Urban Playboy/C9 Gentle persuasion
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Urban Playboy/C9 Gentle persuasion
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C9 Gentle persuasion

Yu Feiying dragged me out of the Rich Women's Club and into the BMW. She turned his head and looked at me without saying a word.

I bitterly sat on the passenger seat as I felt that Yu Feiying was messing with me.

She was the employee who signed the contract with her. The situation was clearly written on the contract, so why was she so angry?

I glanced at Yu Feiying with a bit of injustice, not saying a word. However, the expression on my face revealed that I had already admitted my wrongs.

Yu Feiying sighed, "Bones, it's not that Sister Ying is insulting you, but to be so rash in such a situation would be very humiliating!"

After a pause, he said with a bit of relief: "Luckily Feng Yun's skin is so thick that it doesn't matter, as long as the other women give you a few tight slaps!"

He slowly started the car as he walked along the river road. He said concisely: "Feng Yun is our important client, if we lose her, it will be a huge loss!"

As Yu Feiying spoke, he told me about Feng Yun's origins: Feng Yun was a South Sky person who had found a Malaysian millionaire, and the rich man was someone 30 years older than Feng Yun and couldn't satisfy her.

"This is crazy!" This woman is simply insane! " After Yu Feiying finished introducing Feng Yun's situation, I said in my heart: "To spend so much money for a man so crazily; it's really unreasonable!"

Later on, I realized how ridiculous and naive my concept of poor middle peasants was.

Rich people don't care about money but they care about enjoyment and popularity. If they miss out on someone they like, they will regret it for the rest of their lives.

A moth, snow willow golden silk, smiling and smiling. The crowd had been searching for him for hundreds of thousands of times when they suddenly looked back. However, that person was now in a place devoid of any light.

I had actually become Prince Charming, who was written by Xin Qiji. He broke a pool of jade water right after appearing in Rich Women's Club; all the women looked at me enviously.

The body that made me handsome and healthy shook a woman? Or did the image of a tough man who resembled Stallone make them love him?

However, there were only two women approaching them: one was named Feng Yun and the other was named On Hui.

Feng Yun's wife was an overseas Chinese, so her identity was even more legendary than Feng Yun.

She was a university professor and a senior intellectual; she had published several books, and her husband, the boss of a listed company, had died of illness.

On Hui seemed to still have one more girl, but Sister Ying said that she rarely mentioned it.

When On Hui's husband was alive, she left hundreds of billions of dollars in assets for On Hui to inherit, so On Hui no longer had the thought of marrying;

However, On Hui, who had her back to the crowd, had a passionate desire for men, but what she needed was young and handsome little fresh meat;

The moment my Rich Women's Club appeared, On Hui immediately came over.

However, Yu Feiying could not possibly sell it on the spot, and with an excuse, he dragged me out of the Rich Women's Club. On Hui was very disappointed, and Feng Yun was also very disappointed.

After Yu Feiying finished introducing Feng Yun and On Hui's situation, I actually developed deep sympathy for them.

If the requests of Feng Yun and Feng Yun aren't excessive, I still plan to accompany them; after all, there are many ways to be friends.

When the thought came to me, I was amazed at how quickly I had changed my mind.

The phrase 'environment changes people, people change their environment' is very accurate; as soon as I come into contact with the entertainment industry, my sense of the poor, the middle peasants, is changing.

Before this, I was still a crippled Liu Xiaihui; Yu Feiying's words had actually ignited the ball of dried wood in my heart that I hadn't seen for a long time.

To a greater extent, it was the fate of the two women, Feng Yun and On Hui, that tempted me.

Although Feng Yun and On Hui are rich but their minds are empty, they can only achieve what they want through this method. If I want to welcome them, I can only say that I am a shallow person.

However, there are not many people who are noble in this world. 99% of people are in the same shallow category as me; the so-called noble people seem to think highly of themselves.

I lowered my head and thought. Yu Feiying started to giggle; Yu Feiying laughed as he stared at me and said, "Gu Zi, are you listening? "How did I find that your mind was a little distracted!"

I replied with a "ao ao ao ao" sound and came back to my senses. I glanced at him and chuckled, "Listen to me, Sister Ying.

Yu Feiying let out a long breath, steadied his mind and said, "Under normal circumstances, Rich Women's Club only looks at money without asking where it comes from. Only after Sister Ying, Feng Yun and On Hui have a thorough understanding of each other do they know of their difficulties!"

After a pause, he glanced at me and said, "Senior intellectuals are human beings too, not a useless bunch like you. They are under great mental pressure, so their physical demands are much stronger!"

I glanced at Yu Feiying and thought to myself: Before this, I always thought that women's Rich Women's Club were in the lower class, but who would have thought that there would be such a university professor like On Hui.

After repentance, I still tried to defend my recklessness: "Feng Yun was too light; she grabbed my arm and rubbed it against my chest, only then did I shake her off!"

Yu Feiying didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He pressed one hand on the steering wheel, raised the other hand and pointed at me before putting it back down, "You really are a virgin. It looks like you have to be trained in business... "

After Yu Feiying and I returned to the Heavenly Lun Center, we directly went up to the 28th floor and sat down to drink some tea. Yu Feiying led me to the 2818 luxurious bathroom.

Yu Feiying opened the door to the bathroom. I stood at the door and watched: the decorations inside were simply heaven on earth; a kind of floating feeling spread throughout my body.

The bathroom was divided into an inner and outer room, the inner room was purely a place for bathing, and beside the large tub was a shower, which didn't seem very spacious.

The outer room, on the other hand, was made up of a fifty-square-meter floor of tiled tiles; the tiles were covered with a scarlet carpet.

There was a double bed propped up against the wall, with a leather sofa on one side and an antique Nanmu sofa on the other.

Looking at the novel style of the bathroom, I recalled the scene I saw at Rich Women's Club. I understood in my heart that Yu Feiying probably wanted me here;

Seeing my uneasiness, Yu Feiying smiled: "Gu, I let you see the world at Rich Women's Club just now, now Sister Ying is going to train you on the spot!"

Yu Feiying repeated what he had said several times already. I stood there confused, not knowing what to do.

Yu Feiying glanced at me as he continued to narrate, "In order to do PR, you have to serve the customers from the moment they enter the door. You have to satisfy their needs;

With a smile, he stared at me and said, "Woman, don't reject the tip. That's what you deserve!"

I foolishly looked at Yu Feiying and asked, "The customers will tip Mr. Gong Guan;

Yu Feiying laughed loudly: "Truly a chick, how can a company be desolate?"

He raised his arm and said solemnly, "Rich women have already arranged their meals before they start consuming them, while the company has a big one. Is that how the old saying goes? "Oh, sheep's hair comes out of a sheep's body!"

I was confused, but then I remembered the words on the recruitment notice. I smiled and said, "Sister Ying, which recruitment advertisement said that the daily salary was 3000, what does it mean to settle with external sources on that day?"

Yu Feiying looked at me and smiled, then said: "The base salary of the central public relations department is 3,000 yuan, but public relations department can obtain external water; under normal circumstances, external water is much more than salary! "According to the comprehensive calculation of the external water and salary, the daily salary of 3,000 yuan could be calculated. Only then would the external water be settled for the day; only then would it be advertised to the outside world!"

Yu Feiying's words brought tears to my eyes, and I stared at her intently. I saw that her light yellow miniskirt was sometimes clear and sometimes blurred in front of my eyes, but her stately figure; his peach-red face; the eyes and thin lips of the two talking black crows; they had long disturbed me.

The hatred and resentment I felt towards her from the Rich Women's Club actually disappeared in an instant.

Yu Feiying saw that my eyes were emitting an unusual light, he stared at me and laughed: "Once Brother Guzi enters from the bottom of the abyss, there are some things that cannot be explained, only things that you understand will be understood!"

Pausing, he waved his arm and said: "Gu, Sister Ying is going to teach you live!"

Yu Feiying cleared his throat and pointed to the doorstep as he entered: "Outside the doorstep is not within the service area, and within the doorstep is the responsibility of public relations!"

Yu Feiying spoke in a very serious manner, from the moment the rich woman stepped onto the doorstep to Mr. Gong Guan carrying someone to bed; to the moment she took off her clothes, massaged her entire body, and allowed the rich woman to walk on her back into the bathtub to scrub it, to the point of satisfying a certain request made by the woman;

When I heard it, my face flushed red to my ears. Yu Feiying fixed his gaze at me and said, "Gu Zi, Sister Ying told me once.

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