Urban Immortal Son-in-law/C20 The Pill Was Not Good
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Urban Immortal Son-in-law/C20 The Pill Was Not Good
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C20 The Pill Was Not Good

"What does your sister like?"

Zhang Cheng gave his sister-in-law, Zhao Qingya, a gentle nudge.

Zhao Qingya slowly lifted her head and said, "Brother-in-law, I've got an idea. A really good one."

Zhang Cheng was at a loss for words. It seemed he hadn't been heard. Well, the struggle continues.

"What's the idea?" Zhang Cheng bent down, listening intently.

"See those two over there?" Zhao Qingya subtly glanced ahead.

"Yeah, I see them. What about them?" Zhang Cheng was puzzled.

"Are you cool with it?" His sister-in-law's face was etched with anger.

"Totally not cool." Zhang Cheng's face mirrored her anger as he gripped his fists tightly.

"Listen, we're going to…" Zhao Qingya whispered, inching closer to Zhang Cheng.

Zhang Cheng inhaled deeply, stealing a glance at the beautiful woman before him, and thought, "I never knew you had it in you, sister-in-law."

Zhao Qingya gave him a knowing look and encouraged, "Go on, brother-in-law, time to start your act."

They approached quietly;

And then, they were right there.

"Hey, brother, just finished shopping?" Zhang Cheng greeted the couple with a grin and clapped the man on the shoulder.

The man looked utterly baffled and asked, "Big brother, who are you?"


Zhang Cheng landed a punch on the man's chest, not too hard, but with a feigned look of outrage, he said, "Me? Old Wang. Remember a few days back when I was short on cash for a hotel room and you lent me some? Or are you pretending we've never met?"

The man winced in pain, clutching his chest, silent as Zhang Cheng pulled out a hundred yuan from his wallet and slipped it into the man's pocket.

"Here's your money back. Oh, and by the way, this lady is way prettier than the last one!"

Zhang Cheng gave the man a thumbs-up before turning to walk away with Zhao Qingya.

"Let's go shopping."


They walked off without a backward glance, clearly feeling triumphant.

"You're in for it now, Lin Qiang," Chen Miaomiao fumed, yanking Lin Qiang's ear with one hand and landing a punch on his head with the other.

"Miao Miao, stop, really, it's amazing..." And just like that, a couple deeply in love once again transformed into lone wolves on the snowy tundra.

At the shopping center, on the second floor, men's clothing.

"Look, you're my brother-in-law after all. I can't have you tarnishing my sister's and my reputation. Come on, let's check this out." Zhao Qingya strode purposefully towards a boutique specializing in men's suits.

Zhang Cheng furrowed his brow. Isn't half that money mine? Why does this feel off?

Lost in thought, he was interrupted.

"Excuse me, could you help him find a suit?" Zhao Qingya directed a poised saleswoman, pointing towards Zhang Cheng standing by the entrance.

Shortly after, the saleswoman presented Zhang Cheng with a suit and watched as he made his way to the fitting room.

"Ma'am, your husband has such a great build, the kind that looks even better out of clothes. You're very fortunate," the saleswoman commented to Zhao Qingya, her gaze lingering on Zhang Cheng in the fitting room with a hint of envy.

"Keep your eyes to yourself. He's not my husband; he's my brother-in-law," Zhao Qingya replied, her tone edged with annoyance, though the saleswoman seemed oblivious and kept her eyes fixed on the fitting room.

Inside the fitting room.

"Why is the saleswoman touching the merchandise? Never mind, I need to get dressed quickly; it's quite chilly." Zhang Cheng, changing his clothes, felt a sudden draft and hurried to get dressed.

About three minutes later...

Zhang Cheng emerged, slowly approaching a mirror.

"Wow, your brother-in-law is incredibly handsome. Does he have a girlfriend?" the saleswoman asked with a thrill of excitement.

"What did you say?" A sharp look flashed in Zhao Qingya's eyes.

"Ah, nothing, sorry... but he really is handsome," the saleswoman said with a tinge of regret as she walked away, still stealing glances.

"How does it look, Xiao Ya?" Zhang Cheng admired his reflection, quite pleased with himself.

"Not too shabby, you've got a bit of charm. Let's get moving, I've still got more shopping to do." Zhao Qingya tugged Zhang Cheng out of the store, slipping past an admiring throng of female onlookers.

"He's so handsome!"

"Look, he glanced my way."

"What? He was definitely looking at me."

At the mall, on the fourth floor.

"Xiao Ya, isn't this enough? I just need one suit, and look at you." Zhang Cheng was laden with a dozen or so items of clothing, his eyes full of hope as he gazed at his stunningly beautiful sister-in-law. "Xiao Ya, that's enough shopping."

"Just one last piece," his sister-in-law mused, deep in thought.

Half an hour passed.

"Let's not buy any more," he pleaded, his voice fading to a weak, pale echo.

"This is truly the last one," Zhang Cheng insisted, as yet another garment joined the collection in his arms.

An hour went by.

"I..." He was about to speak when his sister-in-law cut him off. Her face looked both strange and familiar to him.

Sure, I knew the mall had plenty to offer, but I never imagined this much; I knew my sister-in-law's word wasn't reliable, and the ridiculous part is that I actually believed her. I'm such an idiot.

"This is really, really the last one!"

Another shirt found its way onto Zhang Cheng, not in his hands, but draped around his neck.

The mall had seven floors in total: the first for dining, the second for men's wear, the third for general merchandise, and the rest were dedicated to women's fashion.

Down at the burger joint on the first floor.

Zhao Qingya looked at Zhang Cheng's despondent face, shook her head, and remarked, "Brother-in-law, with that look of defeat, you'll have a tough time winning over my sister."

"Heh, not to say I told you so... You? You heard that from the start?" Zhang Cheng, about to argue back, found himself at a loss for words. He realized she had overheard him.

"Alright, considering how well you've behaved this afternoon, I'll clue you in. It's really simple, just four words." Zhao Qingya's face was shrouded in mystery, teasing him to guess.

"Barbie doll? Diamond jewelry? Gorgeous clothes..." Zhang Cheng rattled off a list, his eyes locked on Zhao Qingya.

"I don't know."

"Hmph, I thought I knew... What, you don't know?" Zhang Cheng's face took on a look of disbelief, as if to say, "You better not be fooling me."

"Oh, it's true. My sister has always been so kind to me ever since we were kids. She'd always save the best things for me. I never even knew what her favorite things were." Zhao Qingya said with a sense of resignation, taking a bite of her hamburger.

"Heh, Zhao Qingya, I'm not coming back next time. No, there won't even be a next time." Zhang Cheng, feeling weighed down, walked away.

"Brother-in-law, wait for me! I'm not done eating yet." The sister-in-law, clutching her half-eaten burger, dashed out the door.

The two made their way back to the Zhao residence.

There sat Zhao Qingyu on the couch, engrossed in a book.

Zhang Cheng's resolve deepened. Why was he considering divorcing a wife who was the epitome of wisdom and beauty?

"Sis, today your brother-in-law and I went shopping for clothes and picked something out for you too." Zhao Qingya plopped down next to her sister, Zhao Qingyu. "By the way, why are you home? Shouldn't you be at the banquet?"

"Oh, the company hit a minor snag. It's nothing to worry about. You go on up; I need to have a word with Zhang Cheng." Zhao Qingyu gave her sister an affectionate pat on the head, smiling.

"Okay." Zhao Qingya left, her spirits seemingly high.

In the living room, the two sat in silence, facing each other.

"Aren't you going to explain what happened today?" Zhao Qingyu's cool demeanor returned, her height adding to the air of detachment.

"Um... What if I told you I learned it in a dream? Would you believe that?" Zhang Cheng ventured cautiously, gauging Zhao Qingyu's reaction.

Her piercing look sent a chill down Zhang Cheng's spine, and he sensed a dangerous edge to Zhao Qingyu, as if she were holding back something.

"That has to be the most pathetic lie I've ever heard." Zhao Qingyu set her book down on the coffee table, fixing her gaze on Zhang Cheng. Her eyes narrowed slightly, making him feel as if heaven was just a step away.

"I mean..." Zhang Cheng let out a sigh.

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