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C13 Sorrowful fanlin

If there was a problem, he had to treat it. If treating it required money, where would the money come from? Fan Linlin planned to think of a way herself.

At first she tried to talk to me, but our family was not in a good mood; Mom was retarded, and my sister, Cherry, was still in high school preparing for college; the burden was all on my father.

Once I enter the university, I have to work overtime as a home tutor to settle my living expenses.

Fan Linlin was bored to death, Aunt Zhou called several times, saying that he had already stayed at Fan Linlin's house for a few nights, and did not mean to say 50,000 yuan.

Fan Linlin told Aunt Zhou to call her back immediately, but that was a beautiful lie.

How could Fan Linlin, a poor student, come up with fifty thousand? Even a highly qualified civil servant can't afford to take fifty thousand dollars at once.

How worried can you be? It's like a river flowing eastward in the spring …" Worry - What a worry - What a worry - What a worry - What a freak - And finally die...

Fan Linlin muttered anxiously, and the brilliant sunlight shone onto her body.

The Director of the Biology Department, Du Zhuanshu, with his hands behind his back, slowly walked over.

Seeing Fan Linlin sitting on the chair in a daze, Du Zhuanshu cried out in shock: "Fan Linlin!"

Du Zhuanshu had always been respectful to him.

Seeing Du Zhuanshu calling out to him, Fan Linlin stood up politely.

Du Zhuanshu walked in front of Fan Linlin and looked at her in puzzlement. "Why is Little Fan sitting here alone and in a daze?"

Du Zhuanshu's voice was magnetic as he glanced at him with a smile: "Nothing much, Teacher Du!"

"There's no one sitting here alone, is there?" Du Zhuanshu said straightforwardly: "I saw you sitting here yesterday, oh right, why don't I see your boyfriend's bones to accompany you?"

Fan Linlin heard from Du Zhuanshu that she saw her sitting here the day before and even mentioned his boyfriend;

"Linlin is a filial lady!" Du Zhuanshu patted Fan Linlin's head and said: "50 thousand is not a problem, I will lend it to you!"

Fan Linlin could not believe her ears. She pinched his own arm so hard that it hurt; only now did she realize that she was not dreaming.

Du Zhuanshu quickly brought over a bank card and said that it was exactly 50,000 yuan. He told Fan Linlin to accept it and told her that the password was 201766.

When Fan Linlin received the bank card, she did not know how to be grateful towards Du Zhuanshu. Du Zhuanshu had to remind him, "There is an automatic depositing machine in front, Linlin can check the amount!"

Fan Linlin mumbled as she ran over quickly to insert the bank card into the password; a figure of 50,000 yuan immediately appeared.

Fan Linlin could not hold back her excitement and immediately called Aunty Zhou. She asked for her bank card number to transfer 50,000 yuan to her.

After Fan Linlin finished typing her words, she returned back to the corner of the green lawn and waited for her.

After the two of them exchanged a few words, Du Zhuanshu revealed the contract in front of his eyes and said: "Linlin, now we are in a contract society. Teacher knows that you won't eat free food, so it's best if we sign a contract.

After a short pause, he chuckled and said, "Teacher has already drawn up the contract, Linlin only needs to sign her name at the top!"

Fan Linlin unfolded the contract and read it carefully. It was as follows:

Party A (Fan Linlin) borrowed Party B (Du Zhuanshu) 50 thousand yuan in cash. If Party A was unable to repay him, Party A would have to unconditionally accept Party B's request for five years.

During the five-year period, Party A shall break off relations with the former boyfriend; meet any requirements and conditions put forward by Party B.

Should the violation be committed, Party A will compensate Party B with a loss of RMB 150 thousand with a compensation of three times the amount of RMB 50,000.

This contract is in duplicate and shall take effect upon signature by both parties.

Party A: Fan Linlin (unsigned)

Party B: Du Zhuanshu (Signed)


"The indenture contract!" After Fan Linlin finished looking at the contract, she cried out in her heart in agony; Du Zhuanshu's malicious intentions were completely displayed on the contract.

Fan Linlin wanted to tear the contract into pieces and throw it at Du Zhuanshu's face, but she had already transferred 50,000 yuan to Aunt Zhou. If she did not fulfill the terms of the contract, she would have to pay 150 thousand yuan.

She finally had the thought of dying, but when she thought about his father's dry eyes and his desire for women, Fan Linlin swallowed her tears back into her stomach.

Fan Linlin had decided to use her five years of youth to exchange for her father's happiness for the rest of her life.

The sinful indenture contract made Fan Linlin look like a grasshopper tethered to Du Zhuanshu's rope, and Du Zhuanshu heartlessly took possession of him.

This is how the rich are, the beautiful women play; the poor can only be the belly of the fish on their chopping boards.

When I finished reading Fan Linlin's letter, hot tears were actually flowing down my face; my mind was filled with her figure.

Although Fan Linlin was born poor, her slim body was fair and clean without a single flaw. She was born to be a beauty.

Fan Linlin's hair was slightly curled into a brush and flung to the back of her head. Occasionally, her hair would slip and scatter in front of her forehead, adding to her youthful, delicate, and unique appearance.

She was only twenty-two years old, and her young capital was in full view; between her eyebrows was an unconcealable charm that sometimes flowed with splendor, and the standard beauty of her face made the sparkle of her features even more exquisite.

Her neck was so white that it made her black hair glow even more. Even if she wore a simple white shirt and jeans, it would still be difficult to hide her beauty …

forced her to sign the indenture contract with her dignity and beauty of Fan Linlin; the images of her struggling in her embrace appeared one after another in front of me.

I wiped away two tears, and tightly clenched my fist; my face revealed the evil aura that I had stored up for a long time, and fiercely said, "Son of a bitch Du Zhuanshu, your bones are going to cripple and you are going to take Fan Linlin back!"

Seeing that my actions were unusual, He Ye spoke inappropriately. She glanced at me with disdain and laughed: "Good good good good Mr. Gong Guan, what Sister Lin is doing is also a relief. Why are you blabbering about it …"

He Ye this sloppily called me Mr. Gong Guan? And you still said that Fan Linlin signing an indenture contract was a kind of release?

Forget about Fan Linlin, could it be that Little Ripple Cry knew that I went to Tianlun Entertainment Center to become a duck?

I once again glared at He Ye with my wolf-like eyes, pressing closer towards her step by step.

He Ye saw that my eyes were filled with a ferocious light that could explode at any time. She backed off a little timidly, muttering, "Bone …" Big brother … You... "You …"

After He Ye retreated a few steps, she suddenly stopped and spoke with conviction: "Gu Zi, what are you doing? Leaves is here to deliver a letter to you!"

Not bewitched by He Ye's fortuitous encounter, I grabbed her by the collar and berated her harshly again, "Delivering a letter? Humph! You are tracking my actions! "Tell me, what did you see?"

I used some strength in my hands and grabbed He Ye by the collar, lifting her up before putting her down again in anger, "He Ye, what exactly did you discover? If you don't tell me the truth, then I will spread the rumors about you and Ma Jian in the apartment building's restroom. "

"Hahahaha …" He Ye actually laughed out loud, and waved her arm in the air as she sarcastically said, "Laughing old fogey? Go and spread the news that I'm in the toilet! Why are you afraid of birds! "

He Ye shouted vulgarities. She was purely a street hoodlum …

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