Utmost Tao, Divine King/C10 Ancient symbol creation!
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Utmost Tao, Divine King/C10 Ancient symbol creation!
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C10 Ancient symbol creation!

Within these seven or eight days, Xia Yang had made sufficient arrangements from the Longxian to the Cloud City, and drew out an escape route. As for the Hundred Beast Mountain of the Cloud City, it was Xia Yang's final trump card, a wave of Battle Power that would be used to snipe at the enemy.

From then on, the Hundred Beast Mountain announced a paragraph …

In the middle of the night, Xia Yang returned to his residence and entered his room. In the small room was another Xia Yang and he was currently sleeping.

This was the Magic Array that Xia Qingtian had set up. It was as if it was real, and the scene in front of Xia Yang was precisely the scene where Xia Qingtian gathered all of the things he had truly experienced before. After which, he was set up in this Magic Array.

Xia Yang walked to a few hidden corners of the room, pulled out the array flag, and the entire Magic Array disappeared.

"I have enough combat experience, it's time to move on!" Xia Yang sat cross legged, closed his eyes and recuperated, trying his best to prepare, to attack the middle stage of Qi Refining or even the late stage.

Recently, Longxian has been very unstable, as they have been moving about frequently within the eight prefectures. The foreign races have also sent out numerous invitations to pay their respects to each other, because to the Human Clan as well as the foreign races, this is an enormous event.

Myriad Clans Competition...

This was a major event that was worthy of sensation, and many people went crazy for it. Every five hundred years, there would be a grand competition between clans, and everyone knew it.

At that time, many clans would send their young talents to participate in the great competition. At the same time, many of the clan's young disciples would also register.

So many people hoped that the Myriad Clans Competition was not all for the purpose of displaying the strength of each clan, but rather that they would receive a generous reward that would cause their blood to boil.

This was because all clans had a Ancient Symbol, and depending on which race was strong and which was weak, the Ancient Symbol's energy would be divided into different grades. This Ancient Symbol was the most standard manifestation of the tribe's strength.

However, no one knew how the Ancient Symbol had been passed down. It was said that every time a clan was formed, they would set up an altar to pray to the heavens, and if they received the approval of the heavens, they would be able to form such a Ancient Symbol on the altar. That was the most powerful symbol of the clan.

There were very few races that could form a large race anymore. Even if a tribe were to occasionally grow strong, they would still be suppressed by the nearby tribes. It was already a pipe dream to pray for the heaven's approval.

Basically, there were no new races in the Hundred Ancient Era.

The calculation calendar for Exile Mainland was as follows: One hundred thousand years has already passed, that is to say, a million years has already passed …

The uses of these Ancient Symbol were great. After Myriad Clans Competition was over, the absolute geniuses and elites selected would be teleported to a place, which was a place of great fortune.

The reason why these places of fortune could be revealed was because of the senses that the ten thousand clans obtained from offering up Ancient Symbol s. From that, they were able to confirm their positions and coordinates.

However, throughout the years, not all clans would participate in the Myriad Clans Competition, thus, every Large Competition would be held. The number of Ancient Symbol was not complete. At the very least, there would only be a few hundred that appeared. The good fortune that those large clans had, would also be different due to the number of Ancient Symbol.

Hundreds of ancient symbols appeared that time to construct a spell formation. The coordinates they obtained was a cliff cave, and according to the information that came later, there was a rare precious medicine there that could allow one to surpass a great realm.

I heard that the genius finally leapt into the Earth Origin Stage and became the candidate for the great clan's special nurturing.

Another time, a total of five thousand Ancient Symbol came out, the array formations they constructed were extremely strong, and in the end, a super cave dwelling was mapped out.

It was the resting place of an ancient sage and he was extremely powerful. It was possible that he had failed at the Nirvana Realm and died in body and spirit. His cave did not matter if it was a Old Medicine or a rare War Weapon, there were countless of them.

After obtaining the coordinates, the geniuses of the five thousand clans moved together with the clan members. In the end, they went through a bloody slaughter, and a dozen or so large clans divided up their residences, and according to their strength, they obtained Old Medicine s, War Weapon s, battle skills, and exceptional inheritances.

Of course, the Ancient Symbol that were gathered here were not uniform in size, thus the amount of fortune obtained varied greatly.

A thousand years ago, when Myriad Clans Competition was at the peak, it had once summoned all kinds of clans to gather Ancient Symbol. At that time, there were actually seven thousand plus races that brought out Ancient Symbol, which was truly astonishing.

The luck that he had gotten that time had made both of his eyes turn blood-red. The location of the good fortune was actually a divine cultivation cave, the holiness of Eyeless Human Clan.

It was rumored that this race was known as Human Clan. A hundred years ago, a portion of people saw through the evils of humans and closed their eyes, never to open them again. Slowly, their eyes began to degenerate until they disappeared, becoming a special race.

This race's history had its own divinity. It fought a great battle with terrifying existences, and in the end, it fell. It used its body to seal the ultimate world where terrifying existences came from.

There was a record in the Eyeless Human Clan that their ancestor had cultivated up to a pair of black eyes.

That time, many cultivators had gone mad with envy at Myriad Clans Competition, even the races that did not have Ancient Symbol s as offering, as they had all sorts of channels to obtain a spot. Why did the seven thousand races that offered sacrifices to the Ancient Symbol not agree?

The seven thousand great clans competed, and in the end, the elites that were chosen were all sent to that land of good fortune. They could not be killed, and blood flowed everywhere. Corpses were piled up all over the place, and blood flowed like rivers.

As expected of many races, the divine cave's most perfect inheritance was obtained by his race and Eyeless Human Clan. Other supporting items, such as the divine War Weapon s and cultivation techniques, were divided among the other races.

That was a good fortune that many clans benefited from. In fact, it had been passed down for thousands of years.

Myriad Clans Competition represented the opening of another land of destiny. How could a cultivator not go crazy over it?

"Have you heard? Myriad Clans Competition up … I really look forward to it. I want to have my master fight for a spot in the Large Competition. I will sweep through all my opponents and finally enter the land of good fortune! "

When the news of Myriad Clans Competition was spread, as a landowner, the entire street and even the entire restaurants, immediately exploded into discussion. Everyone was very excited.

"Struggle for a spot?" Don't be silly, do you know how many Ancient Symbol will gather this time around? " On the other side, a young man sneered in disdain. He looked at the group of cultivators as if they were a bunch of bumpkins.

"How many can there be? is able to surpass the seven thousand plus Ancient Symbol back then? " Many people didn't understand the inside story so they tried to probe.

"Seven thousand?" Hehe, even though there are tens of thousands of clans, there are still more than 10,000 of them. This gathering of Ancient Symbol s surpasses anything from the past, so there are a total of 12,000 of them! "

The moment the young man spoke, the entire hall went silent. Everyone was petrified. Was that young man crazy for saying such words? However, looking at his handsome and aloof appearance, he did not seem like a lunatic!

"Foolish ignorant people, even though they don't understand the inside story, they are still here shouting, making us lose face for the Human Clan!" That young man coldly said, as if he didn't belong here at all.

"Who do you think you are? Was a young warrior general or a king of Human Clan? Who was the fool? " Some of the ill-tempered cultivators had long been in a rage and were already closing in.

"Don't move! Look at his armband! " Someone whispered a reminder, and many people heard it.

The hot-tempered cultivator impatiently looked at the young man's armband and his face changed drastically. The word 'west' was embroidered there, representing an extraordinary significance.

"It's the young Heaven's Pride of the Western Temple!" Someone cried out in alarm. Even in the Longxian, very few people saw the eight hall young Heaven's Pride disciples leave the streets.

I heard that he has already stepped into the small realm of the Body Tempering Realm. Because I heard that he was only using his flesh and blood to spar with the foreign races a while ago, he was still not at a disadvantage! "

Someone cried out in alarm, causing everyone to gasp in shock. Even that hot-tempered cultivator had not cared about his face as he retreated backwards in large strides.

"Hmph, I am not here to make a name for myself, but to go to the Eastern Palace to meet with my good friends who are passing by, and also to remind you that over ten thousand Ancient Symbol have been sacrificed together, even I do not have the confidence to obtain great fortune, so don't lose your life!"

Ou Tianyu flung his sleeves and floated away, everyone looked at each other in dismay.

Western Temple, surname Ou, an ancient surname. Thus, the young Heaven's Pride of Western Temple would definitely not lie to everyone.

"Sigh, let's see what fate will bring us. We can't fight with our lives, the Western Temple is amazing and talented, it's truly a storm! When the time comes, talented individuals from all clans will gather, and blood will splash everywhere!"

Maybe only the eight halls, or even some ancient legacies of Human Clan would have a chance of obtaining a certain amount of fortune.

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