The City's Invincible Soldier King

Modern Life
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Latest Release: C777 The final result: The world's number one prince
Jan 21st, 08:04
The arrival of her twin granddaughters had brought joy to the Long family. Although taking care of the twins was a tiring task, Zhou Yanyan, who was happy with being a grandma, was happy inside. She also insisted on not asking the babysitter to take care of her granddaughter personally. Xi Wanting, who was now her mother, was no longer that serious. A smile always hung on her face, filled with m

Associated Names

Urban Unrivaled Soldier King


The first generation soldier king completes the latent mission, but discovers that green Plum Bamboo Horse's girlfriend was humiliated and committed suicide by the second generation rich man. In a fit of rage, he accidentally killed someone. A generation's soldier was stripped of his or her military status! He had no choice but to return to the city. He had wanted to go all out to get his revenge, but now, he had been involved in an earth-shattering conspiracy by his first cousin who saved his first girlfriend!


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