Urban Playboy/C5 Sister ying is beautiful
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Urban Playboy/C5 Sister ying is beautiful
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C5 Sister ying is beautiful

I was stunned as I stared blankly at Zhang Long. After a moment of confusion, I asked, "What do you want to do in the house?"

"Check your body!" Zhang Long snorted disdainfully, "This is an entertainment place, so we must conduct a medical examination of the candidates. If there is an infectious disease, we definitely must not have AIDS or anything like that!"

I cursed, "What are you pretending for? that you can detect if there's AIDS? "

However, thinking about it, it was necessary for him to check his body before entering the office in the entertainment area, so he had to cooperate with her.

I followed Zhang Long into the small hut and he told me to take off my pants. He held onto my little brother and looked around for a long time before saying, "There's nothing wrong with wearing it, right?"

I cursed in my heart, "Up till now, I haven't even tried to get on Fan Linlin's girlfriend, what kind of sickness is there? "The f * ck's head!"

Seeing that I had put on my pants, Zhang Long looked at me seriously: "Pay 5000 yuan deposit and you can go to the bell immediately!"

"5,000 Yuan deposit?" A bell? " I thought to myself: You came here to prepare the surgery for your father, and you didn't earn a penny to pay a $5,000 deposit? Where do I have 5,000 yuan? I'm here to fuck you for 5,000 yuan!

I angrily glared at Zhang Long, then walked out of the house and said to Hu Mei: "Hu Mei, your advertisement did not mention anything about paying 5,000 yuan as deposit. But Zhang Long wants me to hand it over... "Give me a hammer …" I actually cursed.

"I'm done for!" I panted like a frog and flung the door open in my hands.

Hu Mei shouted from behind: "Bone... Handsome... "We can talk things over if we have something to say …"

Why would I discuss it with Hu Mei? They walked in a hurry to the door of Tianlun Entertainment Center but Hu Mei unexpectedly caught up with them.

I turned around and looked at Hu Mei as if I was walking towards him, but then I bumped into a woman with an elegant demeanor.

I looked at the temperament woman in a daze, not knowing what to do. Hu Mei ran over to me and stared at her in panic;

Yu Dong! Hu Mei called her Dong Dong? So the woman standing in front of me is the chairman of the Tian Lun Center?

Puzzled, I stared at the temperament woman, and saw that she was dressed with great care.

He wore a red dress that looked like a burning flame from a distance; he had a black wavy head with its hair curling up at the ends; his oval face was as white as a gem.

Under the neat bangs, there were two very good-looking eyebrows and a slightly raised nose. The two big black eyes seemed especially bright and clear between the eyebrows and the nose.

A warm light shone from her bright, clear eyes, not only adding to her temperament, but also imbuing her moving, gem-like face with an enchanting glow.

I sized up the temperament woman and muttered in my heart: "Is the Yu Dong that Hu Mei is referring to the famous and famous big shot of the entertainment circle, Yu Feiying? But she's so young, and there's not much difference between her age and her bones! "

I stared unblinkingly at the temperament woman and felt that she was different from the masses. I muttered to myself with absolute certainty, "Maybe she is the big shot Yu Feiying of Tiannan City and Entertainment World …"

The temperament woman was a little dazed after I crashed into her. When she saw Hu Mei running over, her eyes flashed with a strange light.

I was a little proud, thinking that if it was Yu Feiying who had the temperament of a woman, she would definitely be shocked by my Stallone image.

The temperament lady took her gaze away from me and looked at Hu Mei: "What's going on?"

Both of Hu Mei's hands were pressed on the seams of her pants as she stood there like a soldier. Listening to the lady's question, she walked a few steps closer to her and said with a serious expression: "Chairman, Sister Ying;

Hu Mei pointed at me and said, "Gu Zi is here to apply for public relations, but Brother Zhang wants him to pay a deposit of 5,000 yuan; Gu Zi wants to leave, so little sister only caught up to him in a hurry when she saw that he was handsome, and did not expect him to …"

When Hu Mei called out "Sister Ying", I was 100% sure that the elegant woman was the big boss Yu Feiying, and the thought of reverence surfaced in my mind.

The beauty of women lay in their temperament. Only with a beautiful temperament could a woman accomplish great things.

"Zhang Long collects the deposit from him?" The temperament woman interrupted Hu Mei and raised her arms as she bellowed: "Come, let's return to the PR Department!"

The lady with the temperament turned to me and sized me up again, then introduced herself with a smile: "My name is Yu Feiying, I'm the chairman of the board of directors of Tianlun Entertainment Center!"

She held out a hand to me, and I reached out my hand to hold hers in horror.

Yu Feiying's hand was like a cotton ball, soft to the point that it gave me a feeling of being electrocuted.

I held it tightly for a few moments, and Yu Feiying's lips curled; the power that we used to wake up was too great, we hurriedly pulled back our hands and stared at her: "Are you really the famous Boss Yu?"

Yu Feiying laughed: "What big boss, just a commoner woman!"

Yu Feiying glanced at me: "You're called Gu Zi?"

"Yes, Director Yu!" I straightened my back and said with conviction, "Little Copper, copper, silver, copper, tin, tin, tin, tin, copper, bone, bone, bone!"

"Interesting! Be honest! "Straightforward!" Yu Feiying slightly smiled and said: "Zhang Long was disrespectful to Brother Guzi just now, this is his bad habit. We don't accept any deposits here, if his confidence doesn't decrease, we can go back with Yu Feiying!"

How could Yu Feiying reject?

I followed behind Yu Feiying and returned to the PR Department's office. Zhang Long was still sitting there, and when he saw Yu Feiying walking in, he respectfully stood up and shouted: "Director Yu!"

Yu Feiying did not say anything, he walked straight to Hu Mei's seat and sat down. He stared at Zhang Long for a while before saying: "Zhang Long, are you the living King of Hell? You think you're amazing as a foreman, don't you? "A fly flies over and wants to untie its leg …"

Zhang Long lowered his head without saying a word, and glanced at Yu Feiying from time to time;

Zhang Long was Tian Lun's old man, but as he had a bloated body, no one would like to see him; however, no one could compare to him. Yu Feiying had asked him to be the head of the PR Department, but this fellow was doing something small for him.

Many of the applicants swallowed their anger due to Zhang Long, but I was a different type of person.

At the moment, male PR was very popular in the entertainment industry. A few good seedlings had to be dug up, while the Tian Lun Center had long cancelled their deposit in order to dig up the top talents. However, Zhang Long was pretending to be private.

Yu Feiying got angry at Zhang Long, and after calming down, he turned around and continued: "This matter is not over yet, Zhang Long, if you still refuse to come to terms with it, then you can only take back your grain!"

Zhang Long suddenly knelt on the ground and begged: "Boss Yu! Chairman! This little one does not dare to create unnecessary problems behind your back anymore, please forgive this little one! "

Seeing that Zhang Long had turned into a bear in an instant, he couldn't help but be complacent. "There are also fake goods here, a dead bald man would definitely not be a good person!"

Yu Feiying recounted Zhang Long's incident in detail, and then turned to me and said: "How about this, Brother Guzi goes to my office to discuss it in detail!"

After Yu Feiying said this, he looked at Hu Mei and then said determinedly: "We don't need to fight for other areas for a handsome brother like Tong Guzi. If you find out about this again, you guys will all scram!"

Yu Feiying's words made me feel secretly delighted, thinking that she had definitely taken a liking to Stallone's temperament and image.

Yu Feiying said, "Brother Gu Zi, let's go!"

Yu Feiying walked ahead of me out of the PR office, while I followed behind in a daze.

I peeked at Yu Feiying's waist from the back. Her butt was slightly raised and his waist was slim; even if I stretched out my hand to pinch his waist, I was afraid that I would be able to do it with a one metre and eighty-five centimeters gap between them.

However, her chest was puffed up, causing her to almost struggle free of the flame dress.

Looking at it from the outside, Yu Feiying's chest was at least an F cup; A great beauty …

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