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C6 Uygur bibao halfface

Yu Feiying walked into the elevator on the first floor, and I followed behind her and went up to the 18th floor.

Yu Feiying pointed to the right: "Over there, Room 1818!"

Yu Feiying made a humble gesture and walked to the front, opening the door of Room 1818.

Yu Feiying asked me to sit on the wooden sofa inside the room while he walked into a small room.

I sat on the wooden couch and looked around. Only then did I realize that Yu Feiying's office area was at least 200 square meters.

The office for the head of the Ministry of State could not exceed 54 square meters, Yu Feiying's office was as big as four or five ministers.

While I was daydreaming, Yu Feiying walked out from the small house.

Walking out of the hut, Yu Feiying was no longer a ball of fire but a fresh bee;

I stood up from the wooden sofa and respectfully held my hands together as I stared at Yu Feiying with fear in my eyes and muttered: "So beautiful, simply like a fairy! Why would such a beautiful woman do such a risky business?

Fool! "In the face of danger, wealth is sought; in the face of danger, gold is obtained; in the face of death, three hundred percent of the profits are risked. This is EQ, the more attractive a woman is, the more successful she will be in the entertainment circle …"

After taking off the red dress, Yu Feiying was wearing a light yellow mini dress, which was the Little Bee that was picking the pollen all over the place in spring.

Although it was a dress, the hem of the dress only covered half of the butt.

I saw that half of Yu Feiying's butt was exposed, as well as his red lace pants that covered his butt, causing my entire body to become hot.

Trying not to, I wiped my hand across my eyes to give the fiery eye a chance to descend.

Yu Feiying felt the evil fire shooting out of my eyes, and he giggled and said, "Sit down, sit down! "Why are you standing up!?"

I sat back down on the couch and glanced down at her, my left hand clutching my right.

Yu Feiying stared at me with a soul-taking gaze. I anxiously glanced at her, not daring to meet her gaze.

But I could tell that she was only twenty-four or five years old, probably more than 162 centimeters tall; a devil's body, as they say. A devil's age.

I had a little rabbit on my chest that was jumping around randomly. Yu Feiying, who had a pretty face, could not help but ask: "Is Tianlun Entertainment Center a business of Yu Dong?"

"That's right!" Yu Feiying replied happily, looked at me and said, "Just call me Sister Ying! Tell me about your situation! "

I stared at Yu Feiying and said "Sister Ying". I was speechless, I was really too nervous.

Yu Feiying laughed, "Gu Zi, what are you so nervous for! Sister Ying is not a tiger that can eat you? "

That's right! What am I nervous about? Even He Ye and Ma Jian could peep on her being on the same level. What was there to be afraid of if she sat together with a woman like Sister Ying?

I let out a long breath as I stared at Yu Feiying. Yu Feiying stole the conversation: "How about this, let me ask you how about it?"

I said, a little calmly, "All right!" However, he was still unable to extricate himself from his predicament. He continued scratching his right hand with his left hand.

Yu Feiying chuckled: "Why are you so nervous Brother Guzi! You can tell you're an honest person just by looking at how nervous you are. How old are you this year? "

"23 years old! March 17, 1994. " I said it in a matter-of-fact way.

Yu Feiying was startled, he glanced at me and laughed: "Sister Ying is one year older than you, she was born in 1993!"

I stared at Yu Feiying in bewilderment as I said, "Sister Ying, you're only one year older than him, yet you have such a large inheritance. You really can't live compared to others!"

Yu Feiying laughed like a mountain, he paused for a moment and suddenly said: "Don't be in such a rush, as long as you are willing to use your brain, the treasure will find you!"

After a pause, he glanced at me and said, "Gu Zi, continue talking!"

I focused my mind and confidently said: "My name is Tong Guzi and I am 23 years old. I am a fourth year student in the Biotechnology Department of the South Sky Biotechnology University, and will graduate in three months. My height is 185 centimeters, and my weight is 130 kilograms.

"Bones are college students!" Yu Feiying suddenly stood up with a face full of smiles: "We are recruiting university students like you!"

After pausing for a moment, he said thoughtfully, "Zhang Long was a dog that pretended to take advantage of the public for private purposes, and almost missed a good seedling!"

I looked at her with some gratitude and thought, Bole!

Yu Feiying raised his arms excitedly: "Gu Zi is the first university student our center has accepted since we were established. Before this, his highest public relations education has never surpassed senior high school.

Yu Feiying's words moved me. Could it be that she wanted me to become a shareholder in the Tian Lun Sect? If Gu Zi had a shareholder in such a rich company, it would not be easy to change the state of family poverty.

I was suddenly filled with ambition. How could I become an entrepreneur? Could a dozen generations of poor peasants be unable to change that?

Yu Feiying stared at me and suddenly asked, "Has this bone been there for the first time?"

I was stunned for a moment, then looked at her and said, "The first time Sister Ying talked about it was …"

Yu Feiying smiled like a piece of cotton, he pointed at me and said, "This is the first time I've known you for so long?"

I suddenly came to my senses and stood up. "No …" None... "Absolutely nothing …"

After saying that, he continued, "But I've secretly watched other people doing it …"

Yu Feiying was startled, he unreasonably glanced at me and said, "Peeping at others for making them my disciple … Hahaha … Brother Guzi is too honest! "To think that you would even talk about such a thing …"

I thought I said the wrong thing and just stared at her in a daze without saying anything. Yu Feiying frowned and laughed, "Be honest, I believe you won't lie!"

As Yu Feiying spoke, he poured a cup of tea and passed it to me. "Graduating in three months?"

"That's right, Sister Ying!" I bluntly said, "We will graduate in three months' time. Quite a few of us have already left school and are looking for work!"

"Gu Zi, come to the Sister Ying!" Yu Feiying said firmly. He sat back down at his desk and started to taste his tea.

I glanced at Yu Feiying, not knowing what to say. She giggled.

After a pause, he raised his arms and solemnly said, "You can't be shy when doing PR; you have to be generous. It should be seen! "

"Being generous? Dark science? To a naked woman? " I said to myself, blushing.

Seeing my red face, Yu Feiying changed his position on the chair and laughed: "What's with the red face of a big boy? Thick black science is clear, Liu Bei owes the land of Bashu, Cao Cao, Sun Quan form the situation of three kingdoms? Isn't he thick-skinned! "

Yu Feiying explained it this way? Shameless!

Yu Feiying gently took a sip of his tea and looked at me, then said: "Just now in the Public Relations Department, Zhang Long didn't want to do it as a public servant, but now that I am speaking the truth, will you be willing to do it?"

I suddenly stood up and said, "With a leader like Sister Ying, I'm willing to do it!" I wanted to say the same thing, but I felt that it was a bit vulgar,

Yu Feiying laughed loudly: "What leader? That's why we are so friendly when we call each other brothers and sisters! "

Yu Feiying's "brothers and sisters" made me feel as if I was sitting on equal ground, so I calmed down a lot after sitting on the sofa.

Yu Feiying stood up, walked a few steps around the desk and said, "Looks like I have to train my bones properly before the bell rings, or else you won't be able to unleash your potential!"

I stared, not knowing what she meant by professional training.

I would like to ask Yu Feiying how do you conduct business training? Where should I train? He couldn't say it out loud.

As Yu Feiying paced back and forth, his beautiful eyebrows furrowed as he thought about something.

Her pacing posture was very graceful, like a crane dancing in the air.

I glanced at Yu Feiying and saw that the bottom half of her miniskirt was flickering; his mind was in a mess and his body was hot again.

Yu Feiying's buttocks were half white meat, and the other half was red lace.

Red excites me, lace and veils are triangles, and the hidden part of me is even more of a source of endless reverie.

What made a woman so attractive was that she had her arms around her shoulders and her face half covered. Undisguised exposure was actually meaningless.

Yu Feiying's posture of hugging onto his shoulder made me shiver all over, a kind of anxious and restless heart assaulted my nerves at the end of the road …

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