Urban Immortal Son-in-law/C15 The Storm Was Coming
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Urban Immortal Son-in-law/C15 The Storm Was Coming
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C15 The Storm Was Coming

As Ji Shaohua made her entrance, Zhao Qingya couldn't shake a growing sense of alarm, sticking close to Zhang Cheng's side.

Zhang Cheng awkwardly recounted the earlier events to her.

Ji Shaohua offered a slight smile. "Being the Zhao Family's son-in-law seems to be quite the thankless job. Why not leave that behind and join the Ji Family instead?" Her eyes sparkled with a seductive charm as she spoke.

"Don't worry about the cost of today's banquet. Consider it a token of my gratitude for saving my father's life," she added.

Zhang Cheng took her offer in stride, remembering how he had indeed saved Ji Shaohua's father. A life was worth more than twenty million; he felt like he was getting the short end of the stick.

But when Zhao Qingya heard Ji Shaohua's initial proposition, she couldn't contain herself. "Hey, there's no way my brother-in-law would join your Ji Family. You're dreaming!"

Ji Shaohua simply smiled without a word of rebuttal. "You must be Zhao Qingyu's younger sister, right? I heard you've been abroad. What brings you back home all of a sudden?"

"That's none of your business," Zhao Qingya retorted, her aversion to Ji Shaohua palpable, leaving Zhang Cheng puzzled about his sister-in-law's sudden change in demeanor.

Ji Shaohua paid no further attention to Zhao Qingya. "Mr. Zhang, when you have some free time, why not visit me? We're not that far apart. Here's my number, just give me a call."

After rattling off her number, Ji Shaohua watched as Zhang Cheng saved it in his phone.

"I should be heading back as well. Need a ride?" she offered.

Before Zhang Cheng could respond, Zhao Qingya interjected, "No need, we have our own car."

Ji Shaohua chuckled, her laugh tinged with allure, and then turned to address the woman who had come to collect the bill earlier.

"Miss Wang, you don't need to come in tomorrow. I'll have the finance department finalize your accounts."

The woman blinked in surprise. "Chairman, I... I..."

Ji Shaohua didn't wait for her to finish her sentence before she turned and walked away.

Meanwhile, Zhang Cheng and his sister-in-law also left the Huaxi Hotel, getting into her Maserati.

"Hey, how do you know the chairman of the Huaxi Group?" Zhao Qingya asked, her tone less than friendly, leaving Zhang Cheng somewhat baffled.

"It just happened. I did her a big favor," he replied casually.

"What favor?"

"Why do I have to explain it to you?" his sister-in-law retorted, her lips curling in annoyance.

"You're still my brother-in-law! You haven't even finalized your divorce from my sister. How can you be so close with another woman?!" she exclaimed.

Zhang Cheng paused, taken aback. When had he become overly intimate with another woman?

"Xiao Ya, don't jump to conclusions. How am I involved with someone else?" he asked, trying to clear the misunderstanding.

"Isn't it obvious? She invited you to her house right in front of me. Who knows what would've happened if I hadn't been there?"

"I told you, I helped her out with something significant. She probably just wanted to show her appreciation by inviting me over," he explained.

"Who's going to believe that? You just write off over twenty million like it's nothing. Plus, how do you seem to know her daughter too?" she pressed.

With no other choice, Zhang Cheng recounted some of his past to Zhao Qingya, which seemed to ease her concerns considerably.

"Hey, are you really skilled in medicine? How did you learn? You're not just a blind cat that ran into a dead mouse, are you?" she teased.

He couldn't help but smile at being underestimated.

Admitting his medical expertise was tricky; it was tied to Zhang Cheng's biggest secret.

"Absolutely, I am," he confirmed.

Hearing this, Zhao Qingya grew anxious.

"Why show off? If the chairman of Hua Ji Corporation has a complex background, what will you do if her father encounters a serious issue in the future?"

Zhang Cheng felt a warmth in his heart upon hearing the concern in his sister-in-law's voice, and his earlier irritation with her questioning faded away.

He chuckled softly and reassured her, "Don't worry, everything will be fine."

"If there's any trouble, just tell me. I'll ask Dad for help. He should be able to sort it out for you."

"Sure, sure."

"Hey, why do I get the feeling you're just brushing me off? I'm serious here."

Hmm, how did I come off as dismissive...

"Okay, Xiao Ya, if I ever run into any trouble, you'll be the first person I call. You're so capable and connected, who else would I turn to?"

Zhao Qingya beamed with joy upon hearing Zhang Cheng's words, her focus returning to the road as she drove.

Upon their arrival at the Liwen Park, they noticed the villa's lights were on, indicating that Zhao Qingyu was likely at home.

They exchanged a worried glance.

Zhao Qingya's concern stemmed from returning home so late; she dreaded the inevitable lecture from her sister, whom she had always found somewhat intimidating. After their mother passed away and their father became preoccupied with his career, it was her sister who had taken on the role of disciplinarian.

Zhang Cheng's anxiety, on the other hand, was due to the fear that Zhao Qingyu would hold him responsible for taking her sister-in-law out so late and only now returning.

Additionally, they both shared an awkward sense of having been caught in the act of something secretive.

This peculiar sensation was unexpected and inexplicable.

They entered the villa quietly to find Zhao Qingyu, dressed in her pajamas, sitting silently on the living room sofa. She wasn't watching TV or using her phone; she just sat there, still and quiet.

The sight of her intensified their unease.

"Sis, you haven't gone to bed yet, hee hee."

Zhao Qingyu gave her sister a brief look and spoke in a calm tone, "Xiao Ya, go upstairs and sleep. I need to have a word with Zhang Cheng."

"Huh?" Zhao Qingya paused, then reluctantly nodded and headed upstairs to bed.

In the living room, Zhao Qingyu sat in silence, her gaze fixed on Zhang Cheng with a cool detachment.

"Come sit down, we need to talk."

Zhang Cheng felt a twinge of confusion, unsure of what Zhao Qingya wanted to discuss, but he complied and took a seat opposite her.

After taking a sip of water and a moment's pause, Zhao Qingyu's voice, devoid of emotion, broke the silence.

"Last night, a bar on North First Street was vandalized. A bystander called the police, but oddly enough, the bar owner declined to press charges, claiming it was just a family dispute. Do you have any idea what really happened?"

Zhang Cheng was taken aback. How on earth could Zhao Qingyu be privy to this matter?

"Ahem, that... the bar being trashed, and some family squabble involving the owner? I wouldn't have a clue about that," he stammered.

"Zhang Cheng, I expect nothing but the truth from you!" Zhao Qingyu's expression chilled, her voice sharpening.

But the truth was the last thing Zhang Cheng dared to reveal. If Zhao Qingyu discovered that he had engaged in such a scandalous act with his sister-in-law, who could predict the fury she would unleash?

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