Untraditional Jianghu/C7 Wolf ambition
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Untraditional Jianghu/C7 Wolf ambition
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C7 Wolf ambition

Xiangyang, Bai Ji Teahouse. A man and a woman stood by the window. They were impressively Meng Rong and Bai Lan who had just logged off.

"Little White, Murong Qiuyu is really generous. For at least the next two years, he would be a step ahead of everyone else. I just don't know how ambitious he is. " Meng Rong looked to the southeast and muttered.

"His Murong Family already had a nation-building order. Half a month ago, I knew that he, Nan Yan, would control Wu County, and that he would control 80% of the forces in two counties. I thought that he would establish a country at that time, but I didn't expect that he would endure until now." "Right now, all the conditions for the establishment of the country are favourable to him. This person is truly amazing." Bai Lan smiled.

"His Murong Family is the only power in the southeast region, and it is easier to control the influence of a nation than other places. In our Jing Prefecture, there are Wu Dang Sect, True Sect, Ancient Tomb Sect, Hengshan Sect, and Iron Palm Sect. None of the five families agree with anyone, unlike the Murong Family, who have many people who have joined the Murong Family, so their innate conditions are the best. But Murong Qiuyu is truly a capable man, in just three months in the martial arts world, she was able to create such a huge scene, and furthermore, she is very meticulous, her actions are very decisive, and is simply invulnerable. " Meng Rong frowned.

Bai Lan said: "That's right, Murong Qiuyu is indeed someone who cannot be underestimated. If it were another person, perhaps they would have established their country half a month ago, but this time they are able to attack Long Jingtian's World Congregation first. Half a month ago, when he sent a challenge to Long Jingtian, I already felt that something was fishy. If it wasn't for me finding out that he had secretly spread his power throughout Chang'an, no one would have guessed that he would act against the heavens and earth. "

Meng Rong looked at Bai Lan, "His hands are on the road to cultivation, and he is secretly travelling to Chen Cang. Looking at the martial arts world today, it was as if the heavens and earth could compete with him, Nan Yan. Originally, there were always conflicts of interest between the north and south. However, Murong Qiuyu was able to eliminate the Heaven and Earth Society in time, and within that long period of time, it was difficult for a second Jianghu Kingdom to appear. It seems that he wants to unify the entire martial arts world. "

"Bai Lan nodded her head, indicating that she agreed with Meng Rong. In terms of talent, Long Jingtian did not lose out to Murong Qiuyu, maybe it was a good face, but he actually chose to fall for Murong Qiuyu's trap for the sake of a mere reputation. However, Murong Qiuyu was also ruthless, to actually arranging such a trap for Long Jingtian. Furthermore, they did not hesitate to lose a large amount of money to fight the Heaven and Earth Society with lightning speed.

Meng Rong sighed, "Even though Long Jingtian has lost today, his strength in the north is still there. As long as he returns, he would definitely be able to rise again soon. Although he was at a disadvantage, after today's battle, I believe he will mature quite a bit. If he died today and his martial arts were to become useless, he would probably spend more time cultivating. That way, the large northern powers would fall into chaos. That way, Murong Qiuyu would have no one holding him back and no one will be willing to appear in a situation like this. "

Bai Lan said: "Right now, Murong Qiuyu is indeed enjoying the moment, but the world is big, and she is not the only one with ambitions. Although there was only one Long Jingtian who could contend against him now, a second and third Long Jingtian would inevitably appear. What was the martial arts world? The martial arts world was the human heart. Only by obtaining the hearts of the people could one obtain the martial arts world. To obtain the hearts and minds of the entire martial arts world, it was extremely difficult. Murong Qiuyu might accidentally become the enemy of the entire martial arts world, but it was not easy for him to take the lead. You're still waiting for Long Jingtian to come online? "

Meng Rong nodded and did not speak further, he just looked to the west in the sky.

Not long after, Long Jingtian came online as expected. The despicable Murong Qiuyu, previously, belittled him too much, I never thought that he would be so vicious. " It seemed that he had received news of the founding of the Southern Yan Empire.

"Brother Long, this is a human skin mask. Although it is not as good as Lin Feng's, who can change his appearance to something specific, it can still change it. Bai Ji will probably still be watched by Nan Yan's people, you better take this out." Meng Rong handed over a thin leather like object to Long Jingtian.

How could he still be that handsome young master from before? Long Jingtian took out a different set of coat and changed into it, then cupped his fists towards Meng Bai and said, "Thank you, both of you. I have to return to Chang'an now, and I will definitely repay the kindness I have shown you today in the future." Then he went downstairs to the carriage.

Bai Lan watched as Long Jingtian's figure disappeared around the corner of the street. "Will he safely return to Chang An?"

"We'll leave it to fate. I think there's a lot of hope. I'm leaving too, take care. " With that said, Meng Rong jumped down from the window and headed towards the west side of the city. Bai Lan watched on with a faint smile on her lips. Her body slowly faded as she logged off.


Wu County, Swallow Dock's Murong Family Ancestral Temple.

"Great Yan's Ancestor, by your name, I, Murong Qiuyu, have finally fulfilled the last wishes of my ancestors and succeeded in restoring my country. From today onwards, with me, Murong Qiuyu, the Great Yan will definitely unite the martial arts world. " Murong Qiuyu made a vow with her incense stick, and kowtowed three times to the Great Yan Imperial Family tree that was hanging high in the middle of the temple.

"To unite the martial arts world! A unified martial arts world! "To unite the martial arts world!"

The children of the Murong Family surrounding the Ancestral Temple shouted in unison.

Murong Qiuyu turned around and said, "Today is the grand day of our Southern Yan Empire, everyone in the martial arts world will remember this day! This honor does not only belong to me, Murong Qiuyu, but it belongs to every member of the Mu Rong family! They belonged to every brother of the Southern Swallow Society! Let us all cheer for this day! " Under Murong Qiuyu's powerful might, not only did the voice transmit to the ears of every member of the Murong Clan below the stage, it also reached the hearts of the South Yan Gang who were guarding outside and unable to enter the Ancestral Temple. Long live the Southern Swallow! "Murong Wan'er!"

It was unknown who shouted from below the stage, but the voices grew louder and louder, from inside to outside, from inside to outside, all the way to very far, infecting everyone present.

"Everyone, follow me to the Martial Exhibition Hall. We won't leave unless we're all drunk tonight. Brothers, let's celebrate!" Murong Qiuyu led the group to the Martial Arts Practice Hall. The place was already densely packed with members of South Yan Gang, waiting for the arrival of their clan master.

Murong Qiuyu walked straight to the center of the hall and picked up the bowl of wine she had prepared earlier, "Cheers!" She raised her head and downed the wine in one gulp. After everyone finished drinking, the revelry began.

Murong Qiuyu couldn't help but laugh as she looked at her subordinates who were enjoying the show. Even so, he didn't have any intention of participating. Come with me. "

Hearing that, a man and a woman followed him out and into a room at the side of the Martial Arts Practice Hall. "Bro, I was having fun with my sister, so you called me over." Qiu Yue came into the room and took Murong Qiuyu's arm. The little face that leaned on Qiu Yu's shoulder was somewhat similar to Qiu Yu's.

"Little sister, be good and stop fooling around. You're just like a child watching the joke of the autumn wind." Murong Qiuyu intimately pinched Qiu Yue's nose.

"Brother, if you pinch my nose again, I'll tell my sister-in-law to punish you with sleeping on the floor at night." "Hmph, how could I be a child? Look." Qiu Yue let go of Qiu Yu's hand and stuck out her chest in a demonstration.

Murong Qiuyu and Murong Qiufeng started to laugh out loud.

"You guys are still laughing, I really want to tell my sister-in-law." Qiu Yue glared at the two men who were grinning mischievously, chopping off their feet mercilessly.

"Alright, stop messing around. Little sister, how's the progress of the task I instructed you to do?" Murong Qiuyu asked seriously.

"These few days I've arranged for the inner court disciples of the Murong Family to go around and ask around. There are already a few news that have come." Murong Qiu Yue became serious as she talked about business.

Qiu Yu continued, "Alright, continue. If you have any news, you can't let them go. We need people to find your cinnabar, but the most important thing is that we can only rely on our own sons. If we don't have any news, we have to find out. We have to get ahead of everyone else. The operation had to be kept secret, and many people in the martial arts world were looking at it with suspicion. Also, be careful, unless it's a special situation, you can't take the risk yourself. " With that, he patted Qiu Yue's head.

"Brother, don't worry, I am Murong Qiuyu's little sister after all, who would dare bully me? Besides, my sword is also very powerful." Murong Qiu Yue raised her little fist.

Murong Qiuyu turned her head, "Qiu Feng, I have decided to leave the matter of recruiting people to you. There is not enough manpower to unify the martial arts world, only talent is the foundation of the martial arts world. We want to take this opportunity to recruit more talents. If you have anything special to do, bring it to me. For the rest, you will be assigned to the rudder. "

"Yes, Sect Master. No, now it's time to call you State Lord." Qiu Feng bowed.

"Qiu Feng, you and I are brothers of the Murong family. With our iron relationship, there is no need to be so distant and there are no outsiders here. You can just call me Qiu Yu." "Oh right, I've decided to cut the price on the ground under our control by 20%. You should also be responsible for supervising the sale of the NPC shops. Player shops, please take note; you can lower the tax you need on them." Murong Qiuyu patted Qiu Feng's shoulder.

"Yes, big brother." The autumn wind still had a calm expression.

"Big brother, why did you lower the price? Wouldn't that reduce our income by a lot?" Qiu Yue asked.

"Silly girl, this thing is cheap. Don't we know how to get people from the martial arts world? As you know, it's not long since the beginning of the martial arts world, and no one has much money. What was the most important thing in the martial arts world? Talent. As long as we have all of them in our hands, none of us is afraid. " Murong Qiuyu laughed very happily, "Qiu Feng, go down and call for more people to pay attention to the news of Xiang Yang's arrival. If there's any news of Mo Xie, tell me immediately. Also, instruct each of them to go down and pay more attention to the disciples of the Valley of the Butterfly and Valley of the Medicine King. Especially Pill King Valley, since they were good at poison, Butterfly Valley's Ming Dong would probably make the first move, in any case, if he could recruit more, just that, he would do the best he could to satisfy any conditions. These people will be very important to us in the future. "

"Yes, your subordinate understands. I'll go handle it right away." The autumn wind had retreated.

Not long after the autumn wind left, a member of the South Yan Gang walked in.

"Country Lord, Lin Feng is here."

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