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Utmost Tao, Divine King/C8 Received lackeys signed up!
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C8 Received lackeys signed up!

"Save me! It hurts! I'm going to die!" Half of his Xia Mansion was shaking as well. Many disciples that were from the direct line of descent rushed over, wanting to see what kind of commotion would cause.

"So painful …" It hurts! " Xia Yiqiu was about to yell out loud in pain, but that bastard's voice suddenly drowned him out. It was like a wolf's howl, piercing into one's eardrums.

"Cousin Yi Qiu, is that alright?" Someone was coming! "Hurry and get up." He had seen the entire process too clearly.

Wasn't it him, Li Feng, who had launched an attack towards Xia Yang, who had accidentally dodged the attack and fell forward? Was it Xia Yiqiu who had punched him again, breaking his shoulder?

But Xia Yang had only lightly touched Xia Yiqiu's shoulder. The two of them laid on the ground and howled miserably at the same time.

Li Feng thought gloomily, why is his cousin crying out so miserably in pain? It's not like he was injured.

"Don't kill me. I know I was wrong. I shouldn't have gone against you guys …"

Many people came over and sighed when they saw Xia Yang's expression. Even the members of the Xia Clan who were normally very unfriendly to Xia Yang felt pity for him.

Suddenly, two men walked over with a cold face. One was Xia Feiyang, and the other was Xia Chen.

"Yi Qiu, you really don't know what's good for you. Xia Yang entered the Blood Cauldron before for the sake of Human Clan. Xia Chen reprimanded, righteous and stern.

Xia Yiqiu cursed in his heart, his forehead was perspiring profusely, the current him was really in pain, it was so painful that he could only move his shoulders, making him feel as if his heart was splitting apart. He had already scolded Xia Yang eighteen times in his heart, but he actually suffered a loss in front of this weak bastard twice.

"Cousin. "Me." Xia Yiqiu's sweat was dripping down nonstop. In the eyes of others, it was extremely funny, he was actually acting, could it be that not only did he want Xia Yang to suffer, he even wants to beat him up?

If that was the case, then this person, especially a transcendent existence like the eighth palace, would simply be a scum in this world.

Xia Chen ignored Xia Yiqiu, walked to Xia Yang, and bowed as he helped him up. His expression did not change as he said with a gentle smile: "Cousin brother Xia Yang, you've suffered too much. Don't worry, this won't happen again in the future!"

Xia Yang replied weakly: "Got it, cousin!" Immediately after, his face turned pale because a wave of strong qi had rushed into his body. However, it was not very violent, as if the strong qi was inspecting his body.

As for his pale white face, it was only for Xia Chen to see.

Xia Yang resisted the urge to attack and let it do as it pleased, but Xia Chen's cold and suspicious eyes relaxed slightly, because he had obtained the result of his inspection. Xia Yang's body was indeed heavily injured, on his shoulder, it was extremely severe.

"Disperse for me. In the future, if anyone dares to cause trouble for Xia Yang, don't blame me for being rude!" Xia Chen shouted angrily, everyone dispersed, and in the end, Xia Chen left without looking back.

Xia Feiyang stayed behind, and supported Xia Yang up. Without saying a word, they supported him into the dilapidated courtyard.

"Xia Yang, it's not that I don't usually help you with people's self-improvement, it's just that you're too weak. I can help you once, but I can't help you with your life. After sending Xia Yang to his dilapidated courtyard, Xia Feiyang opened his mouth to speak.

Actually, it wasn't that Xia Feiyang didn't want to help Xia Yang, it was that a person was weak to such an extent, who could continue supporting him? In the end, one had to rely on oneself to become strong.

Xia Yang was a little touched in his heart. This cousin of his, who was older than him by a few months, was indeed good to him.

"I got it, Brother Feiyang, thank you!" These were Xia Yang's heartfelt words.

"Un, I'm leaving now. Take good care of your injuries. This is a pill to heal your injuries. After taking it, you'll be fine for a few days!"

After that, Xia Feiyang left, and Xia Yang determined that no one else entered the room.

In another luxurious courtyard, Xia Chen placed a hand on Xia Yiqiu's shoulder. With a slightly cold gaze, he muttered to himself, "Could it be that I made a mistake?"

After checking, Xia Yiqiu's shoulder was indeed misplaced, and a few of his veins had been broken, so if they were not repaired properly, they would become crippled.

"Cousin, that little bastard is not as simple as he looks. Don't be fooled by him!" Xia Yiqiu roared.

"Shut up, go back and heal my wounds!" My words are still true. Don't provoke him, I know what I'm doing! " Xia Chen said coldly.

"Got it, cousin!" Xia Yiqiu slowly retreated.

Xia Chen, on the other hand, remained silent as he looked deeply into a place where Xia Yang's residence was located.

"Brat, you've revealed your weak point!" When Xia Yang returned to his residence, he finally opened his mouth to speak.

"It doesn't matter, the truth is real, the falsehood is fake!" Xia Yang replied while holding onto his shoulder.

Honestly speaking, his shoulder was injured, but it was not because of. Instead, it was because he had just started cultivating the extremely fast < Crossing Worlds > cultivation technique.

"Alright, but you must increase your strength. You still need to fight in actual combat!" "If I didn't hide it for you this time, that junior would have seen through the problem of your meridians."

Xia Yang was shocked, and inwardly sighed that he was still too inexperienced, as he had forgotten that his meridians had long ago changed, and that the power of his blood vessels had undergone a heaven-defying change. If it wasn't for Xia Qingtian's interference, something really would have gone wrong.

After a moment of silence, Xia Yang said: "I have an idea, I don't know if it's feasible or not, but Cloud City is next to Longxian, and nearby there is a Hundred Beast Mountain, a place where Demonic Beast run amok, there is no race there, only the Lord, I want to go there to raise my strength!"

Also, I will leave this place sooner or later. Since I have to leave, I have to be a bit more high-profile, and let them know who I am, and let them know who they were against in the past. When that happens, there will inevitably be people who will harm me.

There was a place in Xia Yang's memories where Demonic Beast ran rampant. All of them were vicious, and were about fifty kilometers away from the Cloud City.

Going there would not only increase his combat experience, but it might also subdue a portion of the Demonic Beast.

"But how do we cover this place? Xia Chen definitely has his suspicions about me, so … " Xia Yang was a little worried, afraid that would find out if he wasn't in the courtyard.

"Don't worry, I will set up a Magic Array for you! Even if the Xia Clan's hall master were to come, he would not be able to discover us. "

"Alright, thank you, Old Xia!"

In Xia Yang's sea of consciousness, a figure immediately appeared. He glared, obviously very angry.

"Hehe, thank you senior!" Xia Yang's words of thanks contained too much and were sincere.

"That's more like it!"

There was a set of Hundred Beast Mountain near the Cloud City. As the name implied, over a hundred types of Demonic Beast living here, there were even some bandits with Human Clan. All of them were powerful, but in short, this place was extremely chaotic.

However, everything changed when one person arrived. It wasn't chaos, but chaos …

"Tai, I am the one who opened this path, I am the one who planted this tree …"

Xia Yang crossed his legs, held onto a blade of grass, and blocked a group of Red Wolf. There were more than ten of them, and they were all extremely powerful, any one of them had a higher cultivation than Xia Yang.

The group of Red Wolf across him were dumbfounded, then all of them went into a rage, where did this human come from? Did this crazy guy run out of here?

Awoo …" A Scarlet Wolf howled wildly and pounced towards Xia Yang like a gust of wind. Its claws were extremely sharp and there was a faint flow of air circulating around it. This Scarlet Wolf had at least the strength of a Mid Refinement Stage cultivator.

However, most of them came from the same path. No matter what race it was, all of their cultivation would be determined based on the three great realms, this was a general explanation.

The other Red Wolf s opened their mouths to their ears and laughed sinisterly. The human in front of them did not know what was good for him, so even if he died, he would still die.



With just one punch, the Red Wolf flew out, and a few bones in its body broke. The other Red Wolf were startled, then they roared and pounced forward together.

"Bang, bang, bang!"

Xia Yang waved his fists, and there were no strong qi flowing on his fists. He was using his flesh to fight against a pack of wolves, and he did not show any signs of weakness.

A Red Wolf spoke in human language: "You actually broke through to the Tempering Muscle stage, but how old are you? Twenty years old? " The Red Wolf was shocked.

Xia Yang clapped his hands and the pack of wolves were all knocked down by him. He was somewhat satisfied as he grinned and said: "I am only at the early stage of Qi Refining, eighteen years old. It's still early! "

"How can this be? "Could it be that you …" The Red Wolf stared with its blood-red eyes wide open in shock. To think that it would meet with such a monster.

"I've received my younger brother, register!" Xia Yang said carelessly.

"Alright, it's not bad to follow such a person!"

The leader of the Red Wolf was actually excited, the first to 'register' …

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