Urban Immortal Son-in-law/C5 Looking for the Truth!
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Urban Immortal Son-in-law/C5 Looking for the Truth!
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C5 Looking for the Truth!

Zhao Zhiquan wore an expression of surprise, while the two girls beside him were clearly puzzled.

As Zhang Cheng listened to those words, anger surged within him. In the past, he might have endured such slights, but now, with newfound strength, to continue tolerating would be to admit cowardice.

"Young man, don't be too cocky; it's easy to stumble that way."

"How dare you speak to me like that!"

Zhao Zhiquan's temper flared at Zhang Cheng's retort. Was this once easily manipulated pushover now standing up to him? The audacity!

Zhang Cheng just shrugged.

"As your brother-in-law, I'm somewhat of an elder, aren't I? Is there a problem with how I'm speaking?"

"Go to hell! If it weren't for your grandfather, that old coot who took advantage of his rank during the Korean War to arrange a marriage for his son before he died, you wouldn't even be worthy of talking to me!"

Zhao Zhiquan's insults targeted not just Zhang Cheng, but also his grandfather. In an instant, Zhang Cheng's fury ignited.

"Spew more lies and I'll rip your mouth apart!" he threatened, his gaze piercing and voice chilling.

Zhang Cheng was well aware that Old Master Zhao and his own grandfather were once comrades-in-arms, and it was Old Master Zhao who had initiated the marriage proposal. After his grandfather's heroic sacrifice, the arrangement fell to his father, who was preoccupied with the funeral and never followed through with the union.

It was only three years prior that Old Master Zhao himself had proposed to match his granddaughter with Zhang Cheng, hoping to honor the wish he shared with his late comrade. Zhao Zhiquan's current claims were nothing short of slander.

"You'll tear my mouth apart? Seems like your delusions are getting worse," Zhao Zhiquan taunted, advancing on Zhang Cheng with a menacing air.

The two women at his side appeared to anticipate Zhang Cheng's impending doom, barely containing their eagerness to cheer.

They were well aware that Zhao Zhiquan had joined the Taekwondo club in school and was reputed to be as skilled as the club president.

Zhao Zhiquan approached and, out of habit, swung a slap at Zhang Cheng. To his astonishment, Zhang Cheng caught his wrist mid-air.

Struggling fiercely, he still couldn't break free from Zhang Cheng's grip.

How could this kid be so strong?

As Zhao Zhiquan puzzled over this, Zhang Cheng's other hand delivered a sharp slap across his face.

A red handprint instantly bloomed on Zhao Zhiquan's cheek. He was stunned, staring at Zhang Cheng in disbelief, as if he couldn't fathom being struck.

"You... you... you..."

Zhao Zhiquan, seething with anger and on the verge of speaking, was cut off as Zhang Cheng slapped him once more.

And it didn't end there.

"Stop spouting nonsense!"

Another slap landed.

"How dare you insult my grandfather."

And another.

"Calling me a cripple, will you?"

Without uttering a word, Zhang Cheng's hand met Zhao Zhiquan's cheek repeatedly.

Meanwhile, the two girls Zhao Zhiquan had brought with him were utterly shocked, their mouths agape as if they could swallow an egg whole.

Each slap from Zhang Cheng sent a visible shudder through the girls.

At last, Zhang Cheng let go of Zhao Zhiquan.

Zhao's face was swollen, blood trickling from his mouth, his once neat hair now a mess.

Seeing Zhang Cheng raise his hand again, Zhao flinched.

"Beating someone is exhausting. I'm just rubbing my hands. Is there a need for such drama?"

Zhao Zhiquan hastily retreated several steps, feeling an unfamiliar sense of dread when looking into Zhang Cheng's eyes, possibly a fear born from the beating.

But to suggest Zhao would take a beating lying down was not in his nature.

He finally put some distance between them.

With malice in his eyes, Zhao Zhiquan spat out venomously, "You... just wait! I'll remember this!"

With that, he stormed off, the two girls hurrying after him.

Zhang Cheng remained indifferent to Zhao Zhiquan's threats.

After all, Zhao was known to be a brash and spoiled scion of the Zhao Family, too proud to admit to his family that he had been bested.

Zhang Cheng had the utmost confidence in his abilities. Dismissing Zhao Zhiquan's threats, he strolled back to the mansion without a care. He'd just grabbed a chilled drink from the fridge and lit up a cigarette, ready to unwind, when he spotted his sister-in-law, Zhao Qingya, shuffling down from the second floor in her pajamas, clearly just out of bed.

Shaking his head to himself, he thought, "People these days..."

Before he could finish his silent critique, Zhao Qingya issued a command. "Hey, run over to the Imperial Dining Hall and fetch me some food. I'm starving."

"Why don't you just call them for delivery?" Zhang Cheng replied, perplexed.

"What use are you then?"

"I'm your brother-in-law, not your servant."

After a brief verbal tussle, Zhao Qingya relented—more out of hunger than anything else. It wasn't long before the food arrived.

Once she had eaten, Zhao Qingya dressed and left the villa without further interaction with Zhang Cheng.

Then Liu Feng called, informing Zhang Cheng that the surveillance company had been in touch and he needed to rush to the control room. Upon arrival, they managed to retrieve past surveillance footage, but the specific segment Zhang Cheng needed had been deleted. Someone had tampered with it, and finding the culprit after so much time had passed seemed next to impossible.

Dejected, Zhang Cheng returned home. Most of the robbers from that incident were already behind bars. He planned to visit the police station first thing in the morning to inquire about their family situations, hoping to start his investigation there.

As the son-in-law of the Zhao family, and with Liu Feng's connections at the police station, he should be able to get information on the robbers' relatives. With this in mind, Lu You'er called Liu Feng, explained her intentions, and assured him that she would handle Zhao Qingyu's issue herself, without resorting to firing him.

Upon hearing the request, Liu Feng's heart swelled with joy, and he readily accepted.

Zhang Cheng was taken aback by Liu Feng's swift action. He didn't expect him to deliver a file on the robbers from that year to the villa by the afternoon, well before the next day.

"Here you go, this is the detailed information on the individuals you asked for. Please remember to put in a good word for the young miss," Liu Feng said, handing over the documents.

Zhang Cheng perused the comprehensive information with a surge of satisfaction.

"Don't worry, I am Zhao Qingyu's husband after all. He'll take my advice seriously," Zhang Cheng assured him.

"Great, feel free to reach out to me if there's anything you need in the future."

Liu Feng left with a smile, his face alight with happiness.

As dusk fell, his sister-in-law came home in high spirits, not seeking Zhang Cheng for anything and heading straight to her room.

The following morning, Zhang Cheng departed from Aster Park.

His first stop was the household of a man named Li Baofeng, one of the kidnappers from the past.

"Get out! I don't have a son like that! Leave now!" the man bellowed.

Exiting with an embarrassed expression, Zhang Cheng shook his head in resignation. This was the third family he had visited with the same fruitless outcome.

Losing confidence in his last lead, Zhang Cheng wondered if he would have to confront the kidnappers in prison to get the answers he needed.

With a soft sigh, he approached the final residence.

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