Urban Playboy/C3 Tell you a secret
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Urban Playboy/C3 Tell you a secret
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C3 Tell you a secret

He Ye laughed until her hair stood on end. I saw the Nine Yin White Bone Claw Mei Chaofeng's figure from her laughter.

He Ye laughed as she walked to my side. While I was not on guard, she suddenly grabbed my lower body.

I grimaced and took a step back before saying angrily, "Ye-zi, what are you doing? Men and women should not be intimate with each other, this is sexual assault! "

"Hahahaha …" He Ye laughed loudly, "What do you mean by Big Tail Wolf? The Brother Guzi was dignified like a willow tree, but behind his back, it was filthy like an animal! "Brother Guzi," He Ye said in a low voice as she put her mouth close to my ear, "Is little sister's fullness really that attractive? Do you want to pinch her?!"

As He Ye said this, she actually used her plump body to sweep a circle around my face; a numb feeling immediately spread throughout my entire body.

I panicked and backed off. He Ye glared at me with disdain as she coldly snorted, "You have the heart of a thief but not the courage to do so. You're only fit to be a chameleon in the dark!"

He Ye took off my mask all of a sudden, and stared at He Ye in a wretched manner without uttering a word.

Seeing that I did not say anything, He Ye extended his hand out and waved his hand: "Take out your phone!"

With his eyes rolling around, he emphasized, "How about you delete the recording for me?"

I was stunned, He Ye knew that I used my phone to record the video of her and Ma Jian being on ai? Little Waves's hooves were too strange, she could really see and hear everything in every direction!

I looked at He Ye and said, "Where … Speak... Leaves... "How can I be so dirty …"

"You won't give it to me, right?" He Ye placed her hands behind her back and glared at me.

I understand, it's a term for piggy sheep.

In the old days, there were grocers who specialized in changing the gender of pigs and sheep. They held onto the horned pig with a sharp knife, while the ram and the horned pig with a scythe cut their testicles.

He Ye has many brothers in the academy and society, wouldn't it be as easy as flipping her hand to take action against me?

I stared at He Ye and did not say anything. He Ye walked up and kissed my cheek: "Brother Guzi is my friend, Leaves does not want to make things big; as long as the video on my phone is deleted, I will tell you a secret!"

"Tell me a secret?" I repeated He Ye's words and saw that her eyes were full of kindness. She helplessly shushed me and took out her three star phone from her pocket and handed it to her. "You can delete it yourself!"

He Ye took the phone and watched the video for a while. Then she laughed: "It's blurry and indistinct, even if it was uploaded to the internet, it wouldn't be anything special!"

Stopping for a moment, she looked back at me and said, "However, the camera that is flashing on my face is still quite clear. I have to delete it …" Brother Guzi, do you think … "

As He Ye said this, she deleted the video on her phone, and charmingly glanced at me as she said, "Brother Guzi has seen little sister's body, little sister is yours, do you want to do it?"

He Ye said this as if she was drinking a glass of plain water. I was dumbstruck and didn't know what to do as I stared at her.

Seeing me not saying anything, He Ye raised her eyebrows and laughed, then said: "Little sister knows that Brother Guzi is not rich, I will give you 200 yuan to play with!"

My eyes were as wide as a toad's, and the lotus leaves were like this; but she was a college student!

My heart ached from the pain. I spat in anger, "He Ye, you're shameless!"

He Ye was startled and then laughed loudly. She glanced at me and said, "Gu Zi, you have shame? "Let's see how much it's worth to pull out the leaf!"

I was speechless. I stared into her eyes.

He Ye's eyes flashed with a playful and disrespectful look — So what if you're a university student? A dime for a college student... She raised his arms and said with a dispirited look, "Kind of a donkey's heart, I won't play anymore!"

She blinked at me and said, "I won't go back on my words. I'll tell you a secret!"

I disdainfully said, "What are you talking about? Hurry up and say it. I still have something to do!"

The corner of He Ye's mouth twitched, revealing her pure white teeth and rosy lips, she giggled: "Didn't Brother Guzi just search for Sister Lin? Let me tell you, she became the lover of the biology department's director, Du Zhuanshu! "

There was a crack in my head, and golden flowers were everywhere; it was as if someone had struck me from behind with a stick and was about to fall.

He Ye held onto me and grinned: "Little girl, she can be a man's lover, but can't you be a woman's lover?"

He Ye said calmly, but in my heart, it was as if a knife was cleaving and an axe was slicing at my heart — — Oh god, Fan Linlin, who I have been in love with for seven years, actually became Du Zhuanshu's lover? No wonder she gave me an ultimatum.

Seeing that I was in so much pain that I wanted to die, He Ye's face paled. She placed her hand on my shoulder and patted my shoulder to show her sympathy and said, "Brother Guzi is too tired from living.

As He Ye said this, she took out a stack of cash from her pocket and handed it over to me: "Brother Guzi, take this 2000 yuan!"

My eyes were moist, but how could I ask for Leaf's money? Her money was not easy to come by either!

I rejected He Ye and left. He Ye shouted from the back, "Brother Guzi needs money, why don't you go to the nightclub?

He Ye's words were like a hammer pounding on my dull brain, I said in my heart: "Lang Zouzi's words might be true …"

I left apartment building two in a depressed mood, and went back to the garden to sit in the stone chair. I took the job ad out of my pocket and looked at it again.

I took a deep breath and thought: Meeting He Ye in apartment building 2 might be the new starting point of my life.

He Ye's passion, boldness, righteousness, and courage seemed to have opened another door in my heart.

Willowy's thoughts melted away like ice cubes, and the idea that the starved fruit could satisfy the hunger was once again dominant.

He was so poor that he needed to build a memorial archway. He could only foolishly throw his life away. Lotus' words made a lot of sense.

I'm not a big deal as a male PR person, but I don't sell my body as a showgirl …

I saw a glimmer of light in the darkness, saw a billow of wealth rushing towards me, and was full of energy as I rushed towards the recruitment office — the Tianlun Entertainment Center Residential Wutong Street.

In the distance, I could see the pink building of the Tianlun Entertainment Center; the excitement I had been so eager to try had cooled down again and again, like a bucket of cold water.

I did not dare to go in, but walked about the door hesitantly; I hesitated.

After all, he was a university student, and he would graduate in three months. Wasn't he doing public relations with a slobbering face like a flower thrown into a latrine to be sullied?

However, a single coin was enough to defeat a hero. Acting arrogant could only end his life; moreover, my father desperately needed the surgery fee. If I didn't work hard, my father would have left me and Cherry.

I scrunched my brow into a knot and scratched and scratched my head for no reason; the ants moved in a panic, then stood and looked around; I picked up my left hand and scratched my right.

A bunch of handsome men and women walked past me, arms around each other's shoulders. The different scents of perfume made me dizzy.

An unsuppressible rage welled up in me. "Damn it, everyone else is living such a comfortable life, but I'm like a stray dog that's worried about my livelihood!"

My eyes were filled with unyielding hatred, and my eyes were as wide as a bull's bell. I waved my arms in encouragement and said, "F * ck, I only see the mud on my legs when I go into the water!"

I summoned up my courage and went to the corner of the street to dial Tianlun Entertainment Center's number; a delicate voice immediately sounded at the other end: "Yo! It's a handsome guy! Are you applying for Public Relations? "

The chirping sound was very melodious, with a kind of bird song and bird dance feeling; my heart itched.

If I was an actor, I would have been a rigid man like Stallone; I would have been a master of public relations.

I braced myself, put my phone to my ear, and took a few steps toward the sparsely populated area. "Beauty — I use the name of the most popular woman in the market — I see your advertisement. The salary is as high as 3000 yuan a day, and the money is settled on a foreign day …"

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