Urban Playboy/C20 In the police station
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Urban Playboy/C20 In the police station
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C20 In the police station

The police still can't take care of us at this time, they will have to wait for Sima Lin and the others who were injured to finish healing before they clear the situation.

I crouched on the floor for a while, then got up and walked over to the grille.

However, he was imprisoned as a revolutionary, especially because of the image of the revolutionary martyr, Sister Jiang.

But we're nothing, a bunch of gangsters fighting in the street. It doesn't seem right to say that we are social hoodlums. We are sticking swords in both sides for our friends! Think about it, Sima Lin and Chen Erpu are in the same room as us, after being together for 4 years, the two of them actually got beaten up when they went to the streets to sell balloons just to earn their living, how can we not help? If he didn't help, how could he still have a spirit of brotherhood?

College students talk about loyalty, but when I think about loyalty, I scold Sima Lin non-stop. This kind of scolding takes place in the heart. Right now, we are street hooligans who have been caught by the public security; we can only behave ourselves and not speak carelessly.

"Sima Lin, you motherf * cking dog, together with Chen Erpu, I borrowed 3000 yuan from the Internet to buy electric light balloons for you to sell on Inda Road Plaza; however, Chen Erpu was guarding your stall, you were looking for women everywhere; and you don't even have to say it, you really hung Mai Suier up on him; but once you walk through his front door and go through the back door, he only asked you for 100 yuan and you just left; if he didn't beat you up, he wouldn't beat you up!" If something happens to you, we'll still have to shoulder the filth for you! "

I cursed Sima Lin in my heart. If Chen Erpu had not called me, I would have gone to Yu Feiying's Tianlun Entertainment Center.

I thought about it and found myself wondering what it meant to read the revolutionary novel Red Rock when I was a child; how I had visited it that year at the university knowledge competition in Chongqing; and how it turned out to be a small coal kiln, with so little slag and so little coal that it had the name of a slag cave. The third side of the cave is a mountain, while the other side is a ditch. The position of the cave is very hidden. In 1939, the special agent of the military took over the coal kiln of the cave and set up a prison inside it. The novel Red Cliff describes the cave in great detail.

I couldn't say the same thing as Sister Jiang, but the feeling of being locked up in a cell seemed the same; even though the police station's holding cell wasn't yet a cell, it was still barred.

Absently, I walked over to the iron window, put my hands on the welded iron spike at number 12, and peered through the gap between the thorn and the thorn.

A full moon quietly hung in the heaven in the east, but the light of the moon reminded me of Su Shi's poems:

When would the moon be bright? Ye Zichen asked the blue sky. I wonder what year it will be. I want to ride the wind and go home, but I am afraid of the beauty of the palace and the cold of the high places. Dancing to clarify the shadow, how did it seem to be in the human world.

Zhu Ge Pavilion, Ling Qi, sleepless. What should I hate? It was difficult to complete the story of the people who had their sorrows together and the moon that was full and round. Let us hope that we will live on for a long time.

In my mind, I silently recited the Song Dynasty poet Su Shi's poems. I thought back to the events that had happened to me that day. It was simply like the heavens above the earth.

Dad's surgery was completed on time, and my life had changed in a flash in order to pay for my dad's surgery.

I want to meet Yu Feiying, and under Du Zhuanshu's coaxing, he signed the indenture contract with me.

"Sister Ying! Are you in Europe? Are you safe? Do you want to stay at home or in a hotel? "

I felt endless gratitude and longing for Yu Feiying. Even though we had only known each other for a day, she had given me 30 thousand yuan.

This is a deformed age, and everything is measured by money. If you sleep with someone else and they say you have the ability to give you a thumbs-up, then you have money. If someone else sleeps with your wife, then not only is there no sympathy, but you are a useless pauper.

Sister Ying gave me 30 thousand yuan to solve the urgent matter, who would I miss if I did not thank her?

Of course, there was also Fan Linlin, but he had to place her second; after all, she was unable to resist Du Zhuanshu's enticement and became his captive. Linlin must be in Du Zhuanshu's bear hug right now …

I called out incoherently in my mind, and when I looked up at the moon hanging in the sky, it didn't seem quite round; it was, to be exact, just a little short of full.

So this is not the fifteenth night? but fourteen or thirteen...

Just as he was thinking, a police car drove in from the outside and stopped in the courtyard of the police station.

When the lights in the courtyard lit up, I could clearly see the signboard hanging on the wall — Tiannan City Police Station of the Western City Public Security Bureau.

Tiannan City was the seat of the provincial capital and was divided into sub-provincial cities according to the administrative level. South Sky City Public Security Bureau was at the main hall level and West City Public Security Bureau was at the county level.

After the police cars stopped in the courtyard, a few policemen, Sima Lin, Chen Erpu and the other injured people walked down from the roof.

I felt a chill in my heart, because I saw a very eye-catching officer from the pretty girl.

Officer pretty girl was a LV 1 officer, with a silver stripe and three Star Flowers on her shoulder. From her rank, she had to be at least a department official.

Just as I was thinking, the Officer's magnetic voice sounded, "Captain Qin!" Officer pretty girl turned her face towards a big black police officer and said: "Immediately clean up the office. We want to ask about the people involved!"

The big black officer called Captain Qin by the pretty girl Police Officer was a third class Superintendent, whose rank was lower than pretty girl's.

Hearing pretty girl's officer speak like this, she strode forward and said, "Director Zhu, you're saying that we will interrogate the person involved overnight?"

"Yes!" Officer pretty girl, no, it should be the beautiful Superintendent. He paused for a moment, raised his hand and stuck a strand of hair under his police hat, then said: "I will not stay the night.

My heart tightened and my eyes couldn't help but lower as I stared at the director while thinking, "This is bad! He Ye won't be able to leave, there's still Sima Lin, Chen Erpu … "

Captain Qin was the captain of the Criminal Police Squad in the police station. Hearing Chief Officer Mei Mei's arrangements, he immediately changed into two or three police officers and went to arrange things in the office on the second floor. Director Mei then called Sima Lin and the others over to the office on the first floor.

Officer pretty girl's pacing posture was very graceful, like the calm and quiet of an egret searching for food in a river bank; when matched with her proper police uniform, it was reflected in the moonlight and light of the night; like the envoy sent by the Heavenly Court.

The police uniform was imposing, but the awe-inspiring police uniform covered up the figure of the pretty girl police officer.

Although the officer of the pretty girl was covered up by her uniform, her chest was still very tall. Her buttocks were also slightly raised, and her waist was visibly constricted, which made him very eye-catching.

I must have seen the glaring pretty girl Police Officer before, but I really can't remember where.

I hoped that the officer of the pretty girl would stroll over to the iron window and let me see her; but her beauty was undesirable, and her face was turned away from me.

When I turned around to look, I saw He Ye standing behind me. I saw that the window was welded with steel bars, and someone had knocked on my shoulder, causing me to feel extreme pain.

He Ye stared at me with a fake smile. "What is Brother Guzi looking at?"

He glanced outside the window and saw the pretty girl Police Officer pacing around. Sneering, he laughed: "What a good eye you have in Brother Guzi! Why, are you interested in that pretty girl Police Officer? "

After pausing for a bit, he leaned on me and said, "The police station won't let go of the person who harmed them. He Ye might not be able to leave for the time being, but don't forget about the contract with us, Brother Guzi!"

The gentleman's treaty that He Ye was talking about was naturally referring to 1 million yuan. She wanted me to wipe it all off on the wealthy and On Hui, but would I have that kind of charm? is that if she has the charisma, Feng Yun, On Hui can give me 1 million? Go to sleep, Bighead.

I muttered in my heart, and my good impression of He Ye completely vanished. I glared at her fiercely and cursed in my heart: "Which pot won't the little slut bring up? Gu Zi is currently in custody at the police station. How could he have the heart to go up by 1 million … "

I thought for a while, then let out a "hmph" from my nose. I glanced at He Ye, then returned to the corner of the wall and squatted; Captain Qin and two policemen opened the iron door of the detention cell and walked in. "Everyone go to the office on the second floor.

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