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Urban Immortal Son-in-law/C17 Old Master Ji
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C17 Old Master Ji

Zhang Cheng was plagued by doubts. Could his father have been an extraordinary figure in the past? Why else would his father-in-law, Zhao Zhijun, speak with such regret? What was he lamenting? What exactly had happened back then?

Despite Zhang Cheng's persistent questioning, Zhao Zhijun had stopped paying him any attention.

With a heart full of uncertainty, Zhang Cheng continued his meal. He was certain his father was keeping secrets from him, especially since any mention of his mother would send his father into a rage. This had instilled a fear in him since childhood, preventing him from ever bringing up his mother in his father's presence.

These thoughts preoccupied Zhang Cheng throughout the meal, and he was no closer to understanding the past by the time dinner concluded.

Afterward, Zhang Cheng, along with his sister-in-law and Zhao Qingyu, returned to the villa for a quiet night.

The next morning, the Zhao Family was up early, busily preparing for the arrival of Old Master Ji from the capital. The manor was abuzz with activity, fine-tuning every detail—a clear sign of the Zhao Family's high regard for the upcoming visit from the Ji Family patriarch.

The younger members of the Zhao Family were also in full swing, directing the villa's staff in a flurry of tasks.

Zhang Cheng had no desire to meddle or to witness the Ji Family's grandeur. He had planned to spend the day in the villa, whiling away the hours with television.

But his sister-in-law was insistent on dragging him out.

Even though he was coaxed outside, Zhang Cheng found himself merely observing the nominal brothers-in-law as they took charge. Standing idly by felt awkward, but his sister-in-law seemed completely unbothered, cheerfully leading Zhang Cheng on a casual stroll through the grounds.

By noon, the Ji Family had made their grand entrance, a procession of opulent cars rolling into Liwen Park.

Zhao Qingya informed him that the Ji Family had already made their way into the guest reception building. She excitedly mentioned that one of the Ji Family's young masters was a celebrity, and she was a fan.

With that, Zhang Cheng found himself at the guest building. The Zhao Family's youth were gathered in the lobby, engaging in light conversation and sipping tea with ease, while upstairs, the Ji Family was deep in discussion with the senior members of the Zhao Family.

The younger members of the Zhao family, having traveled thousands of miles, harbored only the faintest hope of forging some connection with the esteemed Ji family and leaving a favorable impression. Their father had even made a point of instructing them to make introductions to the Ji family members.

The Ji family's influence was such that a mere stomp of their foot could send tremors through the capital. To make a good impression on them could mean boundless benefits.

In the same vein, Zhao Qingyu now controlled a third of the Zhao family's assets. If the younger generation could gain the Ji family's favor, bypassing their elders, they would undoubtedly secure significant roles within their own family in the future. Their abilities would not go unnoticed.

Despite the early passing of the Zhao family patriarch, the matriarch wielded considerable power. Her favor towards Zhao Qingyu was the reason she managed to hold sway over nearly a third of the family's empire.

With Old Madame Zhao's time seemingly drawing to a close and the division of the family's wealth on the horizon, Zhao Zhijun and his contemporaries had already begun their preparations. Naturally, it was time for the younger generation to strive for accomplishments. The hall buzzed with activity, the younger Zhao faces alight with eagerness, each yearning for recognition and admiration.

At that moment, Zhao Qingya was gleefully tugging at Zhang Cheng's arm, whispering excitedly into his ear.

Suddenly, a voice pierced the crowd, "Look, the Ji family is descending!"

A hush fell over the hall in an instant. Every Zhao youth ceased their chatter and rose from their seats, eyes locked on the staircase leading down from the second floor.

Even the usually boisterous Zhao Qingya held her breath in anticipation.

Leading the procession was an elder, followed by Zhao Zhijun, who bowed respectfully, staying close behind. Trailing them were Ji Shaohua and Zhang Cheng's wife in name, Zhao Qingyu.

Zhang Cheng couldn't help but understand Zhao Qingyu's prominent position; she did, after all, control a significant portion of the family's assets.

As the group descended, Zhang Cheng caught sight of the elder and gasped in recognition. Was this not the same man he had rescued that fateful night?

Could he really be the esteemed Old Master Ji whom the entire Zhao Family revered?

It appeared that this time, I had inadvertently saved someone of significant importance. Yet, Zhang Cheng felt only a fleeting sense of wonder before pushing the thought aside.

After all, no matter how influential or wealthy others might be, that was their fortune, not his. It had no bearing on his life.

Besides, Ji Shaohua had already done him a great favor, effectively settling any debt of gratitude.

The elderly man, clad in a gray Chinese tunic suit, had a ruddy complexion, but the aura he emitted was profoundly intimidating.

It was clear that in his youth, he must have been a towering figure who commanded great respect and fear.

The old man descended the stairs slowly, his gaze sweeping over the entire hall in silence.

Ji Shaohua, following behind, clearly spotted Zhang Cheng in the crowd and sent him a friendly smile.

Zhang Cheng acknowledged the gesture with a nod and returned what he believed to be a particularly charming smile.

This exchange did not go unnoticed by his sister-in-law, Zhao Qingya, who promptly twisted the flesh at Zhang Cheng's waist a full 180 degrees.

Internally, she seethed, "That's for flirting with another woman behind my sister's back!"

Zhao Qingya's merciless grip turned Zhang Cheng's face the color of liver. He was on the verge of crying out but, realizing the inappropriateness of the setting, stifled the urge and instead let out a muffled groan.

Though the sound was soft, it cut through the quiet of the hall like a knife, drawing all eyes to him.

Zhao Qingya, taken aback by her own impulsiveness, quickly retracted her hand and shrank back, her demeanor apologetic.

Yet, she couldn't help but think, "My brother-in-law must be faking it. He's a grown man, and it was just a pinch. He couldn't possibly be in that much pain. To think he'd play up the hurt—what a scoundrel!"

With a look of resignation, Zhang Cheng turned to Zhao Qingyu and offered a wry smile, silently pleading for her assistance. The weight of the many stares bore down on him, amplifying his discomfort.

Zhao Qingyu feigned ignorance of Zhang Cheng's gaze, her eyes icy as she regarded him. "Really, of all times to complicate things for me!"

Ji Shaohua couldn't help but stifle a laugh behind his hand. The dynamic between Zhang Cheng and his wife was indeed amusing. Leaning in, he whispered something to his father.

A spark of intrigue lit up the elder's eyes as he made his way briskly toward Zhang Cheng.

Zhao Zhijun's heart lurched at the sight. It's over. If Old Master Ji loses his temper, I'm powerless to intervene.

Zhang Cheng, you've truly crossed the wrong person this time!

Sympathetic glances from nearly everyone in the hall converged on Zhang Cheng...

Old Master Ji grasped Zhang Cheng's hand, his voice filled with excitement, "Little Godly Doctor, I can't thank you enough for last time."

What's happening here?

This wasn't how the scene was supposed to play out! Wasn't Old Master Ji supposed to be enraged, ordering security to throw Zhang Cheng out?

The Zhao family members' jaws dropped in shock at the unfolding events.

In contrast, the Ji family members remained relatively composed, having already heard rumors of a miraculous doctor saving the old master's life days before. It appeared this young man was that very doctor.

Yet, even they were taken aback, their surprise rooted in the youthfulness of this medical prodigy. It was commonly believed that the older a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, particularly one skilled in acupuncture and moxibustion, the greater their expertise. This young man was what, barely 25 or 26?

How could he possess such exceptional talent in medicine?

Zhang Cheng, slightly embarrassed, gestured dismissively, "Please, Old Master, it was nothing. I'm just doing my part, no need for any fuss."

Old Master Ji, pausing to collect his thoughts, responded, "Young Divine Doctor, you're far too humble. I'm well aware of my own condition, and I assure you, there's no one in the capital with your level of skill." He paused, pondering for a moment before continuing, "If it's at all possible, I would like to request your services..."

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