Utmost Tao, Divine King/C6 Human battle spirit might!
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Utmost Tao, Divine King/C6 Human battle spirit might!
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C6 Human battle spirit might!

The carriage exploded, and a heavenly sheep in human form soared into the sky. There were sheep horns on its head, and with sizzling light, it was furious.

"Today, I will slaughter this place! To vent the hatred in my heart! " The voice of the Aries Clan Elder was like a clap of thunder, causing the surrounding stalls owners to cough out large mouthfuls of blood as they all took large steps back.

"Old man, this is the territory of the Human Clan, it's not up to you to show off!" Xia Yang replied with a stern voice.

The Aries Clan elders had heads full of white silk that stood on end, and were extremely berserk. It was because these clan juniors that they brought out, were all the geniuses of their bloodline, and they could not afford to lose. However, they did not expect that this unknown human youth would actually kill one of them, how could they not be angry?

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

He lifted his hand and pressed it down. The entire slum floor trembled and pressed down again, and many houses collapsed. Many poor people, without reason, coughed out large mouthfuls of blood and lay prostrate on the ground.

Xia Yang's back bent and he spat out a mouthful of blood. This kind of pressure was mostly directed at him!

This was a type of natural suppression from an expert, and normal creatures couldn't withstand it at all.

"Go to hell!" The heartless voice of the Aries Clan elders caused the faces of many poor citizens to turn pale as if they had fallen into an icehouse, as their entire body turned cold.

And at this time, Xia Yang cursed Xia Qingtian in his mind, just because the old thing had yet to make a move.

Hualala …

Under the people's despair, the atmosphere suddenly changed …

Suddenly, at the exit of the slums, the old, lush poplar tree began to tremble with frequency. Time seemed to stop as countless leaves fell from the poplar tree and floated towards every corner of the slums.

What was astonishing was that every poor person in the slums had a leaf like this on their body. It was imprinted in their memory, causing all the pressure to disappear …


What was even more astonishing was that the elder from Aries Clan spat out a mouthful of blood and fell from the sky. His face was pale as paper, and his mind was extremely sluggish. Didn't the Battle Spirit of Human Clan disappear? "

Ta ta ta ta ta …

Suddenly, the sound of iron hooves could be heard coming from the street. A squadron of cavalry soldiers came running towards them. They were clad in iron armor, wielding iron swords and had a pair of indifferent eyes under their iron helmets.

"Who is wreaking havoc in the Longxian?" One of the cavalry stepped forward and shouted.

The other three elders walked out of the other three carriages respectively. Their expressions were cold and fierce as they stood in front of the city guards.

"Misunderstanding!" What shocked many onlookers about Human Clan was that the Aries Clan that was so strong just a moment ago actually submitted at this moment, even though their faces were still cold.

"Misunderstanding? Someone from my Human Clan was dying there, and you said that it was a misunderstanding! Who moved? " The city guard captain coldly shouted.

And Xia Yang, who was in the arena, was' shamelessly 'pointing at the Aries Clan youth who had just attacked Shan Shu's father, laughing coldly over and over again.

At this moment, the young man had also breathed in and out a lot, and his injuries were severe.

The soldier sneered as he swung his sword horizontally in the air. A stream of sword Qi flashed across the air, bringing with it a blazing light. "Puff!" With a sound, a head flew into the sky, splashing blood three feet into the air.

This shocking change was too shocking, wasn't Longxian soldiers too excessive? Doing so might arouse the hatred of many races.

"You …" The other three elders of Aries Clan scolded angrily, but when they saw the old poplar tree, they couldn't help but swallow their words.

"The Longxian cannot be desecrated!" The soldier said coldly as he wiped the rusty sword in his hand.

"Everyone, we are an alliance. Are you so willing to watch my Aries Clan being humiliated?" One of the Aries Clan Elders shouted to the surrounding group of foreign invaders.

Most of the alien Outsiders shrank back, and some of them even transformed back into their human forms. There were many of them who were looking towards the same direction, the old poplar tree of the slums.

"Fellow Daoists, this might not be the Human Battle Spirit, and even if it is, it may not be able to unleash too many Battle Power. It is said that even though the Human Battle Spirit exists, he has reached the end of his life, and it is not enough to cause trouble, and today, he cannot let his Human Clan suppress us!"

The other race was clearly a radical race, with a blue scorpion body. This was the Blue Scorpion race, vicious and emotionless.

"Hmph, isn't it just Human Clan? Human Master did not even summon the Sacrificial Ceremony. Another race had appeared, and their words were even more disrespectful.

It was a humanoid creature the size of a child with a pair of thin wings on its back. The air hummed as it flapped its wings.

These were all high level races, but they were still attached to a few super large clans.


A deafening sound rang out, and a few humanoid creatures of great races took form. They were leopards, and in the shape of birds, they seemed like a single horn from an eagle.

At this time, all of the Human Cultivator were greatly shocked. Such a large clan of creatures were rarely seen. They were like leopards, birds, and infants. These were Gu Roc s!

"Humans, too much!" It was a simple sentence, and even those non-humankind beings felt shivers run down their spines. This was a powerful race. For the creatures living in the swamps, it was said that their favorite food was humans.

He only saw the mouth of a Gu Roc. Dozens of people rose up from the ground and entered its mouth. Strong gales blew everywhere and yellow sand filled the sky. One of them had a city guard, and Xia Yang was one of them.

The Gu Roc seemed to exist specifically to eat humans, it was terrifying.

Today's matter could not be forgiven. Many races were all targeting the Human Clan, and it seemed that they had already discussed this matter beforehand. Moreover, a large clan of a foreign race had actually chosen to take action.

Ka ka ka ka …

A burst of cracking sounds could be heard as cracks appeared on the ground. Strands of thick and powerful roots emerged from the ground. The roots were an earthen yellow color, but the power they emitted made one's heart palpitate.

Whoosh …

With a whistling sound, dozens of roots morphed into battle lance s, shooting towards the Gu Roc. The Gu Roc was shocked, retreating quickly.

"He's actually in his prime?" Gu Roc talked to herself while she retreated, these words made the other pagans even more shocked.

The stem rapidly advanced, and at the same time, the large poplar tree began to make hualala sounds. The leaves fell, transforming into a huge millstone that dropped down from the sky.

"Hurry up!" The other alien races were shocked, and they all backed off. This kind of scene was too terrifying, causing them to feel a chill down their spines.

"Since you're here, don't bother leaving!" A voice that sounded like a clap of thunder and was filled with vitality. It was unknown where this voice was coming from, but it made people tremble uncontrollably.

At the same time, a few more tendrils split apart, cutting off the path of retreat for the ferocious Gu Roc. The tendrils that had evolved into battle lance directly pierced through its body without hesitation.


The Gu Roc roared, and the sound of a baby's voice echoed through the Longxian. The leaves that had transformed into millstones all fell down, suppressing the foreign creatures in the vicinity who were targeting the Human Clan.

The body of a vicious Gu Roc fell, and all the other races that were targeting Human Clan were suppressed.

"Ah, how could that be?"

Boom boom boom!

At this time, the streets were in an uproar. Another two Armoured Cavalry passed through the streets. There were hundreds of them, divided into two camps. One was a golden-armored cavalry, while the other was an iron-armored cavalry.

"Whoever offends our Human Clan Holy City, behead!"

Without any hesitation, the two squads raised their butchered sabers and chopped towards the heads of those non-humankind beings who had been pressed under the millstones.


A few experts that were emitting powerful auras arrived together. Their postures were very formal, so who would have thought that these were all clan leaders?

"Human Battle Spirit, I know my wrongs!"

"Battle Spirit Lord, I, in place of the Blue Scorpion, will definitely ask for forgiveness from the Human Clan!"

"Battle Spirit Lord, my Hornet Clan …"

All of the Omnipotent Experts were begging for mercy. Even an elder from the Gu Roc Tribe had come. Although his tone was not soft, his soft voice was truly shocking.

Under the large poplar, Xia Yang felt his blood boiling. In his impression, the old poplar had always been very quiet, shielding the children of the slums from the sun and allowing them to play.

He never thought that it would not only cover up the children in the slums, but also the entire Human Clan.

"I want to become stronger!" Xia Yang clenched his fists tightly and roared in his heart. Maybe he was too rash just now, and if not for the Battle Spirit s of Human Clan, he might have been in danger!

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