Urban Playboy/C14 He ye is very crazy
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Urban Playboy/C14 He ye is very crazy
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C14 He ye is very crazy

I was stunned, thinking, how did He Ye become like this? In my eyes, she has always been a little loli!

He Ye showed a rascally look and circled around me, while smiling, "Bones want to be a whore and want to set up a memorial archway, don't you think so highly of this thing!" He Ye patted her own face in disdain, "This thing is sometimes not a thing!"

I was speechless and could only stare into her eyes.

He Ye smiled and snorted, "Bones took off her clothes and earned Yu Feiying 30 thousand yuan, this is a bomb that weighs a lot of money. If Ye Wen were to spread the news, a person who really loves face will definitely lose his reputation, even marrying a wife will be difficult for him in this life!"

My head buzzed; Brutal found out about me taking off Sister Ying's clothes? And you still know that Sister Ying is giving me 30 thousand? Does that mean she sees every move I make?

He Ye, you b * stard, I cursed in my heart; I have the thought of killing her too.

A woman was more shameless than a man, and society had always been more male than female. If a woman lost her virginity, a man would lose it, and a man would lose his entire life. If he delayed his son, he would never have a grandson.

He Ye's words were like an atomic bomb, it was too lethal!

I foolishly tried to think about how I didn't loosen my grip on He Ye's collar, but my eyes weren't as fierce as they were before.

He Ye was doing external water in the toilet, so she also treated this matter as despicable. Her outer appearance was no different from mine.

I am helpless to do PR, He Ye seems to be taking the initiative? He Ye and I were born in the countryside, so we must have started out as gangsters after being forced into a corner.

Nowadays, society was ruled by kings to be rich. Every year, there were 7 or 8 million graduates who did not get a job, and there were plenty who took risks for their livelihood.

He Ye was a new woman with a sense of foresight. It was impossible for her to be conservative because she came from the countryside;

He Ye is a playful and disrespectful person, she has a much more experienced attitude than me; I even admire her a little.

I have always regarded the line of fireworks as a collection of filth; the men and women who go there are not good people to me.

However, my orthodox mind has also entered into this business. This business, like how a thief's mouse wouldn't dare to do it in broad daylight; it could only take place in secret, but my secret operation was still discovered by He Ye.

He Ye, this slut, wanted to take revenge and peep at her from the toilet? Or do you want to use this weakness to deal with me?

No, it doesn't seem right to say that He Ye is bad either. Didn't she give me 2000 yuan? It was just that she was rejected by me, what's more, she sent a "Confession Letter" to Fan Linlin …

Knowing that it wasn't my fault, I released the hand that was grabbing onto He Ye's collar and looked into her eyes while smiling.

He Ye did not let him go and coldly snorted while holding onto her crooked collar: "Bones, you're a dog, would you change your face? You were crooked to the point that you wanted to eat me, and now I'm laughing? What are you laughing at! "

Ye raised his arm and said with a clear voice, "Ye-zi, I know that your smile is empty, but I'm going to grind the fences for you!"

I focused on He Ye and laughed: "Hehe, Ye, let's not bicker, I want to ask you what exactly have you seen?"

He Ye glanced at me and laughed: "As I said before!"

He turned the topic around and chuckled, "Accompany me once, and Ye-zi will not expose your shamelessness!"

He Ye said disdainfully as she pulled back her hair and waited for my reply.

I looked at He Ye in confusion. "What did you say? Say what you just said again! "

He Ye approached me and sneered: "Come with me this once! Do you hear me? "

I stared dumbfoundedly into He Ye's eyes. When I saw that her eyes were watery, looking a bit like black grapes in a mountain stream, all kinds of feelings welled up in my heart.

"I made you accompany me because you earned money!" He Ye continued with the previous topic, "Ye-zi, since you don't want the 2000 yuan, then now that you have the capital, you should pay it back in double!"

I don't really understand why He Ye would want to "taste it back twice as much". I don't know whether to laugh or cry when I look at her. It's really strange! "

"That's the only way!" He Ye frowned and snorted: "If Gu Zi doesn't agree to my conditions, Leaves will say that you are the one who forced Fan Linlin to the wall; that's why Fan Linlin signed the indenture with Du Zhuanshu!"

Wuluizi actually turned the tables and turned the tables? I stared furiously at He Ye's beautiful face, not knowing what to say.

He Ye paused for a moment and said with a threatening tone: "If you don't agree Ye-zi, then spread the news of you peeping in the toilet;

He Ye confidently chattered on, I turned my head around my neck and admitted my bad luck.

But I had to figure out how she was following me before admitting defeat. After a moment of silence, I agreed to accompany her.

Seeing that I had agreed to her conditions, He Ye didn't hesitate to rush forward and kiss my cheek.

I caressed my hot cheeks and stared at He Ye, seeing the happiness on her face.

A woman is crazy. Nine oxen cannot pull her back. A woman is water, a man is mud. The mud will melt in the water.

He Ye suggested that we go to the 3 star level hotel, South Sky Hotel.

The Tiannan Hotel was in Jiangbei, so I called a taxi to take He Ye inside. The taxi drove us for a while along the river, and then we saw the magnificent Tiannan Hotel in front of us.

We walked into the South Sky Hotel and He Ye went to the main desk to settle the paperwork.

He said it was to complete the formalities, but it was actually just a room card.

It seemed that He Ye was very familiar with the waiters at the main desk of the South Sky Hotel.

Room 3638 was naturally on the 36th floor. He Ye lead me into the elevator with great familiarity and walked to room 3638. Then we took a look at the door of the room.

With a creak, the door opened, and I saw a magnificent display.

The spacious guest room had a suite with scarlet carpets on the floor inside and out. The two meter wide double bed was covered with sheets as white as snow.

I turned to look at He Ye. She had already taken off her dress;

He Ye revealed her scarlet bra, revealing the white rabbit underneath that towered up like two mountain peaks.

There was an evil light shining in my eyes and I felt like I had been electrocuted. However, even Lei Zhan was still looking at He Ye's bra, looking left and right wildly.

"Little slut's breasts are so sultry?" As I said that in my heart, I had the impulse to hate meeting each other late. "If I wasn't taught by Yu Feiying, I really wouldn't know where I would be so nervous!"

Isn't the hobby of men to admire women's chests? Looking at He Ye's chest, I felt a desire to move, causing my entire body to burn.

Beautiful breasts dazzle me, not to mention her coquettish body.

No wonder why Ma Jian had pressed He Ye against the wall of the toilet.

I stood at the door without moving an inch, daydreaming, my eyes piercing towards He Ye's chest like a wind drill.

I wanted to pierce the donkey's pantlike bra and look at the shapes of the two white rabbits, which I had peeped at in the bathroom but had not kneaded.

I waited, waited, and somehow my throat went dry.

He placed his hand on his throat to stroke, and gulped down a mouthful of saliva; he couldn't help but be grateful to Yu Feiying for his guidance.

Yu Feiying's on-the-spot training was extremely necessary and timely, otherwise, Gu Zi would not understand women at all.

I gazed at He Ye's bra for about 10 seconds and looked down, what I saw was a large expanse of snow-white skin.

Her snow-white skin extended all the way to her navel. The sexy hollow PP stockings and pants were even more eye-catching.

Bullshit leaked out from the back, but there was a cloth belt pulled from the canal.

Even a 70-year-old geezer would be tempted by such a coquettish ornament; and I'm only 23...

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