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Urban Immortal Son-in-law/C19 Showing Affection
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C19 Showing Affection

Zhang Cheng offered a slight smile. "Absolutely, it's the real deal!"

He recalled a medicine known as Bone Cutting Powder in his memory, which shared the Essence Cleansing Marrow Pill's effects but lacked its potency.

In fact, Zhang Cheng had the formula for the Essence Cleansing Marrow Pill etched in his mind, but his current level of cultivation was far from sufficient to concoct it.

His recollections informed him that the path of cultivation was segmented into nine distinct realms: Body Refinement, Qi Cultivation, Foundation Establishment, Core Formation, Nascent Soul, Soul Transformation, Body Integration, Great Vehicle, and True Immortal, each with nine grades. At present, Zhang Cheng was merely at the sixth grade of Body Refinement. To attempt pill refining, he needed to ascend to the Qi Cultivation realm.

Hence, Zhang Cheng could only look on enviously at the Essence Cleansing Marrow Pill, a frustration that gnawed at him. It was akin to having a breathtaking beauty on your bed, teasing you, while you were helplessly bound to the sidelines, forced to watch.

By comparison, the Bone Cutting Powder was far simpler to prepare. He just needed to gather the ingredients and brew it like a traditional Chinese medicine decoction.

Naturally, its effects paled in comparison to the Essence Cleansing Marrow Pill.

Nevertheless, taking it would fortify his physique, purge impurities, and even heal longstanding injuries.

Such benefits would not only promise Old Master Ji an additional decade of life but were also advantageous to Zhang Cheng. Consuming it would pave the way for a seamless transition to the Qi Cultivation stage.

Old Master Ji, brimming with excitement, stood up and made his way to the staircase leading to the second floor. He called out to Ji Shaohua, "Bring me some paper and a pen!"

Ji Shaohua promptly retrieved a pen and paper from his bag and handed them to Old Master Ji.

With a nod, Old Master Ji instructed, "You, come with me."

"Yes," Ji Shaohua replied, following Old Master Ji to where Zhang Cheng was.

The sudden turn of events left the crowd in the hall bewildered. What was happening?

Meanwhile, the younger members of the Zhao Family brooded. This was supposed to be their moment to shine, but unexpectedly, someone had stolen the spotlight.

Old Master Ji completely stole the show, not even giving the others a glance as he escorted Zhang Cheng upstairs.

They didn't dare hold Old Master Ji responsible, so they naturally directed their resentment toward Zhang Cheng.

Realizing that Old Master Ji and Zhang Cheng wouldn't be returning anytime soon, Zhao Zhijun exchanged a knowing look with his contemporaries, Zhao Qingyu's uncles.

He then led Zhao Qingyu and her uncles into a small private room.


"Ah Cheng, list the ingredients you need on this paper, and I'll have someone fetch them immediately," Old Master Ji urged Zhang Cheng, his face creased with wrinkles yet brimming with a thirst for life.

Zhang Cheng remained unfazed by Old Master Ji's lapse in decorum; he understood that in matters of life and death, it was natural for anyone to be deeply concerned.

Ji Shaohua, standing nearby, was taken aback. She had never witnessed her father so out of character. His usual demeanor was one of restraint and seriousness.

Today's events were indeed a rarity.

Zhang Cheng took the pen and paper, meticulously writing down each item.

Clove, Sichuan Dome, Fennel Flower, Purslane, Silverleaf Grass, White Orchid Fruit, Milkvetch Seed, Purple River Cart, Twisting Flower, Purple Leaf Orchid Grass, Purple Blood Ganoderma.

Once he had listed all eleven herbs, Zhang Cheng set the pen aside and said to Old Master Ji, "That's everything. Just make sure to gather them all."

Old Master Ji quickly grabbed the list and studied the eleven herbs, nodding at Zhang Cheng before turning to Ji Shaohua.

"Collect these herbs at any cost," he instructed, passing the paper to Ji Shaohua.

Ji Shaohua admired the list, noting Zhang Cheng's impressive handwriting—bold and authoritative, the mark of a true master.

"Keep this quiet, especially from your brothers. If they get wind of it, the empire I've built will crumble in their hands," Old Master Ji warned through clenched teeth.

Ji Shaohua felt a shiver run through her as she grasped the gravity of the situation. She quickly stowed the list in her bag, "Understood, Dad."

In a small private room on the first floor, Zhao Zhijun's voice was grave. "I used to turn a blind eye to your opinions of Zhang Cheng, but that changes now. From this moment on, if any of you dare to mess with him, don't expect me to be lenient."

Zhao Qingyu's uncles were as quiet as mice, not daring to utter a word.

"Clearly, you've all noticed Old Master Ji's favorable treatment of him today. He's far from worthless. Should any of you be foolish enough to stir trouble and draw Old Master Ji's ire, don't look to me for help," Zhao Zhijun warned sternly.

Exchanging glances, they all nodded earnestly at Zhao Zhijun, who responded with a slight nod of approval. "Alright, let's head out."

As it happened, Zhang Cheng was descending the stairs with Old Master Ji. Spotting them, Zhao Zhijun hurried over. "Old Master Ji, allow me to introduce you to some of the younger generation in the hall."

Zhang Cheng had little patience for small talk. After a brief greeting, he slipped away from the crowd.

Outside the hall, Zhang Cheng lit a cigarette, his eyes narrowing thoughtfully. The Bai Family? What vendetta could you possibly have with my father? And was my abduction connected to you in any way?

"Brother-in-law, there you are!" Zhao Qingya, his sister-in-law, suddenly appeared behind him, startling Zhang Cheng so much that his cigarette dropped, burning a large hole in his brand-new pants.

Staring down at the hole in his pants, Zhang Cheng was on the verge of tears. Couldn't he enjoy a single day in good clothes? The last shopping trip with Zhao Qingya had ended with him getting just one outfit, while the rest were her victorious haul.

With a look of woeful accusation, Zhang Cheng turned to his sister-in-law.

"Why are you staring at me, brother-in-law? It's your own fault for not holding onto it properly. Besides, smoking is bad for you; I'm just looking out for your health," Zhao Qingya said, quickly trying to deflect the blame.

Zhang Cheng remained silent, his gaze still full of silent reproach.

"Fine, fine. You look so pitiful, like a wronged widow. I'll be generous and buy you a new pair of pants, okay?" Zhao Qingya, oblivious to her own fault, blurted out nonchalantly.

Zhang Cheng was unfazed by the situation. His face lit up with glee when Zhao Qingya mentioned compensation. "Weren't you after that celebrity's autograph? What brings you to me?"

Zhao Qingya giggled, "Brother-in-law, after comparing him to you, he just doesn't measure up. I've stopped being his fan—I'm all about Team Zhang Cheng now."

Zhang Cheng couldn't help but lift his chin proudly. Of course, how could those pretty-boy actors hold a candle to him?

"Let's hit the stores, brother-in-law, and get you some new pants," Zhao Qingya suggested, her eyes sparkling at the thought of shopping.

The mere mention of shopping again sent a wave of terror across Zhang Cheng's face. The memory of their last spree was still fresh in his mind—shopping with women was downright frightening. He quickly gestured in refusal.

"No way, not happening. I'd rather take a beating than go back there."

Zhao Qingya's lips formed a pout, clearly displeased. Then, a sly smile crept across her face. "What a shame. I was going to share half of the allowance sister gave me with you as a thank-you—if you came along, that is. Oh well, I guess I'll just go by myself."

Wait, half for him? That was millions! If he went, he could pocket a cool million at least.

The prospect of a little exhaustion seemed trivial compared to the opportunity to make money. "Hehe, I'm in, I'm in. Let's go right now," Zhang Cheng said, his smile bashful yet eager, as the words "Absolutely worth it" echoed in his mind.

Zhao Qingya's triumphant grin was all the answer she needed before she grabbed Zhang Cheng's arm and led him away.

As they walked, Zhao Qingya bombarded Zhang Cheng with questions about where he had learned his medical skills.

Annoyed, Zhang Cheng finally told his sister-in-law the truth—he had learned it all in a dream.

To his surprise, this revelation only made her mad. She huffed and sat down, giving him the cold shoulder.

Zhang Cheng could only offer a wry smile. Nowadays, it seemed honesty just wasn't appreciated.

When they arrived at the mall once more, Zhang Cheng and his sister-in-law stepped out of the taxi, only to be greeted by an approaching couple.

Right in front of everyone, they started flaunting their affection. It began with just a peck, but quickly escalated to something more intimate.

Zhang Cheng felt a surge of irritation. "Can't you save this for home? Flaunting your love life in public, do you have to rub it in the face of us single folks?"

Wait a minute, he wasn't actually single, was he? He did have a wife, albeit a sham one. But why couldn't it turn into something real?

Back when he was just an average Joe, it was one thing, but now that he had the means, why end things with such an amazing wife?

Shouldn't he, like a true man, strive to win her affection?

And a woman like Zhao Qingyu, with both beauty and talent, was a rare find indeed!

Zhang Cheng glanced at his sister-in-law, Zhao Qingya, and an idea began to take shape in his mind…

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