Utmost Tao, Divine King/C13 Mad revenge
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Utmost Tao, Divine King/C13 Mad revenge
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C13 Mad revenge

The night was as cold as water, and the night was as cold as ice.

At this time, with the exception of a few living beings who were still active around the clock, most of them had already entered their dreams.

The streets, mansions, and restaurants were all very quiet. The capital city of the Human Clan was forbidden from entering the air, and it was forbidden from staying up late at night, so it was extremely strict. Even if a flying creature wanted to fly across the sky, it would have to measure its strength because the presence of the Battle Spirit, the Guardian Spirit of the Human Clan, had made many races tremble in fear.

Boy, have you made up your mind?" Can I understand that you are impulsive? " In the courtyard of Xia Mansion, a young man with long hair flowing like a waterfall and clear eyes had a faint smile hanging on his face. He was Xia Yang.

"Why do I feel like you're even more evil than me?" Xia Qingtian continued to mutter, because he himself was an evil thought, but he didn't expect the feeling this brat gave him to get more and more evil.

"Were you evil before?" Xia Yang asked, his smile turning even more sinister.

Xia Qingtian immediately changed the topic, he did not want to pursue this further, and said: "You have decided, do not suffer a huge loss later on, if you die, at that time, who will find me the materials? Furthermore, my soul power is getting weaker and weaker.

"Don't worry, I have my own plans in mind!" With that said, Xia Yang covered his face with the mask in his hands. This mask was taken casually from a stall when he went to the slums.

"Swoosh swoosh swoosh!"

Xia Yang moved left and right, occasionally touching the roof, and occasionally disappearing into an alley horizontally. He did not stop along the way, and avoided the eyes of all the Longxian city guards.

"We're here …"

Xia Yang arrived at an inn. This place was reserved by someone, and it wasn't Human Clan, but an alien race and Aries Clan. Right now, many inns within the Longxian are covered by a few higher clan s, and outsiders will find it difficult to enter.

Hiding behind a tree, Xia Yang's eyes that were hidden under the black cloth gradually turned cold. He muttered to himself in a low voice, "A group of arrogant lambs and old goats, tomorrow I'll make you lose all face …"

As he said that, Xia Yang fully displayed the ability of "Proximity Chasm" and released the small flags around the entire inn. Xia Qingtian had given all of these to him, since he did not understand formations, and did not have the time to learn it at the moment, he could only scatter the flags according to Xia Qingtian's instructions.

After he finished speaking, Xia Yang heaved a sigh of relief.

"There is also a need to lay down array flags, but it is very dangerous. We must go to the center of the inn. This needs to be measured, whether it is accurate or not, or else we won't be able to bring out the best results." Xia Qingtian said in Xia Yang's Sea of Consciousness calmly, with the aura of a formation master.

"You … Why didn't you say so earlier? The inn definitely has an elite guard of Aries Clan guarding it all night. It's easy for me to enter, but I still need to measure my strength. Xia Yang scolded angrily in his sea of consciousness. This old thing was too much.

"There's no way for a man to not have the guts to do so. This boy needs to rest. Have a good night's rest, set up the array flag and call for me!" Xia Qingtian said slowly.

"Old man, do you take my head as a house? Do I need to get you a bed to put in it? " Xia Yang was so depressed that he wanted to vomit blood.

"That's fine too!"

"F * ck!" In the end, Xia Yang cursed loudly and no longer bothered with that swindler. He started to check the inns' movements, and there were indeed a few sentries inside.

"Let's go all out!"

Xia Yang squinted his eyes, and started to measure them. Not only was it tiring to think, it was also extremely dangerous.

It was now even deeper into the night, and the surroundings were so pitch black that you couldn't even see your own fingers. After four hours of tormenting, Xia Yang finally inserted the array flag in the middle of the courtyard despite being almost exposed several times.

"Hey, am I done? Would you like to check the position? " Xia Yang clenched his teeth. If he had known earlier that it would be so troublesome, he might have circled around the place during the day. That way, he more or less understood what was going to happen during the night.

"Un, I guess it's alright for him to barely make it. Even though it's slightly off, it's alright for him to deal with these trash!" Xia Qingtian yawned continuously, he really looked like he was asleep.

"Oh, right. Are we going to set up a Magic Array?" Suddenly, Xia Qingtian said.

"You're not setting up Magic Array and you're setting up a killing array?" Xia Yang had a bad premonition, and his heart thumped once.

"Wrong, wrong, the Magic Array does not need the Central Flag, only the Killing Array will be used! Look at my brain, it's getting old! "


Xia Yang immediately spat out blood, he had been busy for a few hours without any danger at all, but the result was, if he did not vomit blood, he was not a normal person.

"If you don't scam people, will you die?" Xia Yang rebuked.

"Alright brat, let's begin!" I'm just teasing you, the flag at the center is not worth mentioning, it's an extra set of insurance! "

Following that, Xia Qingtian revealed a faint Phantom, and with a raise of his hand, the surrounding air began to circulate frantically, but of course this was only limited to a certain range.

"Start!" Xia Qingtian scolded lightly, and all the array flags around the inn emitted a faint light, enveloping the entire inn with a strange energy.

"Go on. If you don't play him to death, don't come back to see me!" Xia Qingtian laughed sinisterly.

"Eh …" Hearing Xia Qingtian's weird voice, Xia Yang was stunned, maybe the old thing had already started to dislike Aries Clan?

With a single step, he had already crossed fifteen meters. Xia Yang entered the inn and it was deathly silent inside.

"Hehe …"

Next day...

The sun had just risen and the bright stars were gradually being replaced by the blue sky.

In the inn that was surrounded by Aries Clan, many of the youths had taken human forms. They sat on prayer mats in the courtyard of the inn and waited for the elders of their clan to speak.

One year in spring, one day in the morning, early morning sermons are a comprehensive acceptance that will make you understand more.

"Stop arguing, the elder is out!" The young hero sitting in front of Aries Clan warned the clansmen in a low voice.

At the same time, a ruddy old man slowly walked out from the hallway. Every step he took caused the trees in the yard to shake. It was not because of force, but because of the aura he gave off.

This elder of Aries Clan had actually closed off the Mirror of Samsara and half a step into the Dao Building Stage. The Aries Clan was truly worthy of being called a set of higher clan.

The second great realm Wan Ling cultivated was Earth Origin Stage, which people called the great cultivator. They called it Deixis, brought up the spirit, and closed up reincarnation.

The first great realm, the Profound Origin Stage, mainly focused on cultivating the body. It emphasized the fact that the body was strong enough to be invincible among the same generation.

The second realm, the cultivation of soul power, emphasized the use of soul power to communicate with nature and the power of the heavens and earth, as well as their compatibility with the heavens and earth.

And this old man had evidently stepped half a foot into the third great realm, Sky Origin Stage; to ordinary cultivators, this was truly inconceivable.

"Ah?" Today, the elders were really different! "Very energetic!" Just as the Aries Clan Elder walked out of the corridor, a few young Aries Clan juniors at the back said in a low voice.

When the heavens' sheep heard these words, although they felt that these juniors were just flattering them, they were still quite happy. These juniors could still speak.

However, the faces of the young elites in the front row suddenly changed, and they said with a trembling voice: "Elder, you …." You. How can you be so punished? "

"Hmm? "What's going on?" The heavens were puzzled. Those young elites' faces were pale, making him feel as if something bad was about to happen.

"You … "You …" Those outstanding youths from the other clans began to sweat profusely. They felt as if they had been choked, and did not know how to speak, because this was extremely important.

The clan elders in front of him held a very high position in the Aries Clan, and they were all the younger generation that he valued more.

The face of the heavens' sheep turned cold. He was very dissatisfied with the performance of his juniors, and he habitually stroked his white beard …

It was worth saying that every elder of the Aries Clan had a bunch of white Hu, which was a symbol of their identity.

"Ah …"

The heavens' sheep's eyes opened wide in shock. Damn it, he was completely dumbfounded. Why was his beard gone?

"Who is my beard? Who the hell cut my beard! I want him to be torn into ten thousand pieces! " The heavens were enraged, strong qi surged all over his body, his soul power was surging, half of the room in the inn had collapsed, this was the power of a strong warrior.

Only now did the heavens finally understand why the younger generations had such expressions.

This was because after the Aries Clan had been multiplied for a long time, there was an unwritten rule, which was that the goatee of the clan's seniors became the symbol of their strength and status.

If some of the older generation broke the clan's rules, the first rule would be to shave the goatee, which meant that their position in the clan would be greatly influenced.

"Ah …" Who is it? "I will cut you into pieces …"

The heavens were enraged. With a wave of his arm, a Heavenly Goat Phantom that was over a hundred feet in length soared through the air, the pressure on the surrounding area was so great that ordinary citizens coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, and even the commoners that were relatively close to this inn were oppressed to the point of suffocation, dying a violent death.

God, the sheep really did jump.

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