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Utmost Tao, Divine King/C18 Bells of the archaeopteryx shake the clan
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C18 Bells of the archaeopteryx shake the clan

After a moment of silence, Xia Yang asked sternly: "Were you an evil idea severed by the Human Master?"

This was the first time he wanted to open his heart and chat with Xia Qingtian, because they still had a long time sharing a body, and didn't want to be used as a tool.

"Yes sir!" Against Xia Yang's expectations, Xia Qingtian admitted it himself, and it was such a simple word.

"Why did I kill you? At that time, I heard from Human Battle Spirit Old Yang Tree that the Human Master seemed to have cut out a trace of an evil thought, and then it vanished into thin air, leaving behind that evil thought! " Xia Yang finally broke open Xia Qingtian's seal. He did not want to miss this opportunity, so he went on to understand more.

"Not only did he behead me, behead evil, but he also beheaded the seven emotions and six desires, establishing the True Martial Dao! A single ray of light shot into the sky! " Xia Qingtian still had his back facing Xia Yang and his tone was very calm, as if he was talking about a small matter that was insignificant.

"What is Zhen Wu Dao?"

"After your cultivation progresses a few more steps, you will slowly understand what it means to create a dao, to coalesce into three lumps, and to form the Nine Heaven Chasm! It's useless to tell you these things now! "

Xia Yang became silent again. The path of Exile Mainland cultivation was arduous, Qi was the core of the human body, thus when one entered the cultivation room, they would have to refine their Qi, and from then on, enter the endless cultivation realm.

The further one cultivated, the more difficult it would become. It was a mysterious and unfathomable process, and one might even die from it. One might go crazy, explode, or even lose their consciousness. The path of a cultivator was extremely difficult.

In his previous life, even if he was not weak, he had been framed. In this life, he was a world where the strong preyed on the weak.

More importantly, the myths he knew from his previous life, such as the Nuwa Spiritual Replenishment, Houyi's Shooting Sun, Guardsmen's Reclamation, and so on, all had illusory legends in this life. In his previous life, there were many myths that could fit into this life, so why was that?

In this life, time was actually calculated according to the ancient times, one was ancient, ten thousand years old. However, currently, people only recorded various legends within the Hundred Ancient Era. As for the Hundred Ancient Era, they had all become legends.

Gods, that was a true god with a divine spark! These may all be great secrets, do we need future generations to uncover them? And why was this continent called exile?

The word exile is too sensitive...

As he thought about it, Xia Yang's mind drifted away. He shook his head with all his might, because all of this was too far away.

After that, Xia Yang continued to ponder, but Xia Qingtian continued to speak: "After he killed me, he forcefully condensed me into a ball of consciousness and bestowed consciousness upon me, but back then I was very ignorant, and only after a long time did I wake up and wander the world.

"But what?" Xia Yang asked with a frown.

"But I am evil, not to mention righteous. I want to control me. That old poplar tree is about to run out of oil lamps. Does it think it's feasible? " Xia Qingtian finally revealed an expression, the corners of his mouth slightly raised, and his seemingly very indifferent smile, was mixed with too much evil intent.

"What an evil old man!" Xia Yang shook his head and laughed bitterly.

This guy will not be manipulated by others. This might be the biggest failure of the Human Master, or perhaps the Human Master wants to gamble? Betting that his evil will inherit his last wish?

"I don't want to, regardless of which race it is, life or death, what does it have to do with me? A group of hypocrites will not be remembered! " Xia Yang did not probe further. He did not have any good feelings towards any race.

After that, Xia Qingtian was also unwilling to say anymore, he only warned Xia Yang seriously that he had to cultivate well and strive to reach the Divine Level, otherwise, everything would just be an ant.

Sooner or later, the world will change.

Xia Yang was dumbstruck and shouted depressingly. The Sacred Level, seemed to be too ethereal.

"Clank, clank, clank."

As Xia Yang was on the way back, suddenly, a bell sound came from the distant floating Dragon Fault in the sky. The sound was ancient, as if it could affect a person's state of mind.

"Clang clang clang!"

The sound of the bell continued to ring out, shaking the entire inner wasteland. Many of the foreign races that came with Human Clan all rang out their bells, and the sound of the bell rang out for a thousand, ten thousand, hundred thousand, hundred thousand, one million, and hundreds of millions of miles …

Every single alien who heard the bell tolled the hundred ancient bell of their race, and the bell tolled down. One race, ten races, a thousand races … They are passing the bell, they are passing a belief, a faith that has not changed for hundreds of years...

The Myriad Clans Competition had been opened just like this.

had already returned to his residence long ago. Standing in the dilapidated courtyard, he looked at each other and in this direction, Xia Yang had completely forgotten where he was. He just stared at the horizon, maybe in this direction, there were a few races that were transmitting the bell chimes.

"Myriad Clans Competition, will officially open in seven days. Families, sects, schools, families, and elites, will compete in the end!"

As the capital city of this ancient clan, the Longxian of the Great Sage released a golden decree, which represented the will of all races.

At that time, during the recent days when the bell had rung, regardless of whether it was the Dragon Fault Heavenly Palace that controlled the inner wastelands or the foreign races, they all followed one will. No matter if they were biased against the Human Clan, no one wanted a share of the ultimate fortune.

"I'm looking forward to the Large Competition!" The elderlies and elders of the clan exclaimed in excitement.

Hornet Clan, Blue Scorpion race, Eyeless Human Clan, Two-headed Human Clan, Nine-headed Snake race, Heavenly Bird Clan … and all the other races in Longxian looked up towards their own race with eyes filled with excitement.

"Humph, during the competition, I will kill the Human Clan Elites!" The handsome young man from the Blue Scorpion Clan smiled coldly.

"Human Clan, should return to their cowardly nature, and be killed! Good fortune does not belong to them! " The Hornet Clan younger generation shook their wings, causing the space to tremble slightly.

"Human Clan... When will we be able to see through your criticisms and the nature of your actions? " The young generation of Eyeless Human Clan were standing together with their seniors. Although they had no eyes, they were looking towards the sky.

"Heh, let's start the Large Competition. Brat, let's fight with your handsome master!" The yellow-robed, sloppy-looking Daoist laughed mischievously at his disciple.

"F * ck off, why should I beat you to death?" The disciple of the Sloppy Daoist snappily said.

"If you want to wash away the shame on your Prisoner Clan, you must fight for all of this good fortune!" Although the Sloppy Daoist was still not very serious, his words were like a thunderclap to his disciple's ears.

"I... Never a prisoner! " The young man said seriously as he took large steps forward, his body faintly releasing a desolate aura.

"Prison …" "After ten thousand years, it's about to come back to life again. What a terrifying chaotic world …" The slovenly old man shook his head, and his body disappeared. It was as if he was being disbanded.

"Dao Body?"

One of the cultivators that passed by had a high cultivation level, so he was frightened and fell to the ground.

Xia Chen, Feiyang, Yi Qiu, Xia Hao, you, and the others, as the elites of the younger generation in my Eastern Palace, will definitely advance together! "Struggle for great fortune!"

At the same time the Longxian Bell sounded, Hall Master Xia Yunxiao summoned everyone to the Meeting Room and gave them a death order.

North Court...

"Qianyu, lead your cousin and my Western Temple young generals to fight for more slots. This time, the good fortune is extraordinary, and I guess it will be the good fortune that surpassed the Divine Eyeless Human Clan!" Cyan Mountain's gaze was deep as he instructed his parents and son.

"Father, something that transcends the divine … What could that be? Could it be a god? But the gods are too ethereal, from a million years ago, it's too unrealistic! " Xue Qianyu said in shock.

"It might not be the luck of the Era of Gods, but it's not too far off. Recently, there are some changes in the movement of the stars in the sky, and it's too complicated. It's definitely not mediocre. " Cyan Mountain said with concern, afraid of that ominous omen.

"Father, don't worry, I will definitely strive for the greatest good fortune! I have a share, I will give Xia Yang a portion!" Xue Qianyu's resolute eyes could not be doubted.

Cyan Mountain sighed, patted the North Hall's most favored son, and said: "Qianyu, you must be careful. Don't worry, your Uncle Yunkuang will come back sooner or later!"

"En!" Xue Qianyu nodded heavily, agreeing with his father's words.

"Tianyu, everything depends on you. Fight for the best!" In Western Temple and Ou Mansion, Ou Zucheng sternly said to his son and son.

"Yes, father!"

Southern Palace...

"Ling'er, don't ruin the reputation of the Southern Palace! "We will cut off the heads of the non-humankind in the Large Competition!"

"Yes, father!"

At the same time, the Hall Masters of the other four halls also summoned their disciples to supervise and strive to maximize the benefits.

The borderland of Human Clan.

There was a swampy area with a great amount of moisture. No one could have imagined that there were actually several palaces under the swamps, occupying an extremely wide area.

"Human Clan? This time, it must be extinguished! "

"Yes!" Clan leader! " Many eagle-like leopard bodies and horned creatures knelt down respectfully.

"Our Gu Roc s are close to the Eight Desolations, and we need to increase our power. When the Human Clan collapses, we can collect an additional portion of land, hehe! Human Battle Spirit is already near the end of his life so he doesn't take this to heart. "

The Gu Roc race's patriarch was enveloped in a layer of gray fog, only his eyes were exposed, bloody and emotionless.

"Delicious rations, hahaha!" All the elites of the Gu Roc race laughed out loud, shivering in fear.

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