Urban Playboy/C15 Tsinan restaurant of passion
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Urban Playboy/C15 Tsinan restaurant of passion
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C15 Tsinan restaurant of passion

20 to 30 years of age is a period of tumult in life, if not the comfort of the opposite sex; something can happen.

India is a country of deep religious culture, but rapes are frequent; fifty or sixty years old aunts can't avoid the sex fiends because young people are living too hard.

Japan's sex industry is thriving, with half of the world's footage being filmed each year on Huangse video; but the level of civilization is high because young people have been taken in by surprise.

The little slut He Ye must have been infected by the Japanese love business.

Flowers are the genitals of plants. In order to attract bees and butterflies, they will always bloom to the brightest.

Men die for their own sake, women for their own pleasure; women work to win men's affection for their clothes; the beauty of appearance is no wonder, but the enchantment of the concubine arouses the desire of the man.

He Ye's sexy open file hole PP stockings and pants made me want to do it.

After He Ye showed off a bit, she saw that I was standing at the door not moving at all, she glanced at me teasingly: "Silly girl, why did you say you would stand there with me!"

I was quite calm and replied, "It's not considered as a companion to stand here?"

He Ye did not say a word, she twisted his body and walked forward, grabbed my hand and pressed it onto her chest.

He Ye's initiative shocked me. Even though we were separated by a barrier for the first time, my hand did not move at all.

I remembered the scene of He Ye fiercely drying her hands on the partition wall in the toilet. I reflexively withdrew my hands and took a step back, "He Ye, put on your clothes;

He Ye laughed loudly, and dug out my eye with a cold snort: "Are you sick? How is it right to promise to come and accompany me and put on your clothes? "

With that, He Ye turned her body around, she raised his butt and pressed it against my sensitive part, and continued to stutter: "Sister Lin Lin is bound by a contract made out of Du Zhuanshu's paper, Leaves are the women of Brother Guzi!"

When He Ye's words reached my bones, she began to move her hips as she spoke; she turned me into a club.

I could feel the thrill of the hammer hitting the floor through the ribbon, and my body felt so numb it was almost unloading.

At this critical moment, I restrained myself and gently pushed He Ye away.

He Ye stared at me blankly for a while but was not disappointed. She opened her eyes wide and once again pressed her chest against mine. I felt the heat from her body quickly spread throughout my body.

He Ye held onto my neck, leaned her head on my shoulder and said in a soft and gentle voice, "Didn't Brother Guzi ask about how Leaves found out that you had taken off Yu Feiying's clothes?"

I foolishly stared at her and said, "That's right! "How did you track and discover it?!"

"Cooperate with me!" He Ye spoke in a flirtatious tone as she stuck her tongue into my mouth.

It was said that we could only bite each other's tongue, I had never tried it before. Being with Yu Feiying did not happen either.

I can guarantee that after He Ye's first round of bewitching, Liu Xiwei, who was calm and composed, would also become confused. In He Ye's second round of attacks, nine out of ten men would turn in their guns, and the only one left who wouldn't would be impotent.

The flowers bloomed so brightly that the bees and butterflies did not come to haunt the heart.

It's impossible to refuse, the cartilage of He Ye's tongue is like a leech stuck into my mouth, I can't help it, in desperation I bite her tongue hard with my teeth.

He Ye cried out in pain, and I stared at her very happily, very proud of myself.

Seeing me so proud, He Ye pulled out her tongue from under my teeth and picked up my earring with her mouth and pointed it towards the large double bed, telling me to go over there.

When it was my turn to cry, I went to the double bed with a cry and took her by the waist.

The reason why he didn't need to hug her was because He Ye's waist was just too slender.

It was not an exaggeration to say that all four of the women in Room 208 were pretty girl; however, all four of them were different and beautiful.

Fan Linlin was beautiful on the face, He Ye on the waist, Qin Yun on the chest and Tan Jingmei on the buttocks.

He Ye, apart from the charm of her waist, had outstripped blue in both her buttocks and chest.

Carrying such a beauty in your arms — or having someone else throw themselves into your arms — how can you not be excited?

He Ye bit on my earwheel, forced me to the double bed and pushed me onto it.

He Ye rode on top of my body and pulled my hand towards her chest. She squinted her eyes as the corners of her mouth curled up and she said half-coquettishly, "Could it be that Brother Guzi is Tang Sanzhi who exterminated the desire of others? But why did you strip Yu Feiying? "

The topic of conversation returned to the original topic. As He Ye spoke, she moved her snow-white thighs to the side and gave him a coquettish look, "Come, Brother Guzi. If you don't go up with me, you'll tell me how to find out you're with Yu Feiying!" He Ye began to strip off my clothes and underwear.

The clothes were quickly stripped off, and when the underwear was left, He Ye placed her hand on my sensitivity.

Even an idiot would know what's next, I also want to taste He Ye's delicacy.

Although He Ye has been used by many men before, but her sexy and hollow PP stockings and pants are way too effective against me.

I hugged He Ye's pp tightly, the smooth and oily feeling seeping into my bone marrow.

Su'er, I calmed myself down: The first time I did not give Yu Feiying the bone, could it be that I want to give it to He Ye?

Thinking of Yu Feiying, a buzzing sound came from my head. I tenaciously grabbed onto He Ye's hand and said: "He Ye, my bones have long said that I would not sell myself if I were to sell my skills. I stuck to this bottom line with Yu Feiying.

My words stunned He Ye, she stared at me and stopped moving her hands and feet, suddenly she leaned on me and started crying, she stared at me and said solemnly: "Gu Zi, isn't Ye very shameless?"

He Ye said that she was very shameless, asking if she was grieving for herself or just asking.

After taking her down from my body and placing her on the bed, I caressed He Ye and said. "Ye, if you need her, I can use other methods to help you settle your bones;

Using other methods to solve the problem was something Yu Feiying taught me on the spot, such as hand and mouth; that's why I said that.

He Ye stared at me without uttering a word. Of course, there was an even more important topic behind those words; that was to stick to your original intention.

I will give my first time to my wife, and I will not let her eat the rest of the meal.

As for who my wife is, I don't even know for sure. It could be Fan Linlin, or perhaps Yu Feiying;

No matter what his wife was, he had to ensure that she was pure — that she didn't sell herself while selling her skills.

I have never crossed the line in Yu Feiying's training, what's more this unrestrained?

He Ye wants to take my first time? Fuck her!

Seeing that I had poured cold water on her raging flames, He Ye wiped away her tears and glared at me fiercely. "Bones, dog, thief!" She immediately scolded him, "Don't hold the chicken hair in your hands and not know how light it is. Carry the carriage but don't know how heavy it is.

Was the reason why they pestered me was to attack rich woman Feng Yun and On Hui? I quickly thought about it as I stared at He Ye with my eyes wide open: "What did you say? Attack the rich lady Feng Yun and On Hui? " I stretched my neck and swallowed saliva, then walked a few steps closer to He Ye as I raised my arms and said, "He Ye, say what you just said again!"

He Ye glanced at me with disdain and said, "The reason why I pestered you was to let you attack the rich lady Feng Yun and On Hui! "What?"

I was so angry that my beard was blowing and my eyes were glaring. I pointed and berated: "He Ye, oh He Ye, I never thought that you would fall to such a state. You are simply hopeless!"

He Ye laughed like a mountain, her mouth twitched as she snorted: "Even now, you are still pretending to be a big tailed wolf? What the f * * k! "

He Ye shouted in an overbearing manner. She raised her eyebrows and said: "Leaves cannot take you, and still have two dishonorable matters in her hands; let's see who is vicious!"

After He Ye finished speaking, she placed her hand on her waist as if she was the hero of Liang Shan, Sun Erniang; she glared at me.

I stood barefooted on the shaggy carpet and met her eyes. I said to myself, "Two dishonorable things?" Isn't it just peeping and being a duck? "

I waved my arms in disdain, "Those two things are nothing impressive, but you have to tell me how to find the bones and help Yu Feiying take off his clothes …"

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