Utmost Tao, Divine King/C20 Formations and reverse steps!
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Utmost Tao, Divine King/C20 Formations and reverse steps!
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C20 Formations and reverse steps!

Recently, many foreign races had started to evacuate the Longxian. They passed through the giant Transfer Array s and returned to their respective clans to make the most adequate preparations for their descendants.

Many races had retreated, and even the Human Cultivator s of Longxian had prepared to go, so very few cultivators walked out on the streets.

A few days later, the streets of Longxian actually became a little loose, and only a few ordinary people passed by.

However, in an inn, several foreign races were still present. They had yet to completely evacuate.

Aries Clan, Hornet Clan, Blue Scorpion s, and a few other high ranking races were still alive. The three races were on good terms, but when they were humiliated at the same time, their relationship was even closer.

Xia Yang's actions had actually caused them to unite like never before. Many people found it hard to believe that the so-called Mask Man was just a young, young cultivator, and actually caused the three races to place him in such high regard.

"I must find out about this person. I'm not willing to accept this, this time my Aries Clan has really lost all face in front of the tens of thousands of clans!" The face of the elder who had his beard cut off by Xia Yang turned ugly. When he thought about the matter of 'weird' beard cutting, he wanted to vomit blood.

"He is a young person, so there must be people backing him up. However, logically speaking, even if we have enemies, we should be facing one side alone. But do we, the three races, have enemies in common?" Or should we say that the few families in Human Clan have common enemies with us as well? " The elder of the basketball tribe frowned as he analyzed the situation.

Although there was no Elder in the Blue Scorpion Tribe who had his tail broken, that poison needle was still broken. It was hard to endure, especially under the eyes of an Elder like him.

"That Old Lunatic is his backer?" Hornet Clan Elder was the last to speak, he had been thinking about some key questions.

"Impossible, that Old Lunatic has lived for too long, his mind is muddled, sometimes crazy, sometimes shrewd, it is impossible for him to become the shield of the younger generation, this Old Fossil has taken in too many disciples, they all end up like him.

The Aries Clan Elder made a judgement and thought that the Old Lunatic could not possibly be the shield of that masked junior.

The Old Fossil did as it pleased. Every time it appeared, it would threaten to accept a disciple, saying that this space was going to change, be destroyed, and so on. It was really a headache.

However, what was reassuring was that he couldn't always show up, sometimes sleeping, sometimes worrying about his personal gains and losses, finally coming back to normal for a while.

The Old Lunatic that they had spoken of was actually the top quality master and disciple at that time, the The Sloppy Old Daoist that scared off the Great Elder of the Aries Clan.

"The elites of our tribe have all returned to the clan to prepare, and we must continue to investigate. If there really is someone controlling it from behind the scenes and it is targeting our entire race, it can't be forgiven. Otherwise, there will be big trouble! " His eyes were very cold.

"No need!" Suddenly, a sound came from within the room, causing the entire room to shake a bit. Even the tea set on the table and chairs began to tremble.

"Grand Elder, have you not returned to the clan yet?" The Aries Clan elder hurriedly stood up and bowed.

The elders from the other two races all bowed slightly. They did not belong to the Aries Clan.

"I had some ideas and decided to stay. I didn't expect to find something so important. Look at this loess!" The Great Elder of Aries Clan scattered a handful of dirt on the table and did not say another word.

"It's nothing?" The other elder looked left and right, but didn't find anything. The other two elders shook their heads.

"I don't blame you all for not being able to notice this, because the fluctuations have long since dissipated too much. Even I almost couldn't see that there were fluctuations coming from the array formation!" Furthermore, it's the Magic Array, which also explains why a junior can stay by your side and not be discovered. " The words of the Great Elder were not enough to scare them to death, causing the few Great Elders to be stunned.

"What?" Formation? Was there anyone in the Modern Realm who was proficient in formations? It's said that only a few Old Fossil from the ancient sects might know something about it, but that junior actually set up a formation? " The few elders' expressions changed drastically. How could they not be surprised?

"So there's no need to investigate. Let's call it a day. Maybe he came from an ancient sect and went out to gain some experience before acting this way. Even if we want to make a fuss, so what if we find that junior?" There must be a senior following behind him. "

The Aries Clan Great Elder's words caused the few elders to calm down. That's right, if the other party had an ancient inheritance or Ancient Cult, just their higher clan alone wouldn't be enough to annihilate their entire clan.

"Let's stop here, everyone return to the clan …" When the Great Elder of the Aries Clan finished speaking, he turned around and left without stopping. The rest of the people also shook their heads, not daring to continue investigating.

If he were to dig deeper and find the culprit, would he dare to suppress it? It must be unrealistic, in a hundred years, which Formation Master was not worshipped like a god by others?

The array was very strange, normally, in order for Formation Master to set up a huge array, they would need to prepare all sorts of heaven and earth treasures, and most of them were precious heaven and earth treasures, not to mention this was not even worth it, but the Formation Master had to spend his energy and spirit to simulate and arrange the array based on the scene, it was very troublesome, and also took a long time.

As for some peerless Supreme Elders, if they wanted to lay down an array formation, they didn't need to prepare these heavenly materials because they were living fossils themselves. They also had their Dao foundation built, resonating with the heavens.

Therefore, the Aries Clan Great Elder was very wary, there were no remnants or ripples of treasures of heaven and earth here. He inferred that this must be a formation that was set up by a Supreme Elder that surpassed him by many levels, at least in the Nirvana stage of the Sky Origin Stage.

Who dares to provoke him? Even the Patriarch of the Aries Clan couldn't easily arrange a formation, so this clearly showed that the power behind the younger generation wasn't simple …

Just like this, why were they afraid of Human Clan? The Battle Spirit of the Human Clan was a almighty being. Furthermore, he had succeeded at the ultimate rebirth, so his strength was monstrous. A final rebirth Battle Spirit, under the condition of abundant blood energy, could easily annihilate a large clan.

In the end, the three other races left as well. There were no other races left on the Longxian right now, and all of them returned to the clan to prepare.

Myriad Clans Competition were the focus of attention, causing all the young generation to go crazy, while Xia Yang was no exception, this was a shortcut for him to rise up, to anyone.

These few days, Xia Yang was walking around in circles around many of the marketplaces, looking for incomplete and high level techniques. He needed to make sufficient preparations, hoping to succeed step by step, defeat those who blocked him, and seize the good fortune to be able to do so.

However, what he did not know was that just the few simple Magic Array that Xia Qingtian had used was enough to make several races retreat and not find trouble with him. Was this the luckiest thing that had happened in the midst of misfortune?

What he did not know was that although the Magic Array that he had arranged in the dilapidated courtyard looked simple, it was actually only because Xia Qingtian had left behind a bit of spirit energy that caused the Magic Array to activate. Otherwise, relying on Xia Yang's array formation, not to mention him not knowing a thing, even searching for heavenly materials was extremely difficult.

Xia Yang was still looking for some famous outlets, and secretly checking if there were any incomplete high level techniques. However, it was very ethereal and unrealistic. Even if there were some incomplete high-level techniques, the major powers would not be able to easily deal with it.

Xia Yang was a little disappointed, and walked towards the Xia Mansion with his head down. Just when he was about to reach the section on Xia Mansion, he suddenly heard a few discussions.

"Have you heard? Dragon Pavilion selling technique is very heaven defying! " A pock faced cultivator said with a strange chuckle. The Dragon Pavilion that he spoke of was the largest auction house in the Longxian, possessing all sorts of good things.

This man had a face full of pockmarks, and looked very phrenic. Xia Yang even recognized him, he was one of the servants in Sun Mansion, the son of the butler of Sun Mansion. From the looks of it, his cultivation was just at the Qi Refining stage.

"As expected of the son of the butler of Longxian, to be able to obtain such information, I'm truly impressed!" Another cultivator said.

"Hee hee …" He continued: "Although my father is the butler of Sun Mansion, he follows by the side of the Palace Chief of Sun Mansion around the clock, and is well-informed. I heard that the cultivation technique sold by the Dragon Pavilion is not simple, but unfortunately, it is only a remnant, with no clues at all."

"Hmm? A cultivation technique that is highly valued by Dragon Pavilion, even if it is a part of it, is still considered outstanding. What kind of cultivation technique is it? " The other person asked nervously. It was obvious that he was very surprised by this matter.

"I think it's called 'Reverse Step'. I don't know the specifics!" The eldest son of the Sun Mansion butler said, looking at his expression as if he only knew a little about it.

"I've never heard of it …" The other person shook his head. He had no way of knowing about the so called "Reverse Step".

"Reverse Step? It's actually this technique? " However, Xia Yang was pleasantly surprised, because Xia Qingtian had said that this technique was very strong, it encompassed three great realms of cultivation technique. It was just that this technique was too heaven opposing, it had long disappeared into the history of the river, and even the real Human Master did not have the chance to cultivate it.

The Reverse Step divided into three steps, the first step was to combine the two, the second step was to combine the two, and the third step was to combine the two. Corresponding to the three great realms of profound origin, Earth Origin Stage and Sky Origin Stage, they were incomparably strong.

"The auction has started since the day after tomorrow, but very few people know about this incomplete skill, so many families' interest has been dampened!" In the end, Xia Yang heard what the Sun Mansion butler's son said.

"Haha, the heavens are on my side!" Xia Yang laughed in his heart, even though others may not see this technique well, it did not mean that he would give it up, and fight for it regardless of the cost.

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