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Utmost Tao, Divine King/C17 Slovenly old man
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C17 Slovenly old man

Just as people were praising in low voices …

"This is bad!"

Suddenly, Xia Yang's pupils contracted as he felt a great sense of danger approaching him. Furthermore, it was right behind him, so he didn't need to think too much about it as he quickly dodged and dodged the attack.


Sand and rocks flew everywhere, and smoke and dust filled the air. Many cultivators who were low in cultivation suffered and immediately coughed out large mouthfuls of blood.

This was just a casual blow from his opponent, yet Xia Yang almost suffered. Furthermore, it affected many of the surrounding cultivators, the disparity in realm was too great.

"Hmm? "He actually dodged it?" In the surrounding crowd, a middle-aged man dressed in white was somewhat surprised, but it was only surprise.

Don't leave today, I've discovered that you have a lot of secrets!" This white figure moved dozens of zhang in a single step, his figure erratic and erratic. This was not a movement technique, but a very natural step.

Upon reaching a certain level of strength, each step would take him hundreds of meters, hundreds of meters, or even thousands of meters. It was just a casual step by the man in white, yet Xia Yang was unable to see any traces of him.

"No! Hurry up and retreat! He looks just like an almighty cultivator!" An antique! " Xia Yang made such a comment and dodged to the side quickly.

This so-called almighty being was the name given to the third great realm. This also meant that the real Sky Origin Stage cultivators were more than twice as strong as the gods, whose Aries Clan had caused the goatee to be chopped off by Xia Yang.

Even though that heaven's sheep had only half a foot in Sky Origin Stage, he still had half a foot in Earth Origin Stage. That was the difference, and that was a huge gap.

"Do you want to leave?" The man in white appeared in front of Xia Yang a long time ago, and blocked his way.

At this time, many of the Aries Clan youths were excited, and all of them kneeled down, shouting in unison: "We greet the Great Clan Elder!"

The moment he said it, the entire audience went into an uproar. This was actually the Great Elder of the Aries Clan! Rumor has it that the destruction of a small clan was caused by this Great Elder!

The Aries Clan Great Elder didn't care about the clan's juniors. He still had one hand behind his back, and a faint smile was hanging on his lips. He also had a bunch of goatee, and it was very white, and crystal clear.

Since he could not leave, Xia Yang was no longer panicking. He continued to stare at the Aries Clan Great Clan Elder's goatee with his eyes fixed, and said with his mouth filled with shame: "I heard that the goatee of the Goat Tribe Old Sheep is an essence. Your goatee is even thicker and more transparent than that old fellow's, I will have to cut it off someday when I have time!"

Xia Yang seemed to be whispering to himself, but it also seemed like he was conversing with Aries Clan Elders, causing the group of people to be dumbstruck. 'Brother Scissor' has cut to a certain level, right now he's not thinking about escaping, and he's even thinking about cutting off the beard of Aries Clan Elder?

Furthermore, his mouth was truly slapping. He had Aries Clan, not the Goat Tribe, so how could the meaning of a difference of one word be the same? You still call that elder whose beard he cut an old thing?

"What kind of courage is this!" Some people exclaimed, and some people were suspicious. They all felt that there was someone behind Xia Yang, if not, how would he dare to go against a almighty being?

No matter how calm and composed the Aries Clan Great Elder was, and how many years had passed since then? Who would dare to mock him like that?

"You have once stained a small race with blood, and your blood was tainted with too much blood. It would harm the heavens and the earth, and it would be a bit troublesome for you to build your own path. That's why I won't kill you today!" Call out the elders behind you as well! " After softening his gaze, the Aries Clan Great Clan Elder said this, as he approached Xia Yang step by step.

It was just these few words that shocked many cultivators. Finally, someone from Aries Clan admitted to slaughtering an entire clan, they only had a few people, yet the leader was actually this Great Clan Elder?

"Hey, can you stop me if I walk?" Xia Yang said in disdain, making many people speechless.

The reason why Xia Yang had so much confidence and fearlessness in facing off against the Great Elder of the Aries Clan was in fact because he had something to rely on.

According to Xia Qingtian's guidance, during the period of time he was sent flying by the three Chen Family brothers, he had long set up some simple array flags, which could help him escape this place.

"Hahaha, well said! These old lambs are asking for a beating! " Suddenly, a burst of unbridled laughter could be heard from within the arena. The laughter sounded very erratic, sudden, and erratic. Many people were trying to find the source of the sound, but they were unsure.

Xia Yang was also surprised, there was actually someone aiming at the Aries Clan?

The face of the Great Elder, on the other hand, changed. He instantly wrapped up his disciples and left. He did not wish to stay for even a moment longer. The other elders who had just arrived also retreated, disappearing in a few flashes.

On the other hand, the general from Human Clan was very surprised. Looking around for the voice, he broke out in a cold sweat, as if the sky had fallen on his face.

"Kid, you really have my former glory. How about you become my disciple?" Xia Yang suddenly felt a chill on his back. Clearly, there was someone already standing behind him silently.

Behind him was an old man who was drunk. Behind him was a gigantic yellow bottle gourd with a circle of green leaves hanging from top of it, he was wearing a tattered robe, his hair was in disarray, and mosquitoes were surrounding his messy hair.

What was even worse was that he did not wear shoes. The rich fragrance of his feet wafted in the air …

And behind this slovenly old man, there was a youth winking at Xia Yang. Xia Yang could tell that he was trying to tell, and that meant that he shouldn't be fooled.

This old man was familiar, suddenly Xia Yang was shocked, wasn't this slovenly old man the one who boasted so shamelessly in the restaurant a few days ago? He did not think highly of Human Clan, and said that Human Clan were flourishing while Human Clan were weakening.

But when Xia Yang observed his carefully, he couldn't find her. His appearance was a little similar, just that his charm was miles apart.

"Clang!" The slovenly old man turned around and smashed a chestnut on that young man's head, causing him to scream miserably. He loudly cursed, "Old thing, your hands are so cheap!"

"You little bastard, find a junior brother for you, what are you doing?" The old man said.

"F * ck your mother, I have five junior brothers who have gone crazy. Six senior sisters left home, so don't harm others anymore!" The young man glared at the old man and reprimanded him.

"Is that master and disciple?" Not only was the spectators below shocked, even Xia Yang was gloomy. Was this a master and disciple pair? Is there a disciple who talks to his master like that?

"No, I'll dodge!"

Xia Yang's stern voice came from Xia Yang's sea of consciousness, telling him not to offend the old Daoist opposite him, and then he instantly disappeared into the distance, leaving behind a few afterimages.

"Eh, this movement technique is not bad. It seems familiar!" The slovenly old man did not stop Xia Yang, he simply allowed him to leave. However, he seemed to be somewhat interested in the extremely fast speed ability of < Crossing Worlds > that Xia Yang had displayed.

"Let's go, old fellow. I beg of you, please don't light any fires around here anymore. When the time comes, you'll kick your legs in the air and die. If you light these fires, I'll be burned to death!" The slovenly old man's so-called disciple stared as he spoke.

What was even more shocking was that the slovenly old man's disciple didn't even give his master time to react. He dragged him forward like he was dragging a dead dog, and the group of people quickly cleared a path for him.

"Motherf * cker, are my eyes playing tricks on me? Who is my disciple and who is my master?" This kind of scene turned people's minds upside down.

"Brat, don't be so cocky. If you dare to treat me like this, sooner or later, I will suppress you!" As the master and disciple walked further and further away, they heard the slovenly old man shout out his dissatisfaction towards his disciple.

"Old thing, are you willing? You old bastard, so many of your disciples have been harmed by you, and only I am by your side! " The young man's voice was heard.

"Little bastard, this daddy really wants to punch you until your butt blooms!"

"You old bastard, this young master really wants to beat you until your eyes turn green …"

The master and disciple duo's voices gradually became blurry. The surrounding cultivators looked at each other, dumbfounded. Was there such a high grade master and disciple? No?

At this time, Xia Yang, who was far away, wiped off his cold sweat, and his back was already completely drenched.

Only after he left the slovenly old man did Xia Qingtian tell him that this sloppy-looking old fellow was not simple, that his cultivation seemed to have surpassed the Sect Leader s of the Great Sect, and that he was even at a disadvantage when compared to some of the masters of the ancient legacies.

How could this not make Xia Yang break out in cold sweat?

"Who is he?" Xia Yang asked.

"It's been more than ten thousand years. I forgot many things. I remember him, but I can't remember him!"

"What?" More than ten thousand years? Damn, he has lived for more than ten thousand years, are you trying to deceive a ghost? " Xia Yang stomped his feet, there was actually someone who had actually lived for ten thousand years?

"Brat, don't you believe me, that the previous owners of this body of yours came into contact with too few things, so there are many things you do not know. Don't be too weird, these living fossils are the foundation of the various great inheritances! " Xia Qingtian taught Xia Yang another lesson.

"Speaking of living fossils, Old Xia, your surname is also Xia. Are you from the same root as me?" Xia Yang changed the topic and asked.

"Heh, if I didn't have the same roots, how could I have searched so hard for your body?"

"You … This is Possession, and it's even a descendant of yours! " This was the first time Xia Yang asked Xia Qingtian in a serious tone.

"Rather than living in such pain, why don't I continue to show off for him!" Xia Qingtian revealed his body and turned his back to Xia Yang. No one knew what kind of expression he had on his face.

Xia Yang went silent. In fact, it seemed like Xia Qingtian had not gotten away with the evil way, and had instead allowed himself to get what he wanted. After thinking about it again and again, if the previous' Xia Yang 'was still alive, what would happen? Still being humiliated? Eating beasts? Sad and unable to end?

"Sigh …" Xia Yang sighed, the only bit of guilt he had was gone. If that 'Xia Yang' was still alive, would he continue walking like that? Had cowardice accompanied him all his life?

"I want to be strong, strong, strong!" If not for Xia Qingtian's guidance, whether or not it would be difficult for him to walk, Xia Qingtian would have left him sooner or later to do his own things.

"His body is strong, so he should be able to fight unparalleled!" Xia Yang set himself a grand goal, to use his actions to improve himself.

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