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C7 Reverse second rake

A great disturbance was settled under the might of an unremarkable old poplar tree.

Many races were unusually quiet, a few big clan leaders bowed down and waited for the old poplar tree's amnesty. However, the leaves that had evolved from the millstones were still pressed on the bodies of the other races, the roots still pierced through the Gu Roc's body, it was as though everything was still, and people held their breath.

"How dare you, these are all esteemed guests of my Human Clan, do not be disrespectful!" Suddenly, a stern shout sounded out. When the Human Clan arrived, he had the demeanor of a deity, with a pale face and no beard, middle-aged appearance, and long hair tied behind his head. He did not lose his bearing, and reprimanded the city guards who were raising their butcher knives.

"Greetings Great Sage!" The soldiers of Human Clan City, the cultivators of the city, and the commoners all knelt down and paid their respects.

This was the highest controller of Human Clan, and also the Great Sage of Dragon Fault Heavenly Palace.

Fellow Daoists, this is truly a misunderstanding. My human battle spirit cannot bear to see life or death, so don't blame me!" The Great Sage's gentle words made many of the other races feel indignant. What kind of misunderstanding was this? "He actually killed a member of a large clan, a Gu Condor, in an instant?

However, they still maintained a respectful expression as they said, "Great Sage, we are indeed mistaken. In the future, we will properly discipline our subordinates and clan members.

The Great Sage didn't pay any more attention to the head of the foreign tribe, he instead turned and looked at Old Yang Tree, and said respectfully: "Battle Spirit Lord, you have just completed Nirvana, you still need to recuperate, please do not be angry!"

This time, the other races were truly shocked. No wonder that old tree Yang displayed such might. So the rebirth was a success, and moreover, it was the ultimate rebirth. Could it be that he was going to cross the Nirvana Realm? Could he still protect the Human Clan for ten thousand years?

Great Sage's words had an effect. The roots quickly retracted and the millstones formed from the leaves turned into a light leaf. It was as if they no longer possessed the power to hold back.

The old poplar tree was quiet and did not reply. The leaves were lush and green, rustling along with the wind. If not for what happened just now, who would have thought that this was a Battle Spirit?

"Hehe, Great Sage is magnanimous, I admire you!" Many non-humankind beings cupped their fists and said with a fake smile. Great Sage shook his head and emphasized the two words, "Misunderstood, misunderstood!"

"Everyone, I will set up a feast. Everyone, I hope that you can enjoy this feast!" The Great Sage continued. Although he looked calm, his tone was unquestionable.

"No, no, I haven't had a feast of Human Clan in a long time, I'll have to trouble you today!"

A stunning battle ended just like that. The city soldiers withdrew like the tidewaters, and the non-humankind revealed their human forms of respect and respect. Before they left, they couldn't help but take a glance at the old and lush poplar tree.

Xia Yang also left their line of sight, leaving the slums behind. However, the excitement on his face was not hidden, it had been ten days since he came to this world, and his horizons had finally opened. The Battle Spirit s' Human Clan were too strong, intimidating countless races.

They may become the guardians of a nation, or they may become the guardians of a clan, and they are called reverends. But seriously, the Battle Power of the Battle Spirit are extremely powerful, otherwise, how could they protect a region?

"Hello, Old Xia?" Xia Yang called out to Xia Qingtian, but Xia Qingtian didn't reply, as though he was afraid of something.

Suddenly, a weak and aged voice sounded in Xia Yang's ears, "You don't have to hide, I know that you're in this child's sea of consciousness!"

Xia Yang's hair stood on end, he was shocked by the sudden voice. That voice was too old, as though it had lived for a hundred years, and just this voice alone was enough to suffocate Xia Yang.

Xia Qingtian did not reply, but continued to stay silent in Xia Yang's sea of consciousness. The voice that spoke became weaker and weaker, and continued: "Ten thousand years ago, in order to cultivate the True Martial Dao, Xia Qingtian cut himself off, cut off the evil path, killed the seven emotions and six desires, and severed the emotions and desires he should not have.

Although the voice was ancient, it shook Xia Yang's sea of consciousness and made his blood and energy boil. This was the difference in strength, it was the pressure of a strong warrior.

"I can't hold on much longer. You are also very weak, and your Human Clan is worrisome …" The voice gradually disappeared and he didn't wait for Xia Qingtian to reply. He seemed to be exhausted from just one more word or sentence.

"It's that old poplar tree, the Battle Spirit of Human Clan!" Xia Yang finally knew the source of the voice.

He turned around to look, and at that moment Xia Yang was extremely shocked, because that old poplar tree looked like a forest full of leaves, but it was actually just its outer appearance. Inside the dense forest, there were pieces of yellowish leaves, and if one did not look carefully, it was impossible to see them clearly.

"Is he concealing his decline?" Xia Yang said to himself, because regardless of whether there was wind or not, the leaves of the old poplar tree still rustled and trembled. Most people would think that it was living a lush life that would last forever, and actually the old poplar tree was using its outer green leaves to hide its inner wilted yellow.

Xia Yang's heart suddenly soured. It was not for the Human Clan nor was it for the other races, it was just for this old poplar tree. It had already reached the end of its life, but it was still maintaining the reproduction age of a single race.

"Actually, we don't need to do that. So what if Human Clan or other foreign races have all died? It's just adding some sadness to yourself! " Xia Yang sighed, he did not have any good impressions towards Human Clan. With the eight halls and the Great Sage, he would have died a long time ago.

Currently, in Xia Yang's body, other than a portion of the original Blood Essence s, the rest of his blood had been completely replaced by the pure blood of the myriad races.

Therefore, he did not have any good impression of Human Clan, nor did he have any good impression of other races!

Now Xia Yang finally understood why the Human Clan Great Sage had arranged a banquet to entertain the foreign races while being so domineering like this. He was trying to cover up the weakness of the old Yang Tree.

This was a huge bet made by the Human Clan Great Sage. He used the heat from his old age to intimidate the foreign races and drugged them with eye medicine. Great Sage, on the other hand, was the appropriate choice to come out and dissuade them. This way, not only would it serve as a deterrent to the foreign races, it would also cause them to fear him and have a good impression of him.

Great Sage was trying to buy time for the Human Clan s in the future.

Actually, right now, his Human Clan was really worrisome …

After that, Xia Yang did not call for Xia Qingtian anymore, because what Old Yang Tree had said just now, Xia Yang had already guessed most of it, it was just that he did not want to say anything.

Xia Qingtian was not the real Human Master, but just an evil thought that had been released by the Human Master, but had not been destroyed in the air by the Human Master. He drifted like this for ten thousand years, and in the end, when he wanted to find his flesh body, the scene of him sacrificing the Human Master's Heroic Spirits together appeared.

However, even though he had plotted so much, in the end, he still succeeded with Xia Yang!

Carrying these thoughts, Xia Yang walked towards the Xia Mansion. On the way, it was sometimes fast and sometimes slow, and even when he was walking, he was experiencing the wondrous use of the [Proximity Chasm].

After a while, Xia Yang entered the Xia Mansion, and walked along the small path towards his courtyard, avoiding the disciples of the Xia Clan, as he did not want to cause unnecessary trouble.

"Eh, Brother Yi Qiu, it's that coward. Should we tease him?"

They really didn't want to see what came their way. Opposite them were two Xia Clan disciples walking together.

"Let's go!" Xia Yiqiu could not forget what happened ten days ago. If not for Xia Chen's warning to him not to stir up trouble, he would have found trouble with Xia Yang a long time ago.

Xia Yang turned around and left, but the other party was extremely fast, and caught up to him in a few steps. The young man who spoke earlier was called Li Feng, and was Xia Yiqiu's cousin.

"Little bastard, I heard that you planned to frame my cousin? "You have quite the guts!" Li Feng looked sideways and stood high up in the sky.

"I …" "I did not!" Xia Yang said weakly.

"No?" Hehe, so what if you plot against us today? A thing that is even worse than a dog! "

In order to curry favor with Xia Yiqiu, Li Feng chose to take action immediately. He punched out with his fist, with a sound of breaking through the air, he was obviously an early stage Refinement Stage cultivator, it was not easy for him to reach this age.

Xia Yang laughed coldly in his heart. On the surface, he was still trembling with fear, but he narrowly avoided the fist strike and fell forward with his "unsteady center of gravity".

The direction in which Xia Yang fell was right in front of him. Xia Yiqiu coldly said: "You still want me to support you? Get lost! "

Xia Yiqiu punched out, exploding the air. The power of this punch was enough to collapse Xia Yang's shoulder and cripple him from then on. Xia Yang's expression was filled with panic, but he still continued to fall 'unsteadily' forward.


"Aooo …"

"Ah …"

Xia Yiqiu and Xia Yang screamed at the same time, especially when Xia Yiqiu let out a sound that did not sound like a human's howl. His shoulder was completely fine, but the bones inside had been dislocated, and several of his meridians had been broken.

This was the blow from Xia Yang's shoulder. His body had already been baptized by the Myriad Clans' Blood Essence, so it was much stronger than real Body Tempering realm cultivators. It would be weird if Xia Yiqiu did not suffer a loss from this strike.

Xia Yang scoffed in his heart, "Since you don't want to be lectured, so what if I let you suffer twice?"

He was going to make a comeback again!

Just now, he had barely dodged Li Feng's attack, and his' center of gravity 'was unstable as he fell towards Xia Yiqiu. What else was he pretending for?

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