Urban Immortal Son-in-law/C2 Seeing His Aunt
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Urban Immortal Son-in-law/C2 Seeing His Aunt
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C2 Seeing His Aunt

"What's your business here?!" The head security guard was on high alert.

"Isn't it working hours?" Zhang Cheng strolled back and forth, feigning nonchalance, "Is that computer for gaming? And who's asleep over there? Aren't you supposed to be on duty?"

Upon hearing Zhang Cheng's remarks, the two security guards grew cautious.

Could it be a surprise inspection from the higher-ups?

One guard quickly roused the sleeper on the chair, and soon all three stood at attention, bracing for Zhang Cheng's scolding.

"Never mind," Zhang Cheng waved dismissively and sighed, "Just get back to work. Stay sharp and make sure nothing goes awry!"

Continuing his speech, Zhang Cheng made his way through the security room and into the park.

"Hold on a second!"

The guard who had spoken earlier was deferential, nearly bowing as he inquired, "What brings you to the park at this hour?"

"Do I need to report my activities to you?" Zhang Cheng's previously eased demeanor turned stern again as he moved to proceed.

"Could we see your ID badge, please?" Another guard eyed Zhang Cheng warily, asking cautiously.

"Yang Shuo, Gong Hai, Zhang Ping, is it?" Zhang Cheng stooped to read their name tags aloud, then declared, "Fine, you've got guts, asking to see my ID? Call your supervisor!"

After finishing his piece, Zhang Cheng stormed past the security guard, feigning outrage, and exited.

The three guards exchanged glances, filled with regret for having possibly crossed their boss's boss.

But shortly after Zhang Cheng departed, the head of security arrived.

The four guards were instantly flustered. The captain berated them and they quickly reported the incident to the police...

Inside the estate, Zhang Cheng ambled along, navigating through artificial hills and small ponds until he reached the most secluded residential area.

There stood five enormous villas.

Zhang Cheng and Zhao Qingyu had shared one of these villas, though Qingyu was seldom home, leaving him often alone.

He unlocked the villa door to find it empty as expected.

When he reached his room and gave the door a gentle push, Zhang Cheng paused, puzzled. Was it locked?

He fished out his keys and unlocked the door, casually kicking off his shoes without giving it much thought. He figured his wife in name only had locked up before leaving.

But as he climbed into bed, Zhang Cheng was completely taken aback. There was someone in the bed? And it was clear that the person had noticed him too.

"A ghost!"

A sharp scream pierced the air, and Zhang Cheng felt a pang of exasperation.

A woman?

The figure on the bed grabbed a cellphone and switched on the flashlight, instantly illuminating the room.

Before him was a delicate beauty with wisps of hair framing her forehead, enhancing her youthful aura. Her wide eyes, brimming with fear, tugged at Zhang Cheng's heartstrings.

The girl's bare shoulders and the soft curves of her chest were barely concealed, and her rosy, fair thighs peeked out from under the blanket. She was like a nymph rising from the water, utterly enchanting.

Zhang Cheng's pulse raced at the sight. Who was she? A divine gift, perhaps? It seemed fortune was smiling on him, presenting him with such a vision of loveliness.

Upon seeing Zhang Cheng, the girl pegged him as a villain capable of the worst kind of robbery and violence.

"What... what are you going to do?"

Her voice was trembling with fear, her hand holding the phone shaking uncontrollably, causing the light to flicker erratically.


The room's main light snapped on, flooding the space with brightness.

It was his wife, Zhao Qingyu!

She stood there in pink pajamas, her long hair tousled from rushing, yet it did nothing to diminish her stunning beauty; if anything, it added to her allure. Her oval face was flushed from sleep, as inviting as a freshly ripened apple, tempting enough to make one want to take a bite.

Her eyes sparkled like stars in the night sky, irresistibly luminous.

"Sis! There's a thug! Call the police!"

The girl, huddled on the bed, saw Zhao Qingyu and pleaded for help with a shaky voice.

Zhang Cheng's eyebrows lifted. Could this girl be his sister-in-law? He remembered hearing about Zhao Qingyu's sister, who had been studying abroad. He had never met her until now.

"Don't worry about it, I'm your sister's husband, your brother-in-law. We're family, no need to be so frightened."

Zhang Cheng spoke with ease as he took a seat on the edge of the bed.

In that instant, his sister-in-law by name, Xiao Ya, scrambled to the far end of the bed.


Distracted, she tumbled off the bed and under it.

Zhang Cheng couldn't help but feel a bit exasperated.

"Xiao Ya, he really is your brother-in-law," Zhao Qingyu assured, easing the tension for the girl who had just rolled under the bed.

Her words were cold as she fixed her gaze on Zhang Cheng, her eyes conveying a chill that words couldn't.

"In the dead of night," Zhao Qingyu glared at Zhang Cheng, "what exactly are you up to?"

"What, am I not allowed to come home?" Zhang Cheng replied nonchalantly.

A flicker of surprise crossed Zhao Qingyu's eyes. Seeing him now, she sensed a significant change in him. Could it be... his mind was clearer?


Zhang Cheng was not only in his right mind at this moment, but he was also vastly improved from his usual self.

"Zhang Cheng, let's go to the living room and talk this out," Zhao Qingyu said before turning to leave.

Ignoring his sister-in-law, Zhang Cheng followed Zhao Qingyu into the living room where she sat on the sofa, her expression icy as she regarded him.

Once seated, Zhao Qingyu inquired, "What's been going on with you this past year?"

"Oh? Are you concerned about me?" Zhang Cheng smirked.

At his words, Zhao Qingyu's cheeks flushed, but she quickly regained her composure. "Don't flatter yourself. I'll give you 500,000 yuan. Go get your head checked at the hospital."

Why should she worry about him? They were getting divorced, after all.

Zhao Qingyu grabbed a pen from the table, pulled out a stack of cheques from the drawer, and wrote one out, placing it on the table.

Zhang Cheng casually picked up the cheque and saw it was for 500,000 yuan.

In the past, he would never have accepted it. How could a man take money from a woman?

But now?

He hadn't figured out who had kidnapped him yet, but he was certain there would come a time when he'd need the money. Plus, he was flat broke at the moment, so this cash...

It would be foolish not to take it!

Zhang Cheng pocketed the money with a clear conscience before speaking in a measured tone, "The next thing I'm going to tell you might come as a shock, but it needs to be said—I'm not sick at all!"

Zhao Qingyu's gaze bore into him, as if trying to peer into his very soul. The man before her had undergone such a transformation that he seemed like a completely different person from the one she remembered. She couldn't fathom why he had changed so drastically.

She recalled how he had walked out earlier; his legs appeared to have healed.

But could that really be?

The hospital had declared his condition irrecoverable for life!

As she watched the man sitting across from her, smiling, Zhao Qingyu realized for the first time that she could no longer read him.

But whether she could read him or not didn't seem to matter anymore.

Zhao Qingyu remained silent, simply observing Zhang Cheng with a serene gaze.

Zhang Cheng was momentarily taken aback, not expecting such a composed reaction from Zhao Qingyu. A complex emotion welled up inside him.

But it was irrelevant now. Their marriage was in name only.

Zhang Cheng let out an indifferent chuckle.

"In a month, we'll go through with the divorce."

At Zhang Cheng's words, a flicker of anger crossed Zhao Qingyu's face. The commanding presence of a seasoned professional, accustomed to holding power, was fully on display, casting a palpable tension throughout the living room.

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