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C4 Humiliation!

Seeing Zhang Cheng emerge unscathed, she couldn't help but think the head of security was nothing but a pushover.

Nearby, every security guard and officer was left speechless by the Second Miss's comment.

Liu Feng, locked in combat with Zhang Cheng, felt like he could spit blood hearing Zhao Qingya's words. The man before him was wilting like a fish out of water—surely, it wasn't his fault!

"Let's see you try not to dodge!"

Liu Feng, beside himself with rage, had lost all semblance of rationality, spouting such unrealistic challenges.

Liu Feng threw another punch, which Zhang Cheng, obliging his wish, did not dodge. Instead, he transformed his hand into a palm, slightly bending his arm to deflect the force and caught Liu Feng's punch squarely.

Instantly, Liu Feng's face turned the color of liver, his fist trapped in Zhang Cheng's vice-like grip, immovable.

Zhang Cheng, believing he wore a friendly smile, scanned the crowd and clarified, "There's been a misunderstanding. That lady is my sister-in-law; my wife's name is Zhao Qingyu."

Yet, nobody seemed to buy his story, eyeing Zhang Cheng as if he were mad.

Who didn't know Zhao Qingyu in Leezhu City? She was the one managing a significant portion of the Zhao Family's enterprises, a figure who had graced the pages of Time magazine multiple times.

This young man claiming to be Zhao Qingyu's husband? That was too much for anyone to swallow, especially considering the Second Miss's earlier reaction.

The others might have held their tongues for now.

But Liu Feng? His fury was boundless. Publicly humiliated before a crowd, subdued by a nobody—it was a fate worse than death. His rage was incandescent.

"You? Zhao Qingyu's husband? Take a good look in the mirror before you spout such nonsense! If you're her husband, then I must be your father-in-law!"

Liu Feng's words were a torrent of unbridled anger.

Meanwhile, Zhao Qingya's expression soured. This spineless head of security had the audacity to overstep with her!

But before Zhao Qingya could retort, a voice echoed from the villa's second-floor staircase.

"Enough!" The voice that rang out belonged to none other than Zhao Qingyu. She had been aware of the disturbance below for some time and intended to intimidate Zhang Cheng upon his unexpected return. She hadn't anticipated things escalating to this point.

As the security chief finished his statement, Zhao Qingyu could no longer hold back and spoke up. Her voice sent a shiver down everyone's spine.

This was Zhao Qingyu's voice. Wasn't she known for seldom staying at this villa?

A hush fell over the crowd, a palpable fear of their social disparity setting in.

"The man downstairs is indeed my husband; he had gone back to his hometown and only arrived today."

Zhao Qingyu's authoritative words left everyone dumbfounded, striking them like a bolt from the blue.

Liu Feng, in particular, who was at the receiving end of Zhang Cheng's grip, looked blankly at Zhang Cheng, then at the icy countenance on the second floor.

In that moment, a single thought echoed in his mind: it was over, his career was finished.

Though he could find another decent position, being the security team captain in the Leezhu Garden District was no small feat, boasting an annual income close to a million. How else could a retired Special Forces member settle for a security team captain's role? Such a lucrative job with a relaxed lifestyle was hard to come by.

Zhang Cheng released Liu Feng's hand, flashed a grin, and then settled himself on the sofa, casually lighting a cigarette.

Zhao Qingyu's gaze sharpened as she watched Zhang Cheng, fully aware of Liu Feng's capabilities. Yet, she chose not to speak further and retired to her room for the night.

The security guards and police officers, faces flushed with embarrassment, made their awkward exit from the villa.

Before leaving, Zhao Qingya couldn't resist a parting jab. "What's the matter with you, so spineless? You couldn't even take him down."

Liu Feng was seething with frustration. If it hadn't been for her convincing act at the start, how could he have landed in such a mess?

But he was acutely aware of Zhao Qingya's status, so he left with a scowl, without uttering a word.

And with that, the commotion drew to a close.

Zhao Qingya, as nonchalant as ever, resumed her place on the living room sofa with ease.

"You've got some chops, I'll give you that. Ever thought about a career in security? I'll have a word with my dad tomorrow. How about taking over as the head of the security team?"

Zhang Cheng exhaled a cloud of smoke and gazed upward at the opulent chandelier.

"Being a security captain is one thing, but if you offered me the role of supreme commander, I might actually give it some thought."


Zhao Qingya scoffed at his remark.

She lost interest in their banter and retreated to her newly chosen room upstairs to sleep.

"Having money sure has its perks," Zhang Cheng mused with a sigh.

Early the next morning, Zhao Qingyu departed. Before she left, she warned Zhang Cheng not to pick on her sister, threatening to make him move out if he did.

Zhang Cheng felt resigned. The fact that the girl wasn't bullying him was already a relief; how could he be the one to bully her?

After a morning stroll and a steamed bun for breakfast, he made his way to the security office to review the old surveillance footage.

Zhang Cheng was on the hunt for leads about the robbers who had barged into the villa and abducted him.

But after a thorough search, he discovered that the footage was long gone due to the passage of time.

Perhaps recognizing Zhang Cheng's status, the security guard hinted that the surveillance company's technicians might have a solution, but only the security chief had their contact information.

Zhang Cheng borrowed the security guard's walkie-talkie and reached out to the security chief, Liu Feng, requesting his presence.

Liu Feng showed up shortly after.

Zhang Cheng stated his reason for the call.

Liu Feng was quick to respond, promising to get in touch with the company immediately and even provided Zhang Cheng with his mobile number.

Before leaving, Liu Feng flashed a sycophantic smile and alluded to Zhao Qingyu's situation.

Zhang Cheng shook his head, indicating he couldn't intervene, and promptly took his leave.

By now, it was midday, and the June sun was blistering.

Zhang Cheng contemplated heading back to the villa for a refreshing cold drink.

Just then, a young man in his twenties approached, flanked by two starry-eyed groupies.

"Brother Zhi Quan, your place is so huge..."

The girl in the microskirt exclaimed in admiration.

Her companion eagerly agreed with a nod.

The young man at the center of their attention was Zhao Qingyu's cousin, Zhao Zhiquan.

Zhang Cheng had always had a rocky relationship with him.

When he first became the Zhao Family's son-in-law, fresh out of college, this guy took an instant dislike to him, finding every opportunity to insult him.

Later, when Zhang Cheng was kidnapped, he suffered a severe head injury, and his legs were left disabled. During that time, he spent his days in a stupor, haunted by bizarre images flashing through his mind. Initially, he feared his mind was truly broken, but he eventually realized those eerie visions were real.

And throughout that period, it was this very man who relentlessly mocked him, publicly calling him a cripple, a brain-dead fool, showing no respect for his brother-in-law whatsoever.

All Zhang Cheng wanted was to lose himself in the images that filled his thoughts, and he only returned to his hometown out of sheer necessity.

Now, facing this man again, Zhao Zhiquan was the one who broke the silence, his face a picture of surprise.

"Well, well, look who's back," he exclaimed. "The cripple, standing tall? How's that possible?"

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