Utmost Tao, Divine King/C3 Knock back a rake
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Utmost Tao, Divine King/C3 Knock back a rake
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C3 Knock back a rake

"Ai, I am just a remnant of a soul … "Eh, someone's coming." Xia Qingtian said.

In fact, Xia Yang also heard the sound of footsteps from the courtyard. His face turned cold as he said: "Don't you need flesh? I have a suitable candidate, but you have to help me! "

Xia Qingtian was silent for a bit, then said: "I can help you, but I have some things that I need you to do, so you have to do them. I have already lost one chance to fuse with my body, so merging again will be very troublesome.

"So what if you want to woo a tiger? "Deal!" Xia Yang readily agreed.

"Yi, I felt a pressure here just now, why is it gone?" Could it be that the hall master had returned? "But why would he come to this crappy place?"

A woman's voice, like the cry of an oriole, came from the dilapidated little courtyard. It was very pleasant to listen to, but her voice was clearly aimed at Xia Yang.

"Why don't we go in and take a look at that cowardly fellow. Today, we'll offer him a sacrifice to be soaked in Blood Cauldron. I don't know if he's dead or not, it's best if he dies. Otherwise, we won't waste our rations here!" The other voice belonged to a man. It was very indifferent to Xia Yang's life and death.

Great Sage had once said at the sacrificial altar that the matter of Xia Yang doing meritorious service for the Human Clan had long been thrown out of the window by these two people. This was Xia Yang's original position in the Eastern Palace!

Just as they finished speaking, Xia Yang's door suddenly opened, "Hey, isn't that his cousin? "Here you are, come in and sit!" Xia Yang generously pushed open the door with a brilliant smile.

Actually, other than his face full of blood stains, Xia Yang's body also looked very handsome. His eyebrows were straight, lips were like a blade, his nose was slightly raised, and his figure was slender and well-proportioned.

Xia Yang's actions caused the siblings to be shocked. How could this cowardly and cowardly cousin be abnormal?

"Aiya, cousin, cousin! There's no need to stand on ceremony. Come in, I just cleaned the room!" Xia Yang touched the dried up blood stains on his face, then walked towards the siblings. Actually, he was sneering to himself in his heart, this pair of siblings used to bully the previous' Xia Yang 'quite a bit.

"You …" Don't touch me! " The woman and Xia Tong cried out in fear and retreated. Who in Xia Mansion didn't know that the woman was a germaphobe?

"You …" "You're courting death!" The other man, Xia Yiqiu, was furious. That dirty little bastard on the other side had definitely done it on purpose, to use that dirty hand to touch Xia Tong.

Xia Yiqiu took a step forward, and the strong qi began to move in his palm as he struck towards Xia Yang with the ability to break trees.

"Hmph, I'm just afraid that you won't come!"

Xia Yang scoffed in his heart, because he had already made a deal with Human Master Xia Qingtian long ago, and if it was appropriate to help him, Xia Yang would definitely embarrass this pair of siblings.

The moment Xia Yiqiu's palm landed, the hand that Xia Yang extended out was like a leaf, as it gently floated back, seemingly indifferent, but Xia Yiqiu's palm strike actually missed.

Xia Yang's right leg moved backwards, and the other hand quickly grabbed Xia Yiqiu's arm. As before, the other hand carried a brilliant smile, and the hand that was retreating grabbed even faster at Xia Tong's arm.

Although these movements seemed unintentional, they were actually extremely fast. The siblings weren't able to react in time.

"Ah …" A sharp cry resounded through half of the palace, and Xia Tong's face immediately paled. This was simply an insult. Xia Yiqiu also forgot to resist as he looked at Xia Yang in shock.

Look, cousin, I'm Xia Yang. It's fine for us cousins to hold hands!

"You little bastard, you're simply courting death!" Xia Yiqiu reacted and roared again and again. He shook his arm and then became extremely shocked, as his hand was steady as a rock and did not move at all.

"Cousin, what are you talking about? Ben was born from the same root, I am an animal, and what are you? Besides, you are not an elder yourself. Do you want to be on equal footing with your uncle? " The uncle in his mouth was actually Xia Yunxiao, the hall master of the Eastern Palace.

At the same time, a big hat was put up on Xia Yiqiu's head. Although no one would believe it, Xia Yiqiu was so angry that his entire body was trembling.

"You filthy thing, let go of me!" Xia Tong was still screaming, her expression fierce, but she could not move, as if she had been imprisoned.

"Cousin sister, there's no dirty place on our Longxian, if you like dirty, I'll bring you to the nearby Cloud City, and I heard that brothels are everywhere! "Hmm, cousin, you look just like that!"

Xia Tong, who was normally high and mighty, was simply going crazy. She was the apple of the eye of one of the eight halls, a king of Eastern Palace, how could she be called that material of the brothel?

"Ah …" Xia Tong's shouts were doubled, using this to vent the anger in her heart. Who in the Longxian would say such things about her? Furthermore, to be said by a weak trash?

Xia Tong's voice spread across many luxurious courtyards within the Xia Mansion, and a few disciples that were direct line of descent rushed towards the dilapidated courtyard that Xia Yang was staying in.

When many people arrived at this place, they all shook their heads. The kind-hearted disciples of the Xia Clan looked at Xia Yang with sympathy …

Because at this moment, Xia Yang was lying on the ground and screaming miserably. That was really cold sweat that drenched his clothes.

As for the siblings, Xia Yiqiu and Xia Tong, they were staring dumbfoundedly at Xia Yang, who was lying on the ground. This change was too sudden, Xia Yang had been smilingly targeting them just now, but when the others were about to arrive, he suddenly … She fell to the ground.

When Xia Yiqiu regained his senses, he immediately became furious, his eyes almost popping out as he angrily roared: "You bastard, just now, you … It's not like that! "

"Cousin Yi Qiu, forget it. After all, the Great Sage had spoken before. Xia Yang has also contributed greatly to our Human Clan. He had once summoned a Human Master upon entering a Blood Cauldron. Since he isn't dead, don't torture him anymore!" Another youth with delicate eyebrows stood beside Xia Yang and spoke to him with a smile.

One of them was this man named Xia Feiyang. He was at the same age as Xia Yang, and at the age of eighteen. He was a talent that was relatively valued by Eastern Palace, and his status was much higher than Xia Yiqiu's.

"Cousin Feiyang, you've been tricked by him! It wasn't like that just now! " Xia Yiqiu roared.

"Right, Cousin Feiyang, just now, that little bastard wanted to deal with Yi Qiu and me. Look, I still have his hand prints on me!" Xia Tong raised up one of her arms. Sure enough, there was a handprint on it, which was stained with blood.

Xia Feiyang glanced at Xia Tong as a trace of disgust flashed past her eyes. Then, he walked over to help Xia Yang up, and smiled at him. "It's alright, let's go back.

"Thank you, Brother Feiyang!" Xia Yang's eyes flashed, he looked extremely weak.

"Xia Feiyang, what do you mean? I'm talking to you! " Xia Tong's face turned sinister as he shouted.

However, a sarcastic smile flashed across Xia Feiyang's lips, and he left the dilapidated courtyard with large strides, and many people followed Xia Feiyang and left, thinking that what happened just now was just a prank.

These direct descendents all thought that Xia Tong and Yue Yu must have been bored to the point of making fun of Xia Yang, but Xia Yang accidentally pressed her hand on her arm, causing her to go crazy.

Who told Xia Tong to be so obsessed with cleanliness.

Who would believe that it was Xia Yang who did this to them?

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