Utmost Tao, Divine King/C12 On the eve of revenge!
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Utmost Tao, Divine King/C12 On the eve of revenge!
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C12 On the eve of revenge!

On the main street, there were many restaurants and bazaars everywhere. There were all sorts of stalls, and it was a dazzling sight to behold.

Xia Yang had already stepped out to the left side of the road, and then to the left side, and then another two feet. As he walked along the main street, Xia Yang did not forget to use the extremely fast ability《 Closure of the World》, and now that he had grasped part of it, it was relatively easy to use.

People were passing by on the street, and very few people noticed Xia Yang's strange actions, because many people only saw a flash before their eyes, and nothing more, or maybe a person suddenly appeared in front of them, and then disappeared.

Longxian was the biggest and most prosperous city there, and there was no lack of elites and geniuses here, so no one would bother too much about it.

Two hours later …

The excitement on Xia Yang's face could be seen from his words. He finally knew why all the elites of the eight halls were gathering their Xia Mansion and why every restaurant was filled with seats.

"The Myriad Clans Competition! How great of a fortune was it that ten thousand Ancient Symbol would be sacrificed together? "This is incredible!" Xia Yang was moved. He remembered that he had heard about the Ancient Symbol before, but now it was time for his to use her Myriad Clans Competition again?

Suddenly, Xia Yang heard a sigh coming from a nearby restaurant. It was an old man carrying a wine gourd on his back, which was extremely slovenly. At this moment, his entire face was flushed red, and he was sighing there.

"Old sir, why are you sighing over such an exciting matter with Myriad Clans Competition? Oh, that's right. You're in your late years, so you won't be able to attend. But, old sir, do not be discouraged, please dispatch your disciples to participate in the selection! " There was someone else in the restaurant who didn't know whether to ridicule or advise, causing the old man to have an even more worried expression.

"A Myriad Clans Competition that occurs once every five hundred years, is it really time now?" The old man said drunkenly.

Some people were surprised to miss this question. Some people began to recall how many years had passed since the last Large Competition.

Suddenly, a middle-aged man exclaimed, "According to what my great-grandfather said, it should have been four hundred and fifty years ago. There should still be fifty years left. Why is it ahead of time?" The restaurant was in an uproar, and everyone was guessing.

"We're not in a snack. Think about it!" As the old man finished speaking, he stood up. His entire body was trembling, as if he was about to fall to the ground at any moment.

"Old sir, can you explain it more clearly?" There was a young man with a refined aura asking politely.

"The end of glory is decline. The extremes of things must be reversed. There is no such thing as an eternal inheritance or community! "This Large Competition might just be a turning point …"

The entire restaurant was in an uproar. The words of the old man were too overbearing, was he cursing the decline of his Human Clan?

By the time someone refuted, the old man was long gone. Everyone looked at each other in dismay. How did he disappear?

"Extremely weak? "Sigh …" Xia Yang stood outside the restaurant and sighed. The old man just now was definitely an expert, his figure was indistinct and it was difficult to discover how he had left.

"No matter what, I must go to the Myriad Clans Competition. I must obtain this great fortune, this is the only shortcut to increase my strength!" Xia Yang's heart had been as unshakeable as a boulder ever since he came to the Exile Mainland. If he wanted to survive, take revenge, and protect the people by his side, he must have equal strength, otherwise everything would be in vain.

Now that he had changed his plan, he wouldn't have to find a way out for himself.


Suddenly, Xia Yang's shoulder was hit by someone, but he did not waver, while the other party was retreating backwards by a large step.

"You're blocking my way?" In front of Xia Yang was a white-clothed youth, who also had white hair and looked very similar to Xue Qianyu. However, his eyes were filled with killing intent, and Xue Qianyu's eyes were empty.

Most importantly, this youth had two horns on his head, and those were goat horns.

"Aries Clan?" Xia Yang muttered to himself while his eyes gradually turned cold. He did not even find them to settle the debt, instead, he took the initiative to provoke him. Because he could not take Shan Shu's father's palm for nothing.

"Human, don't think that just because your Battle Spirit has shown his power, you guys are unbridled. Sooner or later, you will taste the bitter fruit!" Even when he was at the main street of the Human Clan, he did not cower in the slightest, appearing rather arrogant.

Xia Yang was shocked, could it be that the weakness of the Battle Spirit had been discovered by another race? Otherwise, would this lamb dare to spout nonsense here?

"Hehe, sorry!" Xia Yang smiled as he cupped his fists, not wanting to cause any trouble at the moment, which caused the head of the Aries Clan youth to be raised even higher, because the weakness of Human Clan was very famous.

Xia Yang left, he did not want to reveal himself here, since there would definitely be people who would recognize him.

"Haha, that cowardly trash of the Xia Mansion? I've been humiliated by an outsider! " Sure enough, people taunted them on both sides of the street, and they were all in the Human Clan, so they were still recognized by the people there.

Xia Yang lowered his head, expressionless, and silently sighed to himself. This was precisely Human Clan, and on his own territory, when he saw his own clansmen being humiliated, not only did he not help them, he even ridiculed them.

"Hehe." Xia Yang laughed, and then left the place under everyone's instructions.

"This idiot, how could he laugh foolishly after being humiliated? He thought that he would explode in silence, who would have thought that he would be weak to this extent. If I had known earlier, I would have gone and humiliated him as well. "Hee hee …"

After a while, Xia Yang returned to the Xia Mansion and his eyes narrowed.

The courtyard of his residence was very remote. Under normal circumstances, very few people would come here, unless they were like Xia Tong and her husband, who were specifically aimed at him.

However, there were a lot of people gathered here today, some of them were around a dozen, and all of the young men had unfriendly eyes, they were all people who had come looking for trouble with Xia Yang before.

The ones in the lead were Xia Yiqiu and Xia Tong. This time, the two of them had become smarter, and did not move alone, but called for a large group of people to come and testify for them.

Xia Yang did not say anything and walked forward. He could not be merciful today, but he did not want to say anything. This was probably the only time he would be able to scold anyone.

"Little bastard, you must be brave enough to let Brother Brother Qianyu wait for you!" Xia Tong said in a strange voice as she stopped Xia Yang.

Obviously, Xue Qianyu had come to look for Xia Yang, and had waited for him for a bit, but finally left, which was the reason for Xia Tong's anger.

"Weren't you arrogant just now? Aren't you scolding me? You're scolding me, don't you like to turn things around? Come on, what if I hit you today? So many people have testified for me, so what? "

Xia Tong slapped Xia Yang's face, causing a very eye-catching blood-red handprint to appear. Then, a kick was sent over. It was the son of the Xia Clan's other direct descendant, named Xia Jin. His strength was mediocre but he was very arrogant.

"You cowardly trash, Sister Xia Tong dares to offend you? Do I usually have less education for you? " Xia Jin was furious, she threw out a punch, aiming to land a blow on Xia Yang's temple.

"Xia Jin stop, you killed him with a single punch, who's playing with us?" Xia Yiqiu blocked him, then knocked him down with one leg, and stepped on his face with the other. This was the greatest disgrace between people, and ordinary people would find it hard to endure this humiliation.

But Xia Yang did not say a word from start to finish, allowing them to do as they pleased. Even the two masters were a little surprised.

The last two times they met, it was not like this. The trash at their feet seemed to have become a completely different person, aggressive and full of damage. But today, he didn't resist at all?

"It must be something that Xia Feiyang taught him a few days ago. This little bastard Xia Feiyang, what is he doing helping this trash?" The siblings thought about it and could only come to this conclusion.

In the entire household, only Xia Feiyang's small group of people could be considered as friendly to Xia Yang, if it wasn't for him secretly giving Xia Yang instructions, would this trash dare to go against him?

The more the siblings thought about it, the more likely it seemed to be. They didn't know that after a while, they would be walking towards the abyss, and now they were stepping into it with one foot.

"Whatever, call me!" Dozens of youths rushed forward, fists and kicks everywhere. They were all cultivators, and the power of their punches and kicks was astonishing, but Xia Yang did not make a sound.

After a long while, many people gasped for breath, their foreheads covered in perspiration, but Xia Yang's breathing was very stable. He was not injured and his movements were slow. He leisurely got up and smiled. His snow-white teeth were very white and brilliant.

Looking around, all of their faces had a deep impression of him. Xia Yang smiled: There is a total of two hundred and thirty-one fists and three hundred and forty-two kicks, but what I want to say is, it is very comfortable! It has been a long time since someone has beaten me up like this, do you still want to come? "

A group of people petrified? Is this guy crazy? He actually said it was comfortable? Could he have gone stupid from the fight …

Seeing that no one moved, Xia Yang took a step forward and then whispered into Xia Tong's ear. "The time to go to the brothel is getting closer and closer …"

"You …"

Xia Yang retreated back, with a bright smile on his face, he left in large strides. The reason he was beaten up without retaliating was actually because he wanted to say goodbye to the past …

Now he was going to rise to prominence step by step. He was going to survive in this space and search for some great secrets, because this kind of secret had a lot to do with Earth.

Xia Yang had always suspected that he was not a simple person in his two lives, as if he was being manipulated by an invisible hand.

"I am about to take this step... But this first step, will start from Aries Clan. " Xia Yang said to himself as he walked. Right now, he definitely could not start from Xia Mansion, as it would be easier to be revealed this way.

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