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C15 Sensation!

's face became extremely ugly. This was simply putting Human Clan in their eyes, they didn't know who would be so daring to do something like this.

At first, many people thought that Human Clan was the work of an expert to embarrass the foreign races, but they never thought that this so-called 'expert' would actually make a move against Human Clan as well, and even select some aristocratic families or royalty to make a move.

"Investigate, we must investigate to the end. Even if we have to flip over the Longxian, we must find out. We cannot let other races see us as jokes!" The eight Palace Masters all returned, releasing roars like this.

"Have you heard, Human Clan's few families were also attacked by that 'scoundrel', and they almost got burned together. The three children of Chen Family actually appeared in Princess Yunchao's room, and Princess Yunchao's clothes appeared in front of the eldest son for no reason.

The streets were filled with this kind of discussion. The three great powers being humiliated allowed many people to be incomparably carefree, because they were normally too domineering and had offended many people.

"Hahaha …" Your news has gone out of date. Just now, the young noble of the Chen Palace and his Sun Mansion almost interacted. He was discovered outside the city walls in a run-down little temple, his clothes only sticking to his body … " At that time, someone else had delivered explosive news.

"Eh, this' Brother Scissor 'sure has a lot of guts, doesn't he?" The crowd was speechless. Why was that fellow making such a ruckus? Was he not afraid of being found out and getting attacked by the crowd? Was he going to die a horrible death?

The Longxian had always been a strict city, and was a standard symbol. When had such a thing ever happened? This became the hottest topic of discussion after the meal.

It was near evening, and yet another message came, causing many people to be unable to sit still. It was said that 'Brother Scissor' had appeared, wearing a mask. He attacked the Aries Clan's younger generation, and the Aries Clan's young man had chased after him.

The sky turned dark, the sun set in the west, and the youth from Aries Clan returned to the inn under the 'watchful eyes of tens of thousands of people. "Many people were dumbstruck, this young man crawled his way back, both his legs were broken, and it would take at least half a year for him to recover.

Not long after, a roar came from the Aries Clan courtyard. The heavens were gnashing their teeth so hard that they were about to shatter, as they roared: "I'm going to tear you into a thousand pieces. You despicable junior …"

"Junior?" Everyone was astonished. It was actually a young man who did all of this! This was too unbelievable! Just how did this young man do it?

As the night approached, all the restaurants were still filled to the brim with people excitedly discussing. Saliva flew everywhere as they danced with joy. Because the news from Aries Clan had already spread, and they were able to guess who the young man was.

He was the one who had attacked them with a mask before the Human Battle Spirit showed off his might, the one who had injured one of the young men with the Aries Clan and scolded the elder.

The mask had not changed, so the Aries Clan youth with both legs broken recognized the mask.

There was already an enmity between them, but what about the other few different races and families with Human Clan? The masked man seems to be very specific. "

Xia Yang's name changed from 'scoundrel' to 'shears brother' to 'Mask Man'!

The night was dark, and in an open field, a man was standing in confrontation with a scorpion the size of a calf.

"I want to eat fried scorpions as a tonic!" Xia Yang shouted, making the Blue Scorpion angry.

"Kill!" The Blue Scorpion s' bodies were huge, but their speed was surprisingly fast. Moving left and right, the poisonous needle swayed, bringing about a fierce wind.

"Good job!"

Xia Yang took a step forward with extreme speed, swung the Blue Scorpion's tail needle, and pierced over. In the next moment, Xia Yang's figure disappeared, causing the Blue Scorpion to be startled, how could this person's speed be so fast?

Sticking close to the enemy, he exerted his strength and moved like a shadow. Xia Yang used his little supernatural power and stuck onto the tail of the Blue Scorpion. With a push, the tail needle pierced through by the Blue Scorpion directly onto his back.

"Aooo!" He was actually a scorpion, but he emitted a beast's miserable cry.

With a wave of his left and right hands, the two Phantom s formed into a giant python. With a soundless roar, Xia Yang bellowed, "Go!"

The python opened its bloody mouth, which drew a white shadow, pressing towards the Blue Scorpion. Although it was only a faint Phantom, the aura it gave off was very strong.

The Blue Scorpion cried out as if seeing a ghost: "How can you evolve into a living being like that …"

This was too shocking. Who could simultaneously use their left and right hands to fight?

Boom!" Under the shock of the Blue Scorpion, the giant python Xia Yang pushed out with his left hand fell down, causing the Blue Scorpion to cough out large mouthfuls of blood. Countless of its bones were broken, and the other giant python rushed into the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust.

"I'll spare your life today. I'll behead you during the Large Competition!" Xia Yang acted as if he had done something insignificant as he turned around and left …

Today, Xia Yang had already fought two matches. One was a youth with Aries Clan, and right now was the second match.

Right now, Xia Yang wanted to create a battle skill that was suitable for him. At the same time that his Hundred Beast Mountain subdued the Demonic Beast, Xia Yang had this thought.

"Hundred Beast Index, I will definitely make you shine!" Xia Yang said to himself.

The so called "Hundred Beasts List" was a set of battle skills that Xia Yang was about to slowly deduce and ponder about. It contained the various abilities of a hundred beasts and could fully evolve a Demonic Beast to fight, or he could form a small group of Demonic Beast to fight together.

This kind of creation was very difficult to create, so Xia Yang was not in a hurry to achieve it.

Xia Yang was not a person of this space, so upon coming here, his views on cultivation would not be like the Ten Thousand Clans. He had an even more unique understanding of it, Xia Yang always felt that the cultivation methods cultivated by many races were too self-contained, they would only follow the path of the wise and not creation.

especially for the Human Clan, this kind of criticism was already not a thousand years, or two thousand years, but could be traced back to a million years ago, or even millions of years ago.

The reason why Human Master Xia Qingtian was able to pass through the King's Road s and kill his way through them, cut through the thistles and thorns until the end, obtained the recognition of the Great Way of the Gods and became a saint was definitely because he had his own way of doing things.

Because he had just reached the Divine Throne, a terrifying monster had appeared, and in the end Xia Qingtian had died from his injuries. He did not have the time to pass down his Tao technique for his descendants to study and learn, and only passed down a few powerful techniques.

This had already become a vicious circle. When peerless geniuses from other races reached the Divine level, they were always accompanied by great terror. When they fought against great terror, the sun and moon would lose color, and mountains and rivers would collapse.

As a result, they rarely passed their Tao techniques down to their descendants, only a portion of their techniques and legacies were passed down.

The next day, his Longxian was greatly shaken!

An unknown number of scorpions bones were broken and they were at their last breaths. He was discovered by a cultivator from Human Clan and reported to the general of Longxian. Only then did they bring him back.

After that, the entire city erupted again, people excitedly recounted the story of the battle between the 'Mask Man' and the Blue Scorpion, as if they were truly present, saliva splattered all over the ground and water came out from their mouths.

"Brother 'Scissor' straightened his back, and a huge dragon flew out from his back. The pressure from all sides was approaching, and the young men of the Luan Scorpion Tribe were frightened. But he did not want to die in vain, so he resisted with all his might." A large man's description was vividly described, and saliva was flying everywhere. This made a group of people clap from time to time.

"Brother, is there something wrong with what you said?" "But Brother Scissor was said to be capable of slapping a qilin across the air with a single slap. A qilin's roars are shaking the entire area …" Someone jeered.

However, it was true that they were not far from here. There was another person who was also explaining the experiences of the battle of Aries Clan and the youth of the Blue Scorpion race.

Xia Yang was right here, rubbing his chin, he was dumbstruck, cursing in his heart, if he could evolve into a giant dragon and a Qilin, it would be enough to suppress all the other powerful beings, was there even a need to hide?

"It's really a one-to-one spread, it's really a one-to-one spread!" Xia Yang sighed and turned to leave.

"Boom boom boom!" They were separated into three groups. From the looks of their armbands, they were most likely people with Chen Family s, Sun Mansion s and Yun Chao s.

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