Utmost Tao, Divine King/C2 I am xia yangfei xia yang
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Utmost Tao, Divine King/C2 I am xia yangfei xia yang
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C2 I am xia yangfei xia yang

Two hours later …

It was one of the Eastern Palace s, one of the eight halls, and belonged to the Dragon Fault Heavenly Palace s!

"It hurts so bad …"

The Xia Mansion occupied an extremely wide area, and it was a beautiful palace with many carvings, all of them were extremely luxurious. However, in this kind of mansion, there was a dilapidated courtyard, and the man that climbed out from the Blood Cauldron just now slowly opened his eyes in a dilapidated room within the courtyard, and then shouted in pain.

The young man's entire body was covered in blood, and he had dried up a long time ago. However, the stench of blood in the courtyard still stung the nose, causing people to feel nauseous.

Looking at this unfamiliar environment, the pain in his entire body made him suffocate. However, he still clenched his fists. His eyes were cold and filled with endless resentment.

"I am Xia Yang, and it is impossible for me to not be 'Xia Yang'. If I am able to endure this, this kind of insult, contempt, cruelty, I will come back step by step! If I am able to return to my previous life, I will make the two of you who colluded against each other suffer a fate worse than death. " Xia Yang said fiercely.

This youth was called Xia Yang, and his soul was attached to a youth with the same surname and surname. Yes, Xia Yang had reincarnated and arrived in another space, attaching itself to this body.

It was him who had crawled out of the blood covered Blood Cauldron just now under the gaze of tens of thousands of people, causing a huge commotion …

Just two hours ago, the body that he was attaching to suffered an unimaginable humiliation and destruction that almost caused it to collapse. Its originally frail body was thrown into the Blood Cauldron just like that, used to summon the divine spirit of the Human Clan ten thousand years ago.

That Blood Cauldron was said to be formed from the blood of many races, in order to stimulate the power of his bloodline and give the best effect of summoning.

However, such a proposal was precisely made by his uncle, the hall master of the Eastern Palace, Xia Yunxiao. Just like that, he mercilessly threw his nephew into the Blood Cauldron like a dog.

The blood within the cauldron was very pure, and there were faint sounds of birds, tigers, and lions exploding beside his ear, almost shouting him to death. In truth, it was a coincidence that he was killed, if not for this kind of sacrifice, Xia Yang's soul would not have been attached to this body.

The Blood Cauldron was boiling, and Xia Yang nearly died halfway through, but something strange happened, causing his body to undergo a change. The pure blood flowed through Xia Yang's pores into his body, and then replaced with the old blood from his body.

It could be said that Xia Yang currently had the blood of many races flowing through him.

It was just that, this kind of Blood Transformation was extremely dangerous, and might even cause him to collapse. However, this was also a huge opportunity, and in the process of Xia Yang's blood being replaced, it just so happened to temper his muscles and bones, and also opened up his channels.

At that time, Xia Yang had fainted, but he did not know how. When he woke up, he had already climbed out of the Blood Cauldron with blurry consciousness.

"Xia Yunxiao..." Xia Yang gnashed his teeth in hatred. Was there really such a heartless uncle?

Having received the memories of this body, Xia Yang was so angry that his lungs were about to burst. All of the young disciples in the clan, with the exception of a few, were practically like animals to Xia Yang.

But at that time, the owner of this body didn't dare to say a single word, let alone resist. This had already become a vicious circle, and he was becoming more and more cowardly, living a life worse than a dog's.

He had survived a great disaster this time, so when Xia Yang teleported here, the expression on his face would probably become even more severe.

"Just you wait!" In this life, in my previous life, I owe everything back! " Xia Yang's eyes turned red, as though his body was filled with dried blood, as though a demon was spitting fire.

In his previous life, he was a street hoodlum. He didn't expect that his home, the courtyard, would be able to be developed into an upscale living area. He calculated that he could buy four houses, which led to the tragedy of his previous life.

When his most beloved girlfriend and his crafty boss combined forces to frame him, the moment he signed the contract, a knife was sent into his body. It was only at the moment his soul left his body that he saw that the knife was given to him by his most beloved person.

"These are all things with the heart of a beast with the face of a human!" Sooner or later, I will let you know what regret is. " Xia Yang growled.

Just as Xia Yang finished speaking, the other 'Xia Yang' 's remaining soul consciousness perfectly merged with his...

Feeling the soul's perfect control over his body, Xia Yang said solemnly: "I know you can't leave too many things behind, leave the rest to me!"

After a while, Xia Yang slowly calmed himself down and started to carefully ponder over his future path. In the end, he faced a serious problem and sighed: "Although this body's physique can change, but this guy was too weak before. There are no training methods in his mind, it's very difficult to deal with!"

Suddenly, something strange happened …

A voice exploded in Xia Yang's sea of consciousness like a clap of thunder, causing his entire head to buzz.

"This body is weak, and you still want to fight over it with me? I really want to kill you! " The voice was filled with rage.

Xia Yang was shocked, but pretended to be fearless. He searched all around and shouted: "What demon and demon are you talking about, why are you roaring about, get the hell out here!"

"I'm in your sea of consciousness!"

"Eh, that works too? Then wouldn't I have a double personality? "

"Pfft, brat, don't take advantage of me and act cute. I put in a lot of effort to put on an act just so I can get the other great races to sacrifice me and get my physical body ready. I didn't expect you to be one step ahead of me!" Xia Yang's sea of consciousness roared, if that voice had a body, it would have already grabbed his neck and ruthlessly beat him up.

Xia Yang immediately tried to defend himself, afraid that the guy in his sea of consciousness would destroy him, and said: "This is heaven's will, it wasn't intentional!"

In his sea of consciousness, that being roared for a long time and finally calmed down. Xia Yang's ears finally cleared as he asked: "Brother, who are you?"

"Bro? "What do you mean?" That person was puzzled.

"Eh, you're wrong. A slip of the tongue. Senior, who are you?"

"I will be the god of Human Clan, Xia Qingtian!" The existence of Xia Yang's sea of consciousness was extremely proud of his dao, and at the same time, Xia Yang's body emitted an imposing aura, causing people to tremble.

"Are you the Human Master that Human Clan has always been yearning for? This sacrifice is to summon you? Ten thousand years ago? "Good boy!"

Xia Yang was really surprised, if the other party was not making up lies, it would be really hard to understand, how could a person from ten thousand years ago still exist?

but ten thousand years ago, he was the one who cleared all the obstacles in the way of the Human Clan, allowing it to shine for ten thousand years!

The Human Clan had flourished for the past ten thousand years, and because a saint had appeared in the Human Clan ten thousand years ago, it levelled the chaos in the battlefield, knocked down the other races, and pacified the entire wastelands, finally defeating a terrifying great villain who had died in meditation.

Two hours ago, the so called living sacrifice was to summon this existence, who would have thought that Xia Yang who was teleported here took the initiative to occupy this body.

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