it's Great Master Bai. Thank you." Long Jingtian cupped his fists, turned into a white shadow, and went offline.

Just as Long Jingtian's shadow was completely annihilated, a group of people rushed up the stairs. The person in the lead was dressed in black clothes, black boots, and a black cloak.

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