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C5 War alien

"It's time to go for a walk. Staying in the room is easy to arouse suspicion from others!"

In these ten days, Xia Chen had come here three times in total. If it wasn't for the fact that Xia Qingtian, this living fossil, had an extremely strong sensing ability, he would have definitely exposed himself.

Xia Chen was a very dangerous person, his shrewdness was deep.

After that, Xia Yang changed into a new set of clothes and pushed open the door. It was the first time he appeared in this ten days. Sunlight scattered down, the breeze caressed his face, making him feel extremely comfortable and relaxed.

"'Xia Yang', I will help you get everything back, and find your father and mother. The Eastern Palace is not Xia Yunxiao's, it's Xia Yunkuang's!" Xia Yang muttered, and stared at the horizon in a daze.

Xia Yunkuang, the biological father of 'Xia Yang'. When he was five years old, 'Xia Yang' suddenly fainted, and his father had also gone mad, having carried the battle lance into the territory of the other races. His mother went missing, and the old hall master of Eastern Palace, who was also 'Xia Yang's' grandfather, also passed away due to illness.

All of this seemed like a huge conspiracy.

"And that woman, Yang Liuer, don't worry, I will protect her in your place! I will definitely pluck that cloud in the sky for her! "

In his memories, there was a time when she was the happiest. 'Xia Yang' had known a kid from a slum since a young age, and although one of the girls was a commoner, her lotus blossoms that were like blossoming flowers bloomed with their initial brilliance. She was called Yang Liuer.

When she was young, had always called her little big sister. At that time, Yang Liuer asked him what he liked and she actually blurted out Cloud.

Yang Liuer laughed and continued, "Hmm, clouds desire freedom. If you like it, I will pick it for you when Big Sis is strong enough!"

Now, Xia Yang wanted to fulfill this wish of his, plucking a cloud and giving it to Yang Liuer instead of having Yang Liuer give it to him.

"I don't want to think about it anymore. Let's go out for a walk and see if there's anything worth fighting over!"

The Longxian took up a huge amount of space. The giant palace stood tall and the great hall floated in the air, and at night, it looked like stars hanging down from the sky, shining brilliantly and magnificently.

Recently, the appearance of this city, which was the most prosperous among the Human Clan, changed drastically. Many other creatures from other races were walking within this city, and they were all in their original bodies.

The Longxian clearly stated that anyone who entered this city, in order to show respect to the Human Clan and Human Master s, had to take human form. If their original form was considered disrespectful, the city guards were responsible for suppressing them.

However, at this moment, many of the foreign invaders were walking on the streets in their original forms. They were vicious and showed off their might, but the soldiers guarding the city didn't make any movements.

"The foreign races in my memory are really different from the foreign races in reality. It's simply a spectacular sight!" Xia Yang was walking on the road, speechless.

With Wolve Clan as big as a calf, Hornet Clan as the size of a child, and Aries Clan that were as small as a hill, there were also Two-headed Human Clan, Eyeless Human Clan, Blue Scorpion race, and so on.

unknowingly arrived at a slum based on the memories in his mind. It was reasonable to say that Longxian was the largest and most flourishing city in the entire continent, and it shouldn't exist in this kind of place, but why did it become a criticism of the entire continent?

Perhaps this kind of place could manifest the great disparity in the status of Human Clan.

The slum was still the same. There was only one exit, and it was lively with people coming and going. There was an old poplar tree here, and it was unknown how many years it had been there.

Xia Yang was rather far away from the slums, so he did not see the female Yang Liuer who looked like a lotus blooming in water. Instead, he saw a very profound person, which was his old servant, Palaeo- Shi!

This old man has a face that can scare the hell out of people." Ever since Xia Yang had become the sacrifice of the Blood Sacrifice, this old man had never appeared.

"Yi, what is he doing here?"

Xia Yang was suspicious. This old fellow was always so elusive, it was hard to fathom. The most important thing was that he was so thick-skinned.

"Out of the way, out of the way …"

Just then, suddenly, a berating voice came from behind Xia Yang. It just so happened that a convoy from a different race was passing by, it was extremely arrogant.

They had a total of four chariots, and were surrounded by a group of huge sheep the size of small hills. This should be the Aries Clan, and it's so powerful that it makes one's hair stand on end.

"Old Gu, don't be sad. Xia Yang is peaceful in another world. At the exit of the slums, a middle-aged man persuaded Palaeo- Shi, thinking that he was just relying on Xia Yang.

"Will he die? "No way!" Palaeo- Shi's voice was like metal rubbing against each other, sounding more like the bleating of a goat, which was hard to accept.

"Hey, Old Gu, can you not use that voice, like a goat's, to scuttle people?" Another person passed by and joked.


Suddenly, a figure flashed by at high speed, and with a bang, the middle-aged man who had just spoken was pushed aside. He slammed into the old tree and coughed out a large mouthful of blood.

"A lowly commoner of humanity, dares to insult my Aries Clan? "You're courting death!"

A white-haired youth with a head full of white strands of hair stood tall on the spot. He was extraordinarily handsome, and his body was suffused with an astonishing aura. The one who had attacked just now was him.

The middle-aged man who had just been beaten up just now was precisely the father of Shan Shu in his impression, and this Shan Shu was one of the companions that he had gotten to play in the slums. He did not expect his father to be able to say the words' disaster comes from the mouth 'and was almost crippled by the youth with Aries Clan just because of the word' goat '.

"Senior, can I help you with something?" Xia Yang's sea of consciousness called out to Xia Qingtian.

"Kid, my soul power is too weak. Don't squeeze me out!" Xia Qingtian's voice was very unhappy.

"Senior, you are unrivaled, able to cover the sky with your bare hands, you are the Human Master of this generation …" Xia Yang was speechless.

"Yes, yes, say it, what do you want?"

Xia Yang laughed mischievously: "If there's no other request, I'll deal with that lamb. If his elders make a move, you can help!"

"Well, it can be counted as an opportunity for you to fight in actual combat. But this time, there's no need for me to do anything. Someone will do something!"


Xia Yang wanted to ask more, but it was too late. The Aries Clan youth stepped forward, towards Shan Shu's father, and with every step he took, the ground would shake, as his strength became ridiculously strong.

At this time, Xia Yang took a step forward, and fully displayed the extremely fast ability of < Crossing Worlds >, jumping up to a small stall. Picking up a mask, he immediately disappeared, and his speed was so fast that the stall owner was unable to react.

When he appeared again, he was already behind that Aries Clan youth, and unhesitatingly struck out with his palm towards his back with all his might.

It had to be said that Xia Yang's speed was too fast. In a flash, the Aries Clan youth was unable to react at all, a palm had already imprinted onto the center of his back.


Like Shan Shu's father, he was also sent flying, crashing into a large poplar tree. Who knows how many broken bones he had.

"How dare you!" When the other Aries Clan youths saw the masked man, they became enraged and attacked together. strong qi s surged and the wind whistled as over a dozen Aries Clan youths attacked together.

Xia Yang was fearless. As he moved left and right, the Aura Circling Sea in his body rotated. It emitted out from the strong qi's body, turning into a sticking force that attached itself to the body of a Aries Clan youth, as though it was following his shadow!


A fist came flying over, but did not land on Xia Yang's body, and directly landed on the back of the Aries Clan youth who was stuck to his body. He was used by Xia Yang as a shield. Following that, the Aries Clan youth screamed and flew out.

The other young men of the Aries Clan were furious. Each of them waved their hands, and a huge heavenly goat appeared in front of each of them.

"Humph, I have no fear even if I were in the Channel Opening Stage!"

In the Refinement Stage, strong qi would be able to leave the body and attack with the strength of palm, fist, claw, and leg.

The Channel Opening Stage, on the other hand, was different. It broadened the meridians, the strong qi flowed through them like a river, becoming more majestic and able to evolve various forms of life and weapons.

With just a few youths of Aries Clan here, the strong qi had evolved and entered the Channel Opening Stage.

But Xia Yang was fearless, his speed was extremely fast, he could even stick to the enemy's body and not get injured, the enemy's attacks could not harm him at all.

Boom!" With a loud bang, more than a dozen illusory heavenly sheep made of energy descended. Smoke and dust rose in all directions, and strong gales arose.

"No …"

A roar came from inside the carriage of the Aries Clan, following that, the entire carriage exploded, and the Aries Clan elders were finally going to take action.

It was only because a Aries Clan youth had been shattered into pieces in the arena, shattered by the powerful attack.

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