Urban Immortal Son-in-law/C11 Birthday Party
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Urban Immortal Son-in-law/C11 Birthday Party
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C11 Birthday Party

Zhang Cheng found himself back at the mall with his sister-in-law for another round of relentless shopping.

It was supposed to be a trip to buy clothes for Zhang Cheng, but somehow, Zhao Qingya ended up with two large bags of her own purchases.

After they left the mall, Zhao Qingya hit the gas, and the car shot forward, weaving through the traffic.

By the time they got back to the villa, the sun was nearly gone, and dusk had settled in.

As soon as he walked in, Zhang Cheng grabbed a cola from the fridge and took several big swigs.

Lying down, he realized he had spent around one hundred and fifty thousand yuan. It was a shock to his system. He was used to spending in small increments, but today, he had blown through tens of thousands in one go.

"You look like such a miser," Zhao Qingya teased. "Next time, I'll take you to a place that'll show you what a real mall is like. It'll be an eye-opener for you."

Zhang Cheng went pale at the thought.

"No, no, I'm good. I don't need that kind of 'enlightenment,'" he protested.

Zhao Qingya gave him a dismissive glance. "Are you really that broke?"

His heart sank. "You're just now noticing? I was so broke when I first arrived at Liwen Park that I had to travel a great distance on foot."

"Listen, Xiao Ya, I'm dead serious. I am poor. Extremely poor."

Zhao Qingya felt a twinge of remorse. She had been so caught up in the thrill of spending that she had forgotten his financial plight.

"Okay, okay. Give it a few days, and I'll ask my dad for a few million. Then I'll treat you to dinner, and we can go on another shopping spree. How's that?"

As night fell, Zhang Cheng and his sister-in-law by name set off for the Huaji Hotel.

The Huaji Hotel was one of the few ultra-luxurious five-star hotels in Leezhu City.

Stepping out of the car, they gazed at the hotel's opulent facade and sighed at the thought of the expense one night here could incur.

Inside, the hotel was adorned with extravagant decor, including a massive floor-to-ceiling aquarium filled with exotic fish. The gentle glow of crystal chandeliers and the sound of soothing light music created an atmosphere of serene luxury.

At that moment, Zhang Cheng discovered that Zhao Zhiquan had reserved the entire ultra-luxurious hotel for himself.

Quite the extravagant gesture.

As Zhang Cheng and his sister-in-law, Xiao Ya, were about to enter the main event, they were interrupted by a voice.

"Hello, this area has been exclusively reserved by Mr. Zhao. To enter, please present your invitation."

Zhang Cheng was taken aback, glancing at the continuous flow of guests.

"Why don't they have to show any invitation?"

The man didn't bite on Zhang Cheng's comment, instead responding courteously, "Sir, your invitation, please."

A flicker of irritation crossed Zhang Cheng's mind; he knew this was Zhao Zhiquan's doing.

"I'm Zhao Yuqing's husband, Zhao Zhiquan's brother-in-law. Do I still need an invitation?"

Upon hearing this, the man quickly raised his voice, "You're Miss Zhao's husband? My apologies, I didn't recognize you. Please, come in! Come in!"

Zhang Cheng was momentarily stunned. Was that it? What was Zhao Zhiquan's angle in hiring such a person to block him?

With his doubts, he and Zhao Qingya proceeded into the venue.

Perhaps because the man's voice had been so loud, most of the attendees turned their gaze towards Zhang Cheng and his sister-in-law, Zhao Qingya.

The guests at today's banquet were primarily Zhao Qingyu's former admirers.

Though their family backgrounds weren't as formidable as the Zhao Family, each one was a notable figure in their own right.

Zhao Zhiquan's machinations were nothing short of malicious.

He had invited Zhang Cheng under the pretense of a birthday celebration, but his true intent was to put him in his place.

The crowd's eyes were filled with scorn, animosity, and irritation as they looked at Zhang Cheng.

"Yo, you must be Zhang Cheng, right? I've heard about you. Weren't you the one with a mental illness and a permanent disability? What brings you here now, all well and fine?"

A young man approached with a mocking tone.

The others around them joined in the murmuring.

"Is this Qingyu's husband?"

"I just don't get it. How did Zhao Qingyu end up marrying such a loser? I heard the guy has no career and is merely a graduate from some no-name college. It's like a flower stuck in cow dung."

"I thought I heard this guy was mentally ill? Seems like he's recovered now, huh?"

"Yeah, I've heard the same thing."

"But I've heard that even though Zhao Qingyu married that loser, they haven't even held hands. Maybe there's still a chance for me."

"In your dreams. If anyone has a shot, it's me."

Sneers and derision filled the air.

Zhang Cheng's expression turned icy. He considered just walking out—what was the point of staying at such a gathering?

He took a deep breath and regained his composure. Leaving now would only make him the butt of a bigger joke.

Across the room, a dashing man made his way toward Zhang Cheng.

Dressed in a sharp black suit, he exuded talent and charisma, his handsome features complemented by two bodyguard-like figures standing rigidly at his side.

This was none other than Ma Ansheng, the chairman of the Golden Age Group and a business partner of the Zhao Family.

Ma Ansheng, a young man who had achieved so much, was nothing short of a prodigy.

Once, Ma Ansheng and Zhao Qingyu were considered the perfect match in Leezhu City's elite circles. Everyone had expected them to marry, but Old Master Zhao's last-minute decision had thrown Zhang Cheng into the mix.

Ma Ansheng had been Zhao Qingyu's ardent admirer, the most likely to win her heart.

Now, with Zhang Cheng having swooped in, Ma Ansheng's resentment and dissatisfaction had reached a boiling point.

Yet, aware of the Zhao Family's influence, he had no choice but to let the matter go.

Since Zhang Cheng and Zhao Qingyu's wedding, Ma Ansheng's past gestures of affection had become fodder for ridicule.

The thousands of flowers he sent on her graduation day, the fireworks on the night she finished work...

He'd done countless things for Zhao Qingyu, so many he couldn't even recall them all. And yet, in the end, it was Zhang Cheng, who had done nothing, who married the woman of his dreams.

Despite knowing that nothing had transpired between Zhao Qingyu and Zhang Cheng, Ma Ansheng couldn't quell the bitterness in his heart.

Over the years, he'd kept in touch with Zhao Qingyu, though never managing to get close again.

Now, seeing Zhang Cheng at this event, Ma Ansheng was like a cat that had just spotted a mouse, eagerly making his way over.

"Are you that infamous cripple who married into the Zhao family? I heard you had some kind of mental issue. Doesn't seem like it to me," Ma Ansheng said bluntly, his gaze fixed on Zhang Cheng.

"Hey! Who do you think you are, talking like that?!" Zhao Qingya snapped, unable to contain her frustration any longer. Since her arrival at the banquet, her expression had grown increasingly frosty, and her indignation had steadily mounted.

She couldn't even pinpoint the reason for her own reaction.

Having spent her childhood overseas, Zhao Qingya had only recently come back, making her a stranger to many.

Ma Ansheng gave her a cursory look, baffled as to how Zhang Cheng managed to have such an attractive young lady at his side. Her beauty notwithstanding, he wasn't about to let her scolding slide.

Especially since Ma Ansheng was well aware that Zhang Cheng was still officially Zhao Qingyu's husband, yet here he was, bringing another woman to a birthday celebration. This only served to fuel his resentment further.

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