Utmost Tao, Divine King/C16 The power of brother scissor
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Utmost Tao, Divine King/C16 The power of brother scissor
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C16 The power of brother scissor

"How dare you sinners, dare to create trouble here, help the villain Xie Feng, you should be imprisoned!" A captain of the Human Clan Cavalry shouted, causing two spittle spitting fellows to be dumbfounded.

"Sir, it's just a story. You don't have to care about it, right?" The man who said that Xia Yang could evolve into a great dragon lowered his head and replied obediently.

"Take him away!"


Suddenly, several voices sounded. It was the voices of a few men and a woman. The team of horses separated, and a total of five people rode over on horses. They all looked in one direction.

The one standing there was Xia Yang, who had his head lowered …

"Trash, are you listening to our jokes here? Do you think that Eastern Palace can protect you? I've already given up on you! " The eldest son of the Sun Mansion said coldly to Xia Yang.

At this time, the eldest son of Sun Mansion was wearing a felt hat, because his hair had already been shaved off by Xia Yang.

"Weak bastard! Even if my War Pet marries you, I'll still insult it!" The Princess of Yun Chao sneered continuously, her words extremely disrespectful. She did not know that her battle pet had already been shaved off by Xia Yang, it was a mastiff.

It was just a change in era. A long time ago, when Xia Yunkuang was the hall master of the Eastern Palace, who would dare to speak like that?

"What are you talking about? He's looking at our joke, breaking one of his legs, even if Eastern Palace were to pursue the matter, he wouldn't do anything to us, he's a trash after all!


A person who was bullied everyday was actually listening to the bullies of the martial arts world talk about those fake things. It was obvious that they were looking at their own joke to satisfy his cowardly vanity, how could they endure that?

The three brothers of the Great Aristocratic Family and Chen Family made their moves at the same time. They disdained refining the strong qi and instead, threw out their most direct punch, which arrived in the blink of an eye. However, Xia Yang still kept his head down and did not dodge.

"Bam!" These three solid fists all landed on Xia Yang's chest, and at this moment, everyone closed their eyes. If an ordinary person were to be hit by these three fists, even if they didn't die, they would have lost half their life.


What was astonishing was that the fists of the three Chen Family brothers were too overbearing. With three punches coming at the same time, the youngster who had his head lowered just now was blasted away in the blink of an eye, disappearing without a trace.

"Big brother, have our strength improved so much?" After Xia Yang was sent flying by these few people, Chen Sheng, the youngest of the three Chen Family Brothers said excitedly.

The eldest didn't say anything, but the second eldest, Chen Xiao, proudly said, "Heh, recently we've been out hunting, fighting each other, and also taking quite a few pills. How can we not increase our strength?"

Chen Family, a classic example of mediocre boasting.

"Princess Yun, this trash has been beaten into disappearing without a trace by us, can you calm down?" The second brother of Chen Family said complacently.

"Consider it your redemption!"

Princess Yunchao was like a peacock, proudly raising his head.

What was worth mentioning was that this woman was worthy of being called a princess. Her skin was creamy, and her eyebrows were curved. Her eyes were very big and empty. Her figure was slender and well-proportioned, with a protruding front and back.


Suddenly, a change occurred, a grey figure flashed and threw the second brother of the Chen Family out with a punch. His entire body was in close contact with a wall, and that was not all, the wall was imprinted with a large number of blood stains, which were very bright red, it was the work of the second brother of the Chen Family.

"How dare you!"

The Steel Cavalry that had followed him roared in anger, staring at one of the people in the arena.

"It's him!" "That 'scoundrel'!"

"Ah, here comes Brother Shears!"

"Wow, the 'Mask Man' has appeared!"

Voices rose and fell one after another. It was not their fault that they were this excited. It was just that this person's reputation had been rising recently, affecting many people's minds.

"A bunch of conceited people, what kind of capital do you guys have?" Xia Yang stood there, wearing a mask, with his hands behind his back, he asked. At that moment, his voice had completely changed to a different tone.

"You … "Is it that criminal?" Chen Family Three asked in a trembling voice.

"Heh." Xia Yang let out a strange cry, ignoring third brother Chen Family, he looked towards Princess Yunchao without restraint, and continued to speak with a voice that did not falter: "Skin as old tree bark, I want to ask you, what exactly are you so proud of? It makes me sick! "

This sentence proved that there were many problems. 'Mask Man' admitted to everything he had done, and had truly witnessed Princess Yunchao's creamy skin.

But is the skin under the Princess Yunchao's dress really that bad?

"You … "Bastard!" Princess Yunchao was enraged, this was simply exposing his true identity, who doesn't know that she was seen through by that hateful 'Mask Man'? This was not all, he actually had such a cheap mouth?

"Get out of the way!"

At the same time, a few forces arrived in an instant. Hornet Clan, Aries Clan, and the young elites of the Blue Scorpion Clan rushed over as soon as they heard the sound of wind.

"You came at the right time!"

When Xia Yang was smashed by the Chen Family brothers just now, he had purposely disappeared from everyone's eyes. During that short period of time, he had checked everything nearby, conveniently abducting a tailor shop's grey clothes, changed into a set of clothes, and put on a mask.

He confirmed that there were no powerful Earth Origin Stage great cultivator s here, only a few Human Clan soldiers and the elites of the other races.

Without hesitation, Xia Yang launched an attack, with a flash, he leapt to the side of a youth from Aries Clan. And at that moment, many of the attacks arrived.


With a loud noise, that youth from the Aries Clan rolled his eyes, and fainted. The other Aries Clan disciples were enraged, and almost lost their lives.

This was the miraculous ability of Pursuing Shadow, making it impossible to guard against.

"Swish!" Two white figures flashed past. Xia Yang waved both of his hands as the strong qi appeared out of nowhere. Two fierce tigers roared and suppressed them, and each and every one of the Human Clan Knights who were ready to make a move fell to the ground.


With a wave of his right hand, a Leopard jumped out and attacked the boss of the Chen Family. Immediately after, he waved his hands again, and a demonic flower opened its mouth wide, swallowing the eldest son of the Sun Mansion.


The head of the Chen Family and the eldest son of the Sun Mansion shouted angrily. They punched out with their fists, bringing along their strong qi s.


Xia Yang was not afraid in the face of danger. Both of his hands pressed downwards and the Leopard and that bewitching flower actually fused together.

Xia Yang had some achievements in the so called "Hundred Beasts List".

All of this was too sudden, to the point that even the eldest son and eldest brother of the Sun Mansion did not have time to react.

"No!" The two roared and retreated quickly, but Xia Yang was already behind them. With two punches, the two flew backwards, coughing up blood.

"Come on, little bug, little goat, little scorpion!" Xia Yang's mouth was too lowly, calling all the other races by a small word, suppressing their imposing manner.


The three of them moved together, Aries Clan howling, Hornet Clan flapping, Blue Scorpion s flapping their tails, all of them transforming into their original forms, suppressing the Human Clan young man together.

"You overestimate yourself!"

"Barely!" Xia Yang bellowed, his entire person moving horizontally, his figure appearing and disappearing...

"Puff puff puff …" Soon after, three spurting sounds of blood could be heard, the three elite human race warriors were bleeding from the corners of their mouths. It was just a simple move, but one person was able to take on three elite human race warriors.

Most importantly, many people did not realize what had happened. Were their eyes playing tricks on them?


This was not the end of things. At the same time that Xia Yang quickly pushed the Three Great Clans back, he flew into the air without stopping, kicking out with his leg. With a "peng" sound, a beautiful girl was sent flying horizontally.

"Ah, kill him!" Princess Yunchao wiped the food off her face. He was infuriated and was forced into a mule pit. This was the biggest humiliation of his life as a princess.

However, what made the Princess Yunchao terrified was that the rider she brought had already been knocked down and wailed on the ground.

"I would like to ask, where exactly is your capital? Without the support of your fathers, without the love of your fathers, you are just a bunch of sitting trash waiting to die! " Xia Yang scoffed, he still had his hands behind his back, looking down on him arrogantly.

"Little friend, you've gone too far!" Another group of city guards rushed over. This was the iron cavalry of Longxian, steel-like and ruthless. The one in the lead was shockingly a true war general of Longxian. He had already stepped into the realm of great cultivator.

"I'm being excessive? "Hahaha." Xia Yang's hair was in a mess, and his clothes were fluttering in the wind. Although her true face could not be seen, it made people imagine that he was a handsome man.

Would he be able to pick up the moon and cover his hands with his own after cultivating to the peak of his cultivation?

"Large competition, I will take your heads off one by one!" I'll forgive you all today! "

The officer from Human Clan frowned. He clearly knew that he could take down Mask Man, but he couldn't bear to do anything. Did Human Clan need such a talent?

Sure enough, a voice resounded in the general's ears as he said, "Let him go …"

"Yes, Battle Spirit Lord!" The general bowed and replied in his mind. He silently retreated.

Xia Yang surveyed his surroundings and disdainfully sneered, especially sweeping across the bodies of the Chen Family, Xia Mansion, Yun Chao, and other forces, causing them to shiver.

He was just a youngster, yet he was able to intimidate everyone present.

Some of the cultivators from Human Clan were not stingy with their praise: "Brother Scissor, you sure are impressive, you vented out your anger too much!"

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